heyo let’s put on Papa Jake family’s
small but Jake here and we are back with a brand new video I am on a go-kart a
little mini go-kart because we are back home and as you guys know I gotta get
off this this dangerous two days just to let Papa Jake
on a mini go-karts much fun as that is I shouldn’t I should not be allowed to
drive that but we are back home guys and as you know we have been having some
pretty crazy stuff going on as of late we had to actually make a fortnight
video for the game master because he offered us a clue if we were able to
complete a video for him now at the end of that video guys he left us a message
that it kind of spooked me all right it was it was a spooky message and he told
us that there was something that was left in our mailbox I know you think it
Papa Jake why didn’t you go to the mailbox and look what’s in the mailbox
well there’s two reasons one mailbox outside it’s kind of cold outside and
number two I don’t want to open it guys because I don’t know what the gamemaster
couldn’t have left in our mailbox so I decided you know what I’m just gonna I’m
just gonna relax for the next few days not open the mailbox and wait til I film
and then we’ll open it together it could be something extremely bad it
could be another clue but we will open it up together and figure out what’s
inside but before we do that guys I did want to thank every single last one of
you in the Papa Jake family for smacking the subscribe button and smacking the
Bell button you guys have been absolutely destroying it not missing out
on all of my amazing videos if you guys haven’t done that yet if you want to
keep up to date with what’s going on with the gamemaster
make sure to hit the bell button down below I think it’s time guys without
further ado to open up the mailbox and see what the game masters left us I’m a
little bit worried all right you guys you guys can go first all right
what if we don’t open oh if you just get little bit open it I don’t know if he
knows or something batted low again hello you got Loki dude you got man bro serious mail yeah the mailman came he
was like oh this is some cool mail for Logan I didn’t touch this in the mailbox
very good look are you talking about the gamemaster’s nope nope not the
gamemaster mail but gamemaster literally said there’s gonna be something in the
mail Jake have you not looked at the mail either
why would I look at the man good okay you know well let’s go together we’ll
both look at the mail and see what’s inside oh okay I guess I’ll guess I’ll
come out to Italy careful man we don’t know what’s in there what do you think
it could be you know open it a little bit I’m a peek inside with the camera
okay see anything I think I see a note or some maybe there’s a note wait guys
Jake it’s a bunch of candy why is the candy in here there is a ton of candy in
this mailbox why would the gamemaster give us candy I mean I know the
gamemaster likes candy Logan it’s like the Easter Bunny came in here and left
us all his treats yeah this that is true though the gamemaster is a snacker I
mean Steven share did confirm that but the game master has never done anything
nice to us he’s literally locked me up in a prison that was sinking why would
he give us candy I mean we do seem to be on pretty good terms the gamemaster now
he’s leaving us clues and stuff I don’t know what to think about this maybe we
shouldn’t eat this man we don’t know what it could be
Jake I mean it just looks like Pat Logan no no you do not eat that candy all
right it could be something sort of tracker that goes in our body we don’t
know what it is but more importantly Jake I think you’re being a little
paranoid all right so it looks like it says your next challenge is simple I
love candy okay candy that’s that’s why he has candy in her mailbox and so do
you I mean that’s that’s true I do love candy so make a candy box for it and
post it to YouTube do he’s making us do another video yeah looks like there’s
another video challenge guys I mean the last one was for tonight now he wants us
to make a candy box board wait something else here says and you will receive your
next clue he hasn’t even give us our second clue yet wait wait uh here the
answer to your last clue dot dot dot but remember when the time comes there is
two guys what do you think that means he’s already given us one clue he said
that he is a youtuber all right we know the gamemaster is a youtuber and on
YouTube his YouTube channel has the letter A in it but now he’s saying the
answer to your last clue dot dot dot but remember when the
comes there as to what guys do you have any idea what that could mean guys I
have no idea what that means maybe you guys can help us in the comments you’ve
already been amazing at solving some of his clues so we could pieces together if
I know who he is and officially stopped him what do you guys think the next clue
