Georg Baselitz on the role of artists – Hirshhorn Museum

Actually, the question is very funny to answer. Because society consists of a group of people
and also of artists And among the artists there are those who
can play the piano well and sing very well – but
painters can’t. Painters develop something, create something
they imagine – and they get applauded for it or they don t Because it’s not about, Is the voice good? Is the piano play good? Is the composition good? Instead, it’s about other things. So, this hermetic seal among artists, among painters, is always there. Everybody’s in this circle, everybody’s in
the ring, everybody’s participating in this boxing match. Of course not physically. But there’s just this…
there’s just this sometimes very, very funny fight: Who did this first? Who drew the first square? Who drew the first dot? Who did that for the first time… et cetera. These important questions are still being
asked. Well, one tries – every artist tries to be
the first. That’s interesting.

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