Get Out Of Debt, Save Money & Build Passive Income with SugarMammaTV

Hi I’m Canna, and welcome to my channel
sugarmamma TV. My channel is all about financial education, motivation and
inspiration for you. Through my bite-size fun and entertaining videos. I show you
how to get out of debt and stay out of debt for good. I show you how to save
money. I show you how to build up savings that you could achieve your goals.
Whether it be saving up for a holiday. Paying for a wedding, or even saving up
for your first home. I show you everything you need to know. I also show
you how to invest and how to build up passive income. Which is the key
foundation to financial independence and security. Not only am I a financial
youtuber. But I’m also the author and creator of the thousand dollar project.
And I’ve even developed a budgeting app just for you called sugar budget which
you can get from the iTunes Store. Now my video routine is, every Monday I publish
a video around money around investing, around saving, around budgeting,
around debt reduction. And you can give me a subscriber request at any time. But
then on Thursdays I actually mix it up. I have videos around capsule wardrobe fashion. I have videos around blogs. Because all
my videos are filmed inside my home where you get to see my son Rocco, my
dogs Giuseppe in Sophia, and even occasionally my crazy boyfriend Tom. And of course I also love to cover my favorite subject in the world along with
financial independence. And that is minimalism. So make sure you subscribe
and more importantly, make sure you switch on that notification button so
you know the moment I have published a video. Because I’ve made them especially
for you. And in the meantime you can follow me on instagram @sugarmammaTV. See what I’m up to out about with my family with my friends, and see what I’m
really passionate about. I’ll see you in my next video shortly.

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