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Hey everyone, it’s me Gamerturk and today,
we got some more information on the upcoming Sword Art Online Mobile Game, Sword Art Online
Alicization Blading, officially titled Alicization: Rising Steel for the western market, which
is just a meme material, I would very much prefer Blading, but anyways… We got a Gameplay Trailer as well as an extended
version of the gameplay clips they showcased in the trailers! We also got some more information on the website,
and a giveaway that you can join in many regions, so without further ado, let’s just jump into
it bros! There is, surprisingly, a lot to analyze in
the trailer, because the fancy visuals does not give you any idea regarding how the actual
game plays, despite it being a gameplay trailer.. It’s literally titled [Game System Movie]
that doesn’t explain anything about the game systems… So, it’s up to me to analyze it, so we can
get some idea about the game. Keep in mind that there is a stream tomorrow
that will hopefully share more information, so hit that subscribe button for an extensive
coverage on that tomorrow. But for now, let’s go one by one. The game appears to have 2.5D rendering or
what you may know as “Live 2D” from other anime games, so you probably shouldn’t expect
something like a 3D MMORPG style featured in Integral Factor or the supposed Integral
Factor Killer, Black Swordsman ACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. You can see that there is a map on the top
left, which is weird for a game that appears to be on the rails, you’ll probably have prompts
like “Go Left or Right?” to guide the character you will use. You can also automate gameplay, which makes
it feel like the Gameplay will be similar to the likes of Marvel Strike Force or the
game you see sponsored videos of everywhere, Raid Shadow Legends, a turn based game where
you just mix and match your skills. But I’ll talk about gameplay later, we got
better footage to talk about that. We see Kirito traversing a bunch of separate
locations, Rulid Forest, Axiom Church Garden, inside Axiom Church, a rainy forest, which
I can only assume is when Kirito is looking for Tiese and Ronye, right after Frenica comes
to their room for help. So the journey is pretty much all emcompassing. Blading seems to be the “poor mans Alicization
Lycoris” at this point… And yes, I’ll keep referring to it with its
Japanese name, “Rising Steel” is just too meme worthy… Next up, we see 4 separate instances, I’ll
show them clearer with a special footage, but top left is from the Zakkaria Chapter,
and Eugeo is dueling Egome Zakkarite for some reason, the trash Noble Kirito broke the sword
of with Snake Bite that Anime barely showcased and at this point, I feel like literally everything
but the anime is actually adapting the goddamn chapter, which I am very glad to see. Anime should have adapted as well, but alas,
Stacia decided it was better if I were to make a Zakkaria chapter instead of the Anime
covering it properly. Bottom left is some combination attack, the
website mentions this as a “Final Attack” so some kind of Ultimate Team Ability probably. The website also mentions a Switch Combination
attack. Not sure if there is a translation error there
because the entire marketing including the English one seems to be handled by Japan,
but these two, Final Attack and Switch Combination attack are mentioned as separate things. Anyways, top right is Kirito against Ugachi
in the cave, possibly using Horizontal or something similar, we have better footage
of that too, where Kirito uses Sharp Nail in the same instance and Bottom right is in
the Cloudtop Garden obviously, again, better footage exists separately as well. Then we see how in-game dialogue is portrayed
and it’s always good to have the Visual Novel style, but as I said they are using Live 2D,
instead of static models with facial expressions, which I love. Live 2D works so much better for Anime style,
rather than 3D like Fatal Bullet used. The characters just appear very lively and
colorful. Bottom right however, makes me concerned a
little, as it uses Anime Screenshots like… Come on…. Using Anime screenshots never works… Fatal Bullet did it, Memory Defrag did it,
Integral Factor did it… Anime is designed to be fluid, so unless the
scene is designed as a wide screenshot, it mostly looks bland or ends up as a horrible
monstrosity of an in-between frame… Just make the artists draw original visuals
as Gallery Images instead of resorting to using Anime Screenshots… Again we see more stuff, Kirito and Selka,
which… Selka’s face looks weird… Followed up by Eldrie, Eugeo and Kirito. And this is followed up by a mystery tease
of a “new character” which… I dont even know why they are teasing as if
its not obvious… This is most certainly the 10th ranked Integrity
Knight that you heard in the Teaser Trailer, you can find a link in the description and
pinned comment for our translation, and just to be clear, 10th Ranked Integrity Knight
