Gamerturk’s Ultimate Review | SAO: Fatal Bullet DLC4 Dissonance of the Nexus – Is it good?

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet’s fourth DLC,
titled Dissonance of the Nexus in the West, aka Diva of the Snow Fields in Japan has come
out just over a week ago, bringing some more fan favorite characters from the series into
the Game, Sachi, YUNA, Eiji and Seven. But how does the DLC compare to the previous
3 DLC Chapters? Welcome everyone, I’m Gamerturk and this is
my Ultimate Review for Fatal Bullet DLC4, Dissonance of the Nexus! As usual, like my Alicization Explained series
and my recent playthroughs, you can find Timestamps in the description and the pinned comment
to navigate freely through this review and skip certain bits if they do not interest
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at the same time! But with that out of the way, let’s start
with Dissonance of the Nexus. There are 3 aspects that I feel are important. Story, Content and Characterization, 2 of
which the base game failed at and all 3 that the 3 DLC Chapters failed at. So, let’s begin with the story that takes
place after the main games True Ending and while there is not much to spoil here, you
can still choose to skip ahead if you want to experience the DLC story yourself. The DLC was heavily advertised as “2 parallel
storylines” and well… To a certain extent that is true. We have one storyline that involves Kirito
and the main cast, following some rumors about Ghosts in a new area, coming across Eiji from
Ordinal Scale looking for “someone”, which we all know is YUNA but can’t be explicitly
told so, because otherwise the plot just doesn’t work due to a reason I’ll mention in a bit,
and eventually finding a copy of Sachi, somehow, and we have to save her before she is consumed
by an expanding Black Box in her consciousness. The second “parallel” storyline follows the
Alternative Gun Gale Online cast, which you should totally watch the anime of if you haven’t
done so already, also being joined by the GGO newcomer Seven and eventually crossing
paths with the Diva YUNA from Ordinal Scale, that we never tell Eiji about because nobody
bothers to mention it during the actual main story of the DLC to avoid what could have
become a neat struggle between the cast members. And while the stories are running “Parallel”,
they are… Not really that… I was hoping for a more free-form approach
when they advertised “2 Parallel Storylines”, but instead, the story just feels like your
usual linear story, it’s just that the game forces you to tend to Kirito and Co for 10
minutes and then sends you off to AGGO for the next 10 minutes. It certainly is more of a sequential linear
story of all things, than actually being parallel which makes the interconnected parts of both
stories to be a little forced if I am to be honest. Doing a quest with AGGO cast breaking a barrier
that Kirito is facing, us spending a lot of time with YUNA, yet never letting Eiji know
because he couldn’t be bothered to mention who he had been searching as if it was some
mystery… But while there are easy nitpicks to be made
in this DLC, compared to the base game story and the DLC’s, Dissonance of the Nexus is
miles ahead in terms of providing an entertaining story with a proper conclusion and thanks
to that, it allows the player to just enjoy the story by overlooking these small nitpicks. And that has 2 reasons. 1) The story actually has a proper establishment. Although the roots of the story does not generate
from the efforts of the Fatal Bullet writers, the existence of Ordinal Scale provides a
decent enough tension between Kirito and Eiji, as well as certain bits and pieces of development
to them, which was extremely refreshing to see. And that tension and development exists, because
the game, on numerous occassions, confirms that the events of Ordinal Scale have already
happened in the Gameverse, thus giving us an established personality for Eiji, rather
than just blatantly introduce them without any information, as was the case with the
previous DLC Characters, including Clarence and Shirley in DLC2 that had at least 1 episode
dedicated to them in the Anime, but seemingly pulled out of nowhere so the audience did
not have any material to relate to their current personalities or partnership. Eiji on the other hand, had the benefit of
the entire Ordinal Scale, as well as the prologue to OS, Hopeful Chant and the epilogue to OS,
Cordial Chords. I’ll also include a link for these beautiful
sidestories expanding greatly upon Eiji and Yuuna’s past and their future respectively
that you can read for free, but speaking of these, the underlying plot, explored in the
True Ending of the DLC4 also works, because instead of re-inventing the wheel in an unimaginitive
way, they simply took the basis of Cordial Chords and used it to tell a compelling story
and conclusion to Eiji and YUNA, which I’m certain would never be in any animated medium
for fans to enjoy, especially for the western audience since it was never officially translated. The second reason for the enjoyable story
experience is that the characters, for the first time since the base game, actually feel
like characters, instead of soulless exposition machines! Even in the base game sidestories, barely
could you care for the characters, exasperated by the fact that they would be speaking to
the mute OC most of the time as exposition tools. In DLC4, they are actually interacting with
each other, with their usual, human-like personalities, struggles, emotions, fears, pasts and your
OC is just on a trip with these enjoyable characters. We don’t need boring exposition as to who
