alright guys so welcome back to another
gameplay of the Ghostbuster V again remaster my name is Joseph so welcome
back guys to my channel just look at my flight guys so welcome back welcome back
so that um talk some Ghostbuster I start with him hey you want to talk man are
you busy well you play is that Peter yeah that
beer well I’ll pay via game oh man on target
okay let’s see who is employee of the month
yeah hey so Winston got more no that was it
Peter you got all more but Winston you only want wow that very sad very sad day
all right I see what’s up so you know so much about Gozer
because because I’m a specialist in ancient Mesopotamian cultures and
architecture Sumerian primarily goads Aaron more specifically I’m here as a
guest curator for the go Zairian exhibit that’s opening tomorrow at the Natural
History Museum you are aware that we also have some history with Gozer yes of
course Gozer was a bush leaguer before he met
us a strictly farm team deity we put him on the mat but our getting stiffed on
invites to opening night just an oversight right I don’t have anything to
do with that that gentleman was all me and I can assure you it was not an
oversight oh by the way you have visitors thanks Jeanie your first class
look out Walter Peck I did not recognize you without the mayor’s backs I detest
your nose okay everybody put them back in their
skivvies apologies dr. Selwyn are you all right I think so but I’m worried
about the exhibit are you kidding you can’t buy publicity like this the
guest chair etre of the Gozer exhibit the expert Peck recommended is attacked
the night before the opening by Gozer himself please tell me that was go sure
those are manifested in a familiar form one he had used before the Stay Puft
Marshmallow Man but this event was weaker than his first encounter with us
that’s all I need Thanks come on Chuck what’s the idea of bringing Pratt around
here huh Oh have I coughed at the wrong time listen here’s the deal you impact
and all you guys are going to work together what no way no how
impossible look this city has given you at least a dozen contracts for the
jail’s courthouses and wharves you guys want to grow your business get some
county and state work – I’m all for it you’ve been big supporters and great for
my campaign well some have said our endorsement is what got you elected but
not out loud anyway after all the damage you’ve been causing lately the City
Council wants you under close supervision for a period of no less than
six months we file reports on time there’s no need for extra supervision
funny guy Bank man you’ve always been my favorite well that’s why your old friend
pet comes in he’s annoying a stickler for the rules in other words the perfect
pet for the job he’s our new head of peacock peacock PCO
see paranormal contracts oversight Commission and my first official act is
going to be suspending you clowns operating license lighten up egg launch
your investigation if you have to but for now just keep them under control and
my office in the loop but remember if the Ghostbusters cease to exist so does
your job so you need each other beautiful in an ironic symmetrical kind
of way isn’t it hey Mulligan come on its mayor Mulligan
to you Venkman so we have an understanding this kind of
protects us all you want more government business I want to keep my approval
rating and PEC wants this that’ll fight them you play by the rules easy we all
get what we want in the City Council gets what they need okay big night
tomorrow Alyssa get some rest you walk we’re so now that we’re all
friends can we get invites to the museum opening
not likely but I’ll be seeing you soon you can count on that doesn’t pack look
exactly like the kind of guy who’d accidentally walk into the stream of a
bosun collider I’m just saying it could happen okay
oh I get it I got oh no my hay Slimer oh no oh Jesus Christ
hey that rope Ren I’ve been talking and we think we should have a look at the
museum whatever happened tonight had started
there okay I’ll take one for the team stay with Alyssa you guys go with
Winston and the recruit I’ll be your personal reproduction what about class
he’s supposed to be informed of everything we do but he doesn’t know
can’t hurt us hey guys you need to make a detour
something big is going down it’s on 1010 wins now tune it in and another ghostly
sighting has staff at the New York Public Library scrambling for answers
the Gray Lady let’s get her for real this time whoa
what about the museum it’s been there for a hundred and four years where’s it
gonna go today this thing you guys have for the great lady board is on the wheel
you know that right she made us look like Schmucks not this time I’m required
telling where you are and what you are up to tell em you can meet us at the
museum we’ll be there in eventually Wow all right
the doodles the chasm goes big crowd Pinklon would love this
captain McMahon from the 12th says there was a massive disturbance real fireworks
show not much going on now maybe it didn’t there used to be team lines out
here check the balances oh yeah hmm
interesting ray look at this Wow big spikes hey
cadet you need to see this holy crap I rigged along this ice five animators
never seen him in tandem like that they’re really agitated switching on the
pack all right he said take it easy that’s
not easy this sorry see how about a little warning next time fellas
that one’s a beast ray let’s chase him down Winston check that next doorway see
if he has any friends leave a haunted room I’ve got no problem with that
hey cadet to use the shock blaster it’s best to get in fairly close its effects
are powerful but dissipate quickly over distance and please be careful it’s a
prototype we’re trusting you with it the stasis stream will temporarily slowed