does not mean she is “Synthesis 10”, those are separate notations. The female Knight is also showcased properly
in promotional splash screen visual, so this tease here with the siluette is so not necessary… Im sure many will speculate it’s Leafa because
of this, no, it is not Leafa, it’s the new Integrity Knight that you see right here… Anyways, we get introduction cards for Kirito,
Eugeo and Alice, which uses cropped up versions of the clips I showed you, the only difference
are the opponents which you barely see anyways. But yeah, this is followed up by the pre-registration,
which will unlock a special Alice unit for you. An eye-patch Alice, holding the three divine
weapons, so yeah, pre-register I guess. The link is in the description, and dont be
fooled by the lack of clear guidance there, just click on the pre-registry button and
on the pop-up window, you’ll see facebook and twitter buttons. Just go there and like/follow their page and
that is pretty much the pre-registry. Also, have a look on their facebook page,
they have various giveaways set up for different regions and you may just win an Ordinal Scale
bluray! And while you are on facebook and twitter,
give me a follow as well because why not… But yeah, we can see a bit more in terms of
gameplay from the screenshots, I absolutely love the Live 2D and the skill animations,
so I am looking forward to it. As I said, the gameplay appears to be a Turn
Based RPG, which is a format I love, but looks to be a little bit more intricate than that
of Marvel Strike Force or if you are more on the Japanese side, more intricate than
Fate Grand Order. From this visual, we can see that there are
basic attacks and a rest option which boosts your MP. You got 3 Sword Skill Options that cost MP
and have their individual properties of course. Certain Skills seem to link with other characters
as indicated by the Link icon on the Skill B amd for some reason, The top bar says Skills
A, B and C, while the Skill Menu states that Buff is an E, either a typo somewhere or there
are more skills that you can costumize and the letters indicate the type of the skill. The thing I like is that the game is not a
basic Turn based RPG, as in “Everyone attacks once, then every enemy attacks once”, it is
a Time Based RPG so your characters and actions have speed values attached to it and are put
on a dynamic rotation based on the Speed Value of your character and action which makes it
more tactical. We can also see the Enemy is of Void/Non Element
type, while Kirito is a Dark Element Sword User, Eugeo is a Water Element Sword User
and Alice is an Earth Element Sword User. Im hoping there will be more weapon types
and I guess that will make it end up like Memory Defrag, which is not a bad thing for
the strategy aspect of things. There are also other prompts on the UI, one
showcasing the Incarnation of the Enemy, Incarnation of your characters or your team and a Rotation
Prompt. Now, we know Incarnate Ratio allows you to
unleash powerful skills, which is all the information we have at the moment. Rotation is probably something similar to
FGO, where you have a backup squad as well and you can switch with them. But that is all we got today from these Gameplay
trailers and website information. Again, there is a livestream from Japan tomorrow
that we will cover with SAO Wikia, so make sure to subscribe for that. Remember, 25k subscriber merch is available
on my Teespring store, we got tshirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers because why not! As always, huge thanks to my Patrons and Channel
Members for their support. I’ll see you tomorrow with more information
on Alicization Blading, and until then, Stay Cool~

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  2. Haha the "poor man's Alicization Lycoris" bit made me lol. I pre-registered this morning!
    Also yay at this being the first vid since I became a Patron 😃

  3. I remember seeing something like those VN style things in a stream a loooong while back, in one of the Lycoris streams I think? I always thought they were for Lycoris but alas, we got it on the mobile game

    I am curious though, do you think the 10th ranked integrity knight girl right there has a chance at appearing in Lycoris?

  4. Skills look like those edited anime videos with someone's head cut off from a picture and made To replace someone else's head

  5. Man!! I was right. You really are one of the best SAO youtubers out there. I subbed your channel when you made the video "which is the best SAO game". All this time, i didn't know it was you who made that video. I have been watching your every new video but yesterday I explored your channel and found out that the angel who helped me decide which SAO game to play was you. Though, harem harem harem lo

  6. honestly i thought the new integrity knight would've been a cac instead of a new character since we probably won't have one in AL

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