these characters are, we already had 4 games prior to these, we had 2 Seasons and a Movie
of an Anime, with the third season currently airing, we know these characters and we need
them to act like themselves rather than being a shell of themselves and that is what this
DLC achieves. As mentioned earlier, Kirito and Eiji’s past
together is used neatly, as Kirito understands where Eiji was coming from, since he was in
the very same situation when he had lost Sachi. We see Kirito’s past regrets being re-ignited,
as Sachi returns for the second time just to die and then be re-animated, which is a
huge issue on its own, but instead of going off on a tangent, I’m just gonna direct you
to my Bloated Gameverse Cast video, click the icon on the top right corner if you are
interested, and it does a great job at normalizing Eiji and his actions as well. On the other hand, the AGGO Cast, having incredibly
boring character events with the free day 1 DLC, finally are back to their usual cheerful
and colored personalities that we know from the main canon that are just outrightly incredibly
to follow and listen to. But to recap, especially for those who skipped
this bit due to spoilers, the Story of DLC4 is much more enjoyable than the stories of
previous DLC’s and the main game by having a concrete, concise and complete story, with
accurate and enjoyable portrayals of these characters for once, while also bringing a
beautiful story from the not-even-officially translated Cordial Chords to your screens,
that I still strongly recommend that you read via the free Fan Translation by Gsimenas that
you can find in the description. Sure, the true ending ends on yet another
cliffhanger, even after we had one Alicization cliffhanger at the end of DLC3, but I did
not mind it all that much, since the DLC already offered a complete story on its own, rather
than Itsuki running away in the base game, and the already short story of Lievre being
butchered into 3 episodes that it didn’t have content to fill. Considering I have covered the story and the
characterization in this first bit, the only question you probably have right now is… Well… “I cleared the previous DLC’s in 30 minutes,
is this DLC so short as well?” Yes, the actual gameplay content itself. Now let me be straight with you, the content
is nothing mindblowing, it doesn’t come with a huge variety of things to do like Hollow
Realization. But it is much better than the previous 3
DLC’s. It more or less takes around the same time
as the 3 DLC’s combined if you really are moving with a fast pace, but this can be justified
that the DLC is already cheaper than the Season Pass featuring the 3 DLC’s. As expected from the game type it is, much
like Destiny, yeah, we got re-used enemies and only the campaign bosses are Original,
but knowing the audiences of these games and being an avid Destiny player myself, I know
this is rarely an issue. On top of it, the White Frontier feels really
fresh, instead of the distopian city structures that we saw everywhere in Fatal Bullet so
far and while a minor praise, the Dungeons actually have a slightly different look as
well, rather than being the very same boring dungeon that we have played since day 1, they
have this lovely, glass-like feel to it, fitting the ice-theme of the DLC. Also, the dungeons are fairly lengthy, but
still are quite linear that you never get lost, despite the fact that you may have no
idea where you are if you open the map, so it never actually feels frustrating. We got gorgeously animated cutscenes that
makes me wish we actually received more cutscenes, but isn’t that the same sentiment I share
after every single SAO Game… If you havent enjoyed the needless padding
like finding random chests to progress through the story, good news for you as those stuff
are exclusively to be done by collectors post-game now. Your story progression is not locked by mindless
padding, just go through the dungeons, shoot bosses, have fun and you’ll be progressing. But as I said, there is a bunch of post-game
collectables that you can chase if you wanna sink your teeth in and I’m really glad they
went this way, which I believe is the best of both worlds. Give the casuals who just want to enjoy the
story a hasslefree path to do so, and provide the hardcore audience things to chase after
they are done! But that is pretty much all I have to say
about this DLC! It’s easy to nitpick, but by providing a well
established and complete story, supported by characters with enjoyable personalities,
Fatal Bullet finally delivers something. A coherent and compelling story that you can
have fun following without being bored! Now, since I know there is going to be people
asking things like “Where do I get the Wizard Costume, Eiji’s Sword, Braveheart M costume”,
I am going to direct you to my Discord server. The invitation link is in the description
and we got plenty of collectors there that can help you with whatever you are searching
for. I’m a completionist, not a Collector, so I
do not specifically care for where I can find the School Uniform outfit that I know I am
never going to use, but some lovely people in the community do, so come, join the server
and ask them instead. I hope this review of the 4th DLC for Sword
Art Online Fatal Bullet was helpful for you, if it was, please do like the video and subscribe
for more! If you have specific questions about the DLC,
do ask them in the comments and I’ll be glad to answer them. Otherwise, I’ll see you back in my Alicization
Explained series! Thanks for watching, a huge thanks to my Patrons
as always and I’ll see you next time! Stay Cool~

