1 thought on “Get a sneak peek at the Oklahoma-based Green family’s Museum of the Bible

  1. KOCO 5 News: do your journalistic job!
    The dead sea scrolls were in the possession of a certain Roland Guérin de Vaux.
    Are you familiar with the Waldensians of Piedmont Italy? it was a following of Pierre de Vaux.
    My ancestor François Garin (also writen as Guerin) was a priest in the Waldensian cult. He was a typesetter and participated in the writing of the Bible. He also translated Greek under the name Francisco Garonne de Libourno. The dead sea scrolls date from 1500 CE. check my site ergoth.com about our strange family. BOO!
    Also weird the name Garon in England was at times morphed into Green. it happens to be the dead sea scrolls owner's name. I can explain. its far more interesting than the dead sea fake scrolls.

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