is all right well regardless of what it is guys if we want to keep getting clues
from him and make sure that he doesn’t come kidnap us again we need to continue
with his challenges which means Logan I think we’re making a candy box we’re
gonna be doing a candy box for it it’s quite simple we need to simply build a
box born out of chocolate bars that’s right we need to stack chocolate bars up
enough that we can live inside the chocolate bars dick that’s insane that’s
way too much chocolate what do you think he needs my candy box for Logan I think
he just means like a Willy Wonka chocolate factory kind of thing doesn’t
that make more sense to the other side of this board is totally not the
schematics to a box for me to candy that’s right that’d just be stupid okay
yes what we need to do guys is make a candy factory box for we need to make a
box word that can produce some candy quite literally will become Willy Wonka
I had an idea to make the ultimate candy but I need your guy’s help okay to make
the ultimate candy bar I need to know what kind of candy is your favorite
because personally my favorite chocolate bar in the whole wide world is Reese’s
Pieces is this the only one you should be eating loving what’s yours my
favorite is mr. big by our token Reese’s Pieces beats mr. big any day of the week
guys comment down below what your favorite candy is because we’re gonna
take all of your comments and combine them to make Papa Jake’s very own
chocolate we haven’t got a couple of the name yet it might be Papa chocolate all
right guys let’s go make a box for it candy box all right guys so here is
where we’re gonna be building our awesome candy factory now we’re gonna be
doing a few things with this alright we’re gonna be having not only a place
where we can make our own candy but also a place that dispenses candy Logan guys
I got a hole on a my loking got a lot of teeth check that
oh that is so much game guys I might be the most candy I’ve ever seen all right
we got Mars we got KitKat we got arrow Hershey’s we’ve got some candy for
everyone here so I think what we need to do is we need to use this kind of
backdrop we have to make an awesome candy factory now like I said guys we
are having the two different sections but I thought it’d be really cool to
actually use this which is our super awesome purple to you as the entrance
because you know it’s kind of like Willy Wonka themed it’ll be cool entrance and
then once you get inside that’s where we can actually make our own candy leading
up to and now guys I’m letting you in on this all right you’re gonna have a
world’s first view of Poppa Jake’s official candy bar his official launch
of candy bars is happening in this video you guys do not want to miss that
I think what we need to do now maybe is start building this thing and then we
can work on the candy bar dispenser because that’s probably one of the
coolest things who doesn’t want a candy bar dispenser in their own house alright guys so we are back and we’ve
been working on this candy factory for quite some time now and it is officially
done alright Jake I am ready for this candy box because not only is this an
awesome candy factory that dispenses unlimited chocolate bars but we’re
awesome which I’m kind of excited to do and on
top of that guys I’m gonna be making the world’s first pop a Jake chocolate bar
but without further ado I think it’s time to get inside this thing because I
want to show you how cool this candy factory is you can’t bring this on candy
factory no shoes no all right guys let’s get inside how sweet is this so first
off you enter here you’re gonna enter through the tunnel of colors we got lots
of colorful tape signifying all the yummy candy that you’re gonna be making
and of course eating in here and then you come into the main a candy
laboratory so yeah do check this out but first let me turn on the lights here got
a little light switch here so let me just turn it on there we go and the
light turns on above us how cool is that not only that guys but we’ve also got
some pictures candies on the wall some arrows and stuff and over here which
we’re gonna get to in a second is our homemade candy dispenser this is a
homemade vending machine made out of cardboard that can dispense unlimited
amounts of chocolate bars I mean it’s pretty much unlimited and all you have
to do is press the button wait so Jake you’re telling me I pushed a Reese’s
button I Agana Reese’s oh yeah dude awesome
I already dude check this out I got kick down here gonna push it in and I’ll kick
out bar comes out I I let’s try an arrow in three two one oh how sweet is that
guys if you think our chocolate bar dispenser is awesome smack the like
button down below and let us know in the comments how major you think this is and
of course which one of these yummy chocolates you would choose for yourself