27 thoughts on “Gamerturk’s Ultimate Review | SAO: Fatal Bullet DLC4 Dissonance of the Nexus – Is it good?

  1. Timestamps: 0:55 Intro, Overview | 1:39 Story and Characterization | 6:51 Non-Spoiler, Shallow Recap | 7:42 Content, How long is it?
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  2. My opinion is I like the Dlc 4 story though that's not saying much because I was never a fan of story to be honest I only care about the weapons/outfits. The story was a little short but it was fun and a bit sad I also love the dungeons as well as the length of dungeons however I'm am still mad about the Japan exclusive cowgirl outfit😤

  3. I was underwhelmed through the whole story of FB. The only that was good to me was the character creation, outfits, and the fighting. 6/10

  4. Was it Me or at the beginning of the game I saw Alice in Eugeo in the intro so I wonder if they’re there as well

  5. Positives…

    – Somewhat decent story, but because it has nothing to do with us and more with Kirito and Eiji, it shows a custom character in an SAO game doesn't work or the staff didn't know what they were doing. Still a decent story, better than the original.
    – Eiji being a good guy was refreshing and well-done, but I don't like the idea of him becoming a villain in future because he just has to be.
    – Boss designs were awesome except for the final boss.
    – New area was cool and the dungeon design is probably my favourite now. Along with the enemies giving off plenty of XP and powerful items.
    – The new characters added were quite competent as team members.
    – The AGGO cast was fun and I wanted to hang out with them more than the others, and if you really think about it, they are kinda worthless.


    – Boss battles have many design issues and just suck.
    – Eiji might give Kirito a run for his money as the worst member you can have on your team during the game. His sword either can't block bullets or otherwise he doesn't use it – that is what makes him bad along with a rocket launcher (its good but for Eiji? Really?)
    – Every ten steps you take and you get attacked by dozens of enemies, then turn around and suddenly the enemies are back. There is little breathing room and it feels tightly-packed.
    – Just a personal nitpick. Even though I adore Sachi and wish nothing but the best for her, I feel like bringing her back from death (by AI of course) is backwards. Because Kirito completely committed to his role as a hero who stood up for others and realised what he had to do, after Sachi's death and the moment she comes back he suddenly feels a little emptier. If it were a short exchange, with the just the two of them, I feel like a lot could have been done for his character. I still think Hollow Fragment did Sachi's character more justice, and there was a lot less focus on her than this DLC.

    There could be more for both but these are what stand out to me. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the DLC for the most-part except for some glaring issues. Definitely a big step for them in terms of DLC. 7.5/10.