down paranormal entities if you train the stream on the target long enough you
can actually stop it entirely this is how you use it
Oh a stasis stream this has nothing to do with cold but the effect is similar
do you have a time to work on all this stuff Egon I’ve been conducting an
experiment in which I sleep in average 14 minutes a day leaves me a lot of time
to work great ready to roll hey Hoss you think you can handle that
little feller yourself we’ll meet you here okay Rock whoa so where I go what really all
by myself okay so I called out there Oh something
happen I got something guys okay oh holy crap where you go right
this way yep it did alright so we go this way oh it varies flags hey strong ma there’s no
direct source though we followed our guy in here detecting a very strong anomaly
here I very quiet too quiet oh whoa
well there is holy cow Oh Oh No run help me guys healthy oh crap oh crap I was stuck oh
my gosh I saw slowed me down I think so I trying oh man oh crap run run oh fuck run craft okay go in stasis now I try to do based all down slowly now run come on line one slow it down okay oh man oh man heat I do like hot oh man okay it’s almost got him oh crap run run I gotta I go oh man stop chasing me yes
the fun way close call how much PK energy must have take to
collect and animate an entity like that a lot a lot of very angry energy Oh easy
with it wait not so fast I’m getting some big
floods that’s I got something too yes yes it is her Elinor 20 the librarian
look there she is me just at the stairway door okay she went down that
way so oh there’s witch bitch wait okay so we’re going down here oh
crap as itself freaky s scary – he caiis out
and try to be quiet oh okay oh wow a full stabilizing
levitation I’d say we’re close to something ray you
got something I’ve got something right here KITT check that out okay keep
searching us that’s her but ray lady she’s the first ghost we ever hunted man
I wish Venkman was here I’m pretty sure Venkman doesn’t easy now
she’s real oh okay I’m seeing the okay Tyler for all the cheaper wine let’s go
with this cool feel skinny oh well yeah oh wow listen everybody oh
no all right oh crap is that well thank you hi I’m us guy um all right man holy crap
oh my gosh I kept me out surviving brace yourselves
oh man you’re this way Oh oh my gosh really come on I got on a
book a bone what was a you guys hear that
oh you crap what the heck is that you guys saw that oh oh my gosh the heck it is oh man that would close squall okay go
this way Oh oh my gosh damn okay we go that’s right
oh it’s very oh my book it’s good fun oh man oh my bad yeah oh man help me bring help me thank you all right all right I’ll burn some book all right I go this way I can’t um for
the door anymore girls oh my gosh nuf um stories up holy boy
Rolly crap but you see that more than I expected all right god hi I am it’s really all right to help me thank you yes like I’m breathing I got up like pray
y’all you pray we’re all you guy you’ve man great help me make it right come on now down area area come yeah good work that took some doing
congratulations three but I’m near Special Collections someone you’ve been
wanting to meet again is here we’re on our way so we got two girls two down and
wine the boss thank you sir look at this guy’s
Wow Paul I helped you right there yup keep an eye on the twitchy ones really
appreciate you are careful you okay yes I’m okay thank you sir oh
crap watch it I’m okay I’m sorry now I got I know all you clap down all right I get him help me ray help me
thank you dub behind you oh thank you oh cool oh let go this way checking you’re all crap oh man help me ray all crap carry on oh man looks like the gray lady makes her only
importance keep your eyes open team she’s upping
the ante thanks for the warning ring but I have no idea what you’re talking about
you may want to just take our word for it I missed that ray please repeat end up
with the Russian well at least we’re getting closer I see where she go – oh boy now the door open oh my gosh oh my gosh check your man oh man it got me brain
well you okay oh yeah all this all our way
need some help here good be okay holy crap what are we going oh you’re
right how you get over here I’m a sophomore now man help me ray help
me think you’re ray nope gives you the creeps huh yes
nicely done cadet come on kid we need to get out of here please ooh okay in the
periodical section checking the box scores from the Knicks game last night
why tell us more about this collector says here that this collector used the
grey lady to get to the rare books in her care specifically a book called get
this the bazarian codex great yeah and when she found out
what he was up to she dumped him smart lady not really
evidently he murdered her for Oh the Gray Lady was his first victim but he
killed a bunch more let me guess he collected their bodies just like he
collected books bingo ray you get to buy me dinner and here’s the last on the
collector seconds before he was hanged he said he would return as acid lure
some sort of God to keep watch over the library and every rare book in its
collection sounds like sounds like the can we run into all the time all right
what oh hell no oh man all right let me drink first
okay one more okay that’s a bad sign but it sure isn’t a good one oh no no no no on
you’re hurt good copy don’t worry come on what’s
right all right oh you hear that yeah around here someplace
damn there somebody’s in here area come out oh my gosh oh I gotta be more
careful you all right yes I’m all right oh my children say help me on Freddy cougar got them okay I’ll take it outside it’s very creepy very creepy indeed damn
oh hell no oh hell no I think they’re trying to tell us something
what else did over collect Oh oh wow now check out you got that right scooter
