Genji (Overwatch) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today, we are going to create Genji from Overwatch! Let’s get started with aluminum wire for our Spider-Man tutorial. Wait, no, that’s wrong. I’m just using this Spider-Man action figure to see the proportions of the character as it is nearly the same. Well this Spider-Man action figure served me pretty well for many creations, not only for the Spider-Man tutorial I made, as it is just a human proportion thing. Well, it’s always the same, I think. OK, but now as the skeleton is finished, we will mix the muscle color of our Genji, at least I think these are the muscles and not some kind of armor I think armor part is everything which we will create with grey. But as you know I’m not familiar with Overwatch, so who knows maybe this is even some kind of an armor. But well we will assume this is a muscle, muscle parts and so we will work on all the details on the leg for example. You won’t see them a lot as we will cover these muscles with grey layers of armor, but we will do that in a minute. First let’s focus on the base layer. Well this is a bit weird and this is why I was confused if this is either muscles or if it is already armor, as these side body parts don’t really look like muscles it looks more like gill from fish, but maybe this is even some kind of armor. I don’t really know. I think there are two ways to find out. The first one would be to just google it and look it up, and the other way. I think this is the funny one. I just come up with my own version of Genji. I did that before within the Reaper tutorial. So here we go Genji! Where do you come from? After the Omnic Crisis the Earth was destroyed. Heavily destroyed. A young boy from Japan named Sanji survived the war hidden in a hole in the ground. He was always so smart. He dug it by himself with his sword. His ancestors were real samurai and all he had left from his family was this sword a katana. So you have to understand that this sword we will also create is very important for Sanji. It has been days and the bombardment had stopped. Slowly Sanji climbed out of his hole and looked around. He was hungry, but all he could see were the ruins of his hometown, all buildings destroyed. The playground destroyed! His school destroyed! The only thing he recognized and this hadn’t changed was the lake, where he used to go fishing with his father. His name was also Sanji, by the way. He remembered the technique his father used to get the fish out of the water just by using his katana. What Sanji did not know was that there was an atomic contamination from bombs! The water from the lake was shimmering in green! It’s the same green I am currently using for this button, for this detail on the chest of our Genji. But now we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked base layer of Genji. Back to the story. Sanji put his right foot into the water. The katana in his hand willing to hunt the last fish who survived, as well. Suddenly the tiny fish and he was too focused to hunt his prey he did not notice the tickle in his right foot standing in the water. The contamination was too strong. The molecules in his body started to change! The DNA started to change! It blended with the DNA of the fish too quickly. With pain he realized he just got gill on the side of his torso. He screamed in pain and hit the katana into the green glowing water. His mother used to call him my little genius as he was always so smart. Now he survived the war alone. All his family dead. To always remember his dead family, he changed his name. Not Genius, not Sanji, but now Genji. Okay, this is my story. It’s so crazy. I hope you enjoyed it guys. I had a lot of fun while writing this short story, I really wrote it down. Yeah, let’s go back to our creation of our little genius Genji. We will now work on his arms and this is a very important step for our creation, as well. You have seen my final creation. He is holding the katana in his hands, so I really tried to focus on the right arm position. That two hands would meet and could easily grab the sword. Yeah, this is just some more detail work for the chest and this is the main characteristic part of the armor. It took some time for me to realize where to cut, but after a while it was pretty easy. When you look on the creation and also on the back side you realize that all the patterns and the forms of the armor repeat. So it’s not that difficult at all if you figure out how to cut the clay. In our last tutorial we made this poll and you decided that I should create a character from Overwatch and well these are just some details, Chinese signs or is it Japanese I’m really sorry. I’m not familiar with these signs. Maybe this is even something different, I don’t know yeah, and in this poll well Overwatch one it was pretty close with Undertale I think. And I have read all the comments you wrote that you want me to create Genji, and well, I really read all your comments and I hope that you’re happy with this creation. But I have another surprise for you. There will be a second tutorial this week. There will be another tutorial tomorrow. I won’t tell you what it is about. It is about the series I have created before, yes, but well who knows, you will see tomorrow. Back to our creation. Now we will add the armor parts also on his shoes. There’s even some more glowing green and now we can turn around the creation and work on the tiny details on the backside of his legs. I think these are some screws. Yeah, he has to open the armor in any way so there have to be screws. Yeah, what is left? We will now work on the hands and I decided to create pretty easy hands so just cut the parts where the fingers will be and there are some more armor parts on I think these are gloves on the gloves. And when you use a knife this is pretty simple yeah, this is the right position for the hands to hold the sword and Genji will be ready to go into the oven, but let’s create the weapon first, the katana. I hope this is a katana and not any different kind of sword. It took me some while to figure out how to create these tiny dents and also, how to put in the glowing yellow green clay. Yeah, these are all the details. Freshly baked details, weapons! We will glue onto our creation after oven hardening. This is the technique I figured out which would work the best for our katana and I think it turned out pretty great. This is freshly baked Genji! And now we will start gluing all the parts. We also created the backside of our creation. So, we have his scarf and also two sword sheaths and also, these tiny red dots and maybe it’s even an arrow. I found contradicting images. And now we will assemble the handle of the sword of his katana. This is pretty simple after oven hardening. Here we go for the blade and we will also glue it onto the handle as well. And all that is left is to glue this sword into the hands of Genji and adding the thumbs, I prepared. The tiny piece for that as well, because we left them out. And I guess finally… That’s it! Genji! This was one of my most complex creations. I enjoyed the process a lot although I am not playing Overwatch, but I really loved creating all details. It’s you know this is my second Overwatch tutorial, check out Reaper If you haven’t. There will be a tutorial tomorrow, so I guess see you tomorrow! Take care. Bye! This is really sharp.

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  1. of fortnite of fortnitedid you know the omega skin is gonaa arive and a cool infiniti sword omega +the infiniti sword =genji in season 7 of fortnite

  2. Thats not the story the story of genji was wene he was with his brother hanzo was going to be the leader was his father but genji was not really in his famally,s compeny then his father telled his brother to kill genji to be the leader of the shamada clan then hanzo killed genji then the overwatch healer mercy saw genji almost dead she brouth him to life but overwatch telled him to join becuase overwatch was losing the war genji joined overwatch then wene overwatch won the war genji left and found a place that had zenyata teach him peace and genji was BORN

  3. You have you have to do it have to do Soldier 76 pretty please😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😋😋😋😋😋😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  4. Summarizing Story…

    Genji Shimada was The younger brother of Hanzo the oldest destined to be the leader of the clan
    While Genji went to bloh bloh game I guess
    Years later I think idk I forgot the time line Hanzo was ordered to kill Genji
    Boom he did but with a Bow (This is Japanese so swords/Katannas)
    After that Hanzo was a Leader but banned himself from the clan
    And yAhh Mercy
    Also known as Angela Z something
    Healed Genji with cybernetics
    Now Genji is stronger then Hanzo

  5. Did u just make that story up because I play Overwatch and his brother Hanzo almost killed him that's why he is a cyborg and Zenyatta helped him get happy with his new body

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