  6. Yes, it was good, and by so-called "Parallel" They both live in SAO Universe and Gameverse, AGGO Characters are not boring, we haven't seen the anime SAO: AGGO since last year, and but sadly Sachi was fade away again since SAO Incident. As I said, we never know who and how to get that Data AI of Sachi (Dead) in GGO
    Me for DLC4 was Spectacular

  7. This DLC was the best we've gotten. I think they've finally learned to back off with the characters that aren't necessary. Like Philia wouldn't make sense here, so she isn't present while Rain is (best girl as always). But hopefully Sachi is here for a reason, not just for fanservice. I would really like it if she starts to test Kirito's loyalty to Asuna. It would give her a purpose while giving fans of the ship some fanservice but ultimately proving why Kirito has and always will love Asuna.
    Anyway, rambling about Sachi over. I think your review was good, but you missed out on Itsuki's inclusion and what it might mean for the future. But even so, it was a good review. Stay cool 🙂

  8. Sounds good. I'm going to take time to level up a bit. Beating DLC 3 story was a bit of a 'workout', so, I'm going to take time to build up my level and my resources before I tackle DLC 4's story. However, from what you said, it was worth the wait and it is full of good stuff.

    Anyway, are we going to see the playthrough of the 12th floor of Aincrad in Integral Factor soon?

    From what videos I can find, Kirito and Leafa finally meet at that point in that game.

    Later and best wishes.

  9. Fatal Bullet 2 idea, just like the first one, but no Kirito 😂. Let’s be honest, if we removed Kirito and his squad from the game, I don’t think it would’ve made a huge difference. Itsuki, Kureha, Zeliska and others were fun enough to keep the game alive

  10. Great review! This is practically going to be the last DLC for Fatal Bullet from my view since there is a likely conclusion that I think that they may run out of ideas on other side stories unless they cover more on AGGO characters moreso on LLENN or Pito… Overall, it was easier than DLC3's content due to the tank part plus Lierve in battle making it a nightmare however, I overcome the nightmare obstacle via using the shotgun since it has more firepower on critical attacks, (still experimenting but at least its now manageable)


    -Interesting storyline. It is mostly on the player and less on Kirito and Eiji as well as the other characters there.
    -Easier to get the affection a lot faster in battle or when reviving (yay for getting the true ending for those who are struggling)
    -Abundance of EXP to farm and materials as long as you have the right equipment
    -Harder and tougher boss battles reap higher rewards
    -See more of the AGGO cast in battle in another alternate storyline there parallel to the Sachi quest.
    -Hero party mode in Hero quest mode. Choose any of the characters in the particular group and fight a boss battle.


    -Probability of legendary weapons at a higher rank are very slim still regardless on whether you are playing on Extreme or not
    -Constant switching of areas from the AGGO cast to the GGO cast where there are some parts that may involve using party members that are not up to speed (unless the player buffs them well)
    -Design for most monsters and enemies are just a pallette colour change and is no different to the others
    -Unable to give presents to the AGGO cast yet…

    There are a few tiny issues but its worth the challenge and fun as well as a unique teaser and familiar face at the end… Score: 9/10

  11. I play Fatal bullet for hours a day but all I do is main story start again and again and again. What do I even do? How do I get good loot and level decently etc. I've completed the game like 8 times I'm still only level 78 how do people get level 200? I'm so basic on the game

  12. The words of a wise man haha ! Definitely, I can't agree more with that video. But i'd like to add something.
    The biggest concern I have with DIssonance of the Nexus is… well it's the 4th DLC when it should have been the first one.
    Almost a year after the release of the original game and 3 DLC later, asking us to pay once more for that kind of content feels like a fraud.

    Don't get me wrong ! For what it is – and as the video says – this is the most consistant DLC for Fatal Bullet. It's nice looking; the main dungeon is a bit more imaginative than the others. And the story is well done. Nothing special. But for the time they had, it was sweet like a nice treat. But it's still has nothing to do with the main plot and this is a stand alone DLC that you have to pay after we already spent 30€ on a season pass with almost no content in it… I think it's too late.

    From beginning to end, FB felt unfocused. With no Idea what it wanted to be. And that's make me sad because I was pretty hyped for a SAO game in the GGO Universe… and because I spent too many time on it.

