Game In 60 Seconds: Battlefield 1

Hi, I’m Nick Cage And this is GAME IN 60 SECONDS Today’s game is Battle Field 1 Ok Let’s RIDE! Set in the period of World War 1 And inspired by historic events Battlefield is back! And that’s all that really matters… Single player only distracts you from the real prize MULTIPLAYER! Why bother with it? When you can bombard a battlefield with up to 64 players!? IN BATTLEFIELD MAGNIFICENCE! MAGNIFICENCE! There are several multiplayer game modes! Operations is definitely the biggest You pretty much push the frontlines Across several maps On foot and vehicle The coolest gun in the game is… The Kolibri! It is the tiniest gun I have ever seen You could hide it in places, no enemy would ever expect! Oh no! I’m out of ammo Time for my plan Z *Pulls out Kolibri from his anus* My favourite vehicle is the horse You can withstand more damage, than any tank with these While I sit gloriously ontop it’s saddle! The only thing cooler would be a tiny horse! To go along with my tiny gun My least favourite class is The Medic They never actually heal anybody MY LEGS! I NEED A MEDIC! This is my lucky day! NO! I’M RIGHT HERE! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? (Medics in a nutshell) Time for Nick Cage DLC ideas Tanks vs Tiny Horses Tank Jenga AKA TANKGA War pigeons! But the pigeons actually fight for you Overall, my favourite thing in the game Is jumping out of a plane on my tiny horse While shooting my tiny gun! Overall I give Battlefield 4/5 Windtalkers, and 1 tiny horse

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