i Jake before we got too carried away with the vending machine you gotta save
these for the big chocolate right right we are making the Pappa Jake chocolate
bar yes let’s head on over to the candy factory because guys I thought we’d try
our hand at making some candies of course are made deliciously in a factory
but why don’t we try our own box for candy let’s open up this one here we got
some sour candy and some bubble gum so let’s open this and see what we can do
alright guys so I’m gonna start by making up some Papa Jake candy first
things first gotta put my bacon on and now I’m sure Hank and I’m ready to make
some delicious candy assistant Logan hold my cape I’m going in first things
first guys we need some of this this is candy bass this is gonna be the base to
all the candy this is actually tasteless and next up I don’t think Jake knows
what he’s doing syrup Dilek or as they call it this is gonna create the touch guys there’s no way I’m eating this nice
and yummy yummy next up sugar gee how is this gonna become candy this noon to
chef Papa J guys chef Papa Jake knows what he’s doing tell Logan below I’m the
best candy chef in the world now since we’re following Papa Jack’s rules we can
add as much yes make it nice and sugary just a pile of sugar is it and now for
some grape flavoring gonna be good now to add my secret ingredient water just
like so handy is 95% water now as you can see the candy is coming
along quite nice this is my candy stick but if I go in here and bring it up this
is some yum-yum candy doesn’t that look delicious Logan looks absolutely gross
nope it is delicious and I will let it sit here for five minutes five minutes
we’ll have some nice yummy candy some nice candy see Logan I told you it just
took a little bit of love and a little bit of plastic stuff you leave it for
five minutes stir it up it’s still not a little hot that’s nice fresh candy I
told you I could do it guys put a hashtag Papa Jake candy master in the
comment section cuz I just made that I mean it’s not gonna be as cool as a
chocolate bar we’re about to make but yeah there’s no waging on to the next
thing all right guys we are now going to make the first ever the world’s first
Papa Jake chocolate bar and it all starts by taking out all of the candy
bars using our candy bar dispenser and then we’re gonna take them and we’re
gonna melt them down and combine them into the biggest the most savage the
most extreme chocolate bar you have ever seen and hopefully that’ll be enough for
the gamemaster all right Jake so we need as many chocolate bars as we can get
yeah so let’s start by getting all of them out of this machine I have no idea
how many we have in here guys so let’s let’s do a narrow Logan I feel like a
narrow bar arrow it is Oh wait what if you do Reese’s and three
musketeers at the same time let’s try it ready three two one III got this ready even Mars bar in
three two one Oh key cat three two one oh this is too
fun I’m ready three two one Oh jammed it
that’s so cool guys I love this dispenser this is awesome alright more
EC’s arrow the buns are buried in chocolate turn
off turn off I mean the more chocolate the better that’s true we want all the
chocolate we can get alright guys well think it’s time to gather the chocolate
we have and start putting them inside this pan because we’re gonna be melting
them down to make the ultimate Papa Jake chocolate bar all right let’s start
unwrapping and putting them in here alright guys and there we go we’ve got
the base of the Papa Jake chocolate bar ready to go this looks more like a pie
well you know it’s gonna be a chocolate bar when we cut out the Papa Jake
chocolate but first things first we need to bring this to the kitchen and start
baking it so that it all melts down and we can turn this into a chocolate bar
alright guys so we’re back from the kitchen and it is finally time the time
has come to announce and release and show you the Papa Jake chocolate bar
we’ve combined over 30 chocolate bars to give you the mega Papa Jake chocolate
bar as you guys can see this thing is yummy to the extreme
it’s got peanuts it’s got caramel it’s got chocolate it’s got crackers it’s got
more peanuts probably some other stuff in there and it all comes together to
make this bigger than my hand piece of chocolate that comes in at 15,000
calories all this left of you guys is take a bite and see how yummy it is so
uh let me sing is extremely heavy cheek
that looks really good alright here we go mmm-hmm guys that was amazing guys that
was amazing I think we need to get this into some grocery stores guys but I need
your help okay comment down below what you think we should call this right now
it’s the pop Jake chocolate bar give me an ultimate chocolate bar name in the
comments down below but don’t leave Papa Chak alone so easy
tell him that his next thing can be found on his TV


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