    It was a good DLC. But I would have hoped it came out earlier.
    And as usual : great video !

  13. this dlc makes me actually despise the game when you go back as this is how the game should have already been. with the meaningful cast and interactions that aren't around to fuel the whole spew exposition at us all day for hours.

    i do wish they would fix the end game grind from the destiny style system and opt back towards hollow realization systems as i prefer that loot system by a long shot especially for grinding out gear

  14. Great review man, I wasnt really following the coverage for the dlc so I knew nothing about it, except for the fact that Sachi somehow comes back, this is very concise and informative, thumbs up.
    That being said I am seriously dissapointed that they are moving away from the story of the MC. Sure the main game's story wasnt anything spectacular, mainly because of them shoving SAO characters in everywhere and with no regard for their personalities or place in the story, like you said, but at least we played as "ourselfs". Having self insert MC is what made me buy the game in the first place, since I am an avid hater of Kirito I was looking forward to just not have him in the game as much and experience the possibly interesting world by myself. But that didnt exactly pan out and seeing the latest DLC it makes me worry that next game will be us playing as Kirito again.
    Silent OC isnt really an issue when you are telling a story, its just how you structure the story imo. I would love to continue our MC story, give us original story where the SAO characters come in and go depending on whether they are important to that part of the story, we already know them, we are already friends there is no need for all 20 of us to be in a room at the same time, that doesnt even happen in gaming unless they are going raiding 😀
    The story in the DLC sounds good enough (havnt actually bought yet, I bought the first three and thought thats it, I might go back to it eventually tho) but its just dissapointing to see them moving even further from having the MC as the focus of the story, or even part of it. I loved the dynamic you can have with Kureha in the game, it should have been explored more.
    I mean cmon its not that hard to write original story without the involvment of the massive SAO cast and having Kirito as MC, GGO alternative is a good example of that, its a very solid anime and precisely because of its relative concise and different cast. What is with the SAO developers and the need to put every character from the franchise into the game, instead of actually telling a compelling story 🙁

    Sorry went on a bit of a tangent there but I did spend about 100 hours in the game overall doing random stuff and I enjoyed it, but didnt love it as much as I really wanted to, exactly because being the MC is so freaking limited and you are still just going along for basically someone elses adventure.
    Would you prefer next game to continue the MC's story and being more separate from the rest of the cast or would you prefer it go to the old format? For me its clear, I will gladly buy the next game if they improve on the faults of this one, but if its gonna be the same or with Kirito as MC again it will be a hard pass. I am assumign Fatal Bullet did make more than enough money to warrant a sequel right? Do we have any info about FB 2 or something like that?

  15. They have done well in this DLC and I have high hopes for a 5th one. Just because of some missing parts (the door behind 'the queen of the night'; SBC Abend (srsly, it can't be just this one room); the 'plot hole' after the 2nd play through)
    My personal wish list for a 5th one:
    – more AGGO char involvement (<3 LLEN & Pito)
    – more enemies, not only the recolored ones
    – story playtime over a few hours; all DLC are far too short. This is a reason for the simple stories and characters; i. e. Lievre imho has a great potential to be a phenomenal char; but she needs way more time to build up
    – AI improvements. They've done some in the past, but it would be nice if characters like Yuuki or Kirito were not suicide bombers anymore (as a Steam player, I usually have to do co-op with AI)

  16. Reading the reviews someone said about 5th dlc, is it possible considering Complete version already out?
    Also these DLC isn't even cheap tbh,
    If they wanted to pump more expansion dlc i really hope they make a new features or something.

    SAO Complete edition is what the game should've been when it comes, i wouldn't mind paying full price when it actually have this kind of quality but looking back on 1st day release, the game seems really lacking in almost every aspect of JRPG aside from character creation/Customisation, Fighting.

  17. What werr those cenimatics in the opening of the video looked like a season I may have missed? Ive seen sao alo ggo the movie and the first part of the alicization season am I missing any

  18. You know it's an anime game when the review goes almost 10 minutes before even mentioning gameplay…

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