huh here’s the place special collections these rooms are rare and valuable
volumes okay she’s in here with he gone no noise oh boy they’re throwing the whole science
fiction section holy crap oh man job remember how you were saying print
was dead wish now where’d she go valence is up she definitely left a
trace somewhere although I should go I got something here yeah check this out I
feel a breeze oh cool secret passages these are great okay so went to okay stop right here and then
go through here okay I didn’t even know this area existed
looks like the janitors didn’t either holy crap there you go okay that were close no they’re in the revised D theory
catalog I think the gray lady is constructing them from the books and
minor spirits here she may be more powerful than we thought I saw echo mercy take a look at this
place I could spend months taking inventory of
these books let’s be very careful what we wish for down here a totally agree
totally agree you should tell wants them to get down here we could probably use
his help it’s been trying to raise it there’s too
much interference found something Wow dig ray entirely convinced this is the best
course of action oh boy Oh bet this is a trap welcome
back ray oh crap oh man no no no let me try the joy this one there’s a
friends oh crap stay away from me sorry moving again over the lap hi all they got oh man oh crap right Fryman Wayne right I’m on your side sorry having serious
doubts about the structural integrity of this sub-basement moving
I I’m telling you the substructure is unstable the ceiling could come down on
top of us now there is come oh crap crap oh man
and by faster pray Tommi going come here you
you’ve got it textbook capture over there oh there she
is oh boy I know can they go if you can find the
power now that didn’t last long no holy crap oh man a close one sorry
I get him take it apart oh man you saw me okay that goes long
Hey talk stay away from me there we go I’m with you on that we’re
lucky there were only some old books written manifest with the crew okay
we’ll keep moving ah this is cheery nice place not like her she’s got nowhere to
run through the great I’m not clear on how
the planking was supposed to work let me check over here
holy crap this time trifle without all the crap Oh all they’ve got so right away follow me
a beret sorry oh crap
Oh now hi I’m Moscow now one down one to go Talmud no to my god my god still chasing me Aereo that’s it Debray lady before the
scripts really dangerous we may have missed that window ray well we can’t
follow her through that great is there another way I thought we’d go through
here but you see don’t mind there Youngblood good work
Spangler the kid found the exit but added something new to the pack this is
the PDS plasm distribution system basically it’s slimed lower mark two
heavily modified from the earlier version your plasm banks are now
integrated into the proton pack it uses a base culture of ectoplasm that can
impair entities cause caustic black slime to go inert and reveal otherwise
invisible ethereal structures that reside on this plane okay slime blower
just pointed squirt it’ll help neutralize any active patches of black
slime it’ll close any portals they’re opening too I can see neutralised slime they’re real all right
is it very creepy please no giant spire there she is eerie place I wonder if this is where
the collector killed the librarian I think that would be a safe assumption
that book she’s reading is emitting massive energy that’s your cue killer go
get them but me why do they do it how about you
you know how I’ll deal with her all right so I’ve had two home they’re
real to me sure okay she took that pretty well better than I
expected it makes perfect sense if her residual spirit energy is tied to the
book the goes Aryan codex right now that we have it her echo must have been
released she’s gone I think we helped her crossover I hope so
so when you get out here and she just crossed right back holy
crap oh crap all right we go help me behind you thank you man oh crap on the government a Viet okay we’re game I got one oh you down and no one that’s it you can’t
regenerate hitting the book stance not me hook stands at generating thank
you there we are try my best one more to go help me thank you yes that does it now let’s attack the
librarian straight on Crabbe first of all oh there it is or is it ready to go
holy crap she point at me oh there this is let’s go off the trap okay now yes weird that wasn’t as tough as a
trivet II was just thinking of the same thing it was almost too easy
like she wants us to have the Codex yes like she wanted us to blast this room
apart but why Ross dimensional portal something I’ve dreamt about since
college it’s all of them an arcade ammonia and casting ghosts
wouldn’t get too excited ray I have a feeling she did it so we can meet an old
friend of ours we’re going not much choice is there it’s the only way out
you take the lead don’t worry if we do this all the time right bye so this is what the public library looks
like on the far side of a cross-dimensional party
it’s one of infinite potential configurations you know theoretically all right so what now it’s like the goes
Aryan configuration watch out likes wine okay come on let’s go all right keep your hand down and keep
hitting these portals one of our elite out the scientific
what the heck oh man by myself now there we are I got oh crap so follow me I need some help but a more than one man tilt didn’t give me this honor all right all right guys so I’m gonna
stop here for a moment so thank you for watching of Ghostbuster the video game
remaster I really appreciate don’t forget click the light scribe
comment share I think for check out my channel of Joe Sycamore fly all right

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