Giant T-Rex Life Size Dinosaur & Dino Patrol at Jurassic Summer Carnival – Chase and Cole Adventures

(T-Rex roaring) (upbeat music) – [Chase And Cole] Welcome
to Chase and Cole Adventures. – [Dad] Chase-Man, Cole-Man,
what are you doing? – (mumbles) – [Dad] Where are we going? – We’re going to the fair. – [Dad] We’re going to the fair? And who’s coming with us? – Dinosaurs. – [Dad] Where are they? – Right there! – [Dad] Look outside Cole-Man’s
window, there they are! Look at the dinosaurs running guys! You think they’re gonna
beat us to the fair? No, we gotta go faster than them. – Let’s do it! – [Dad] There we go! Let’s beat those dinosaurs to the fair! (T-Rex roaring) (dinosaur roaring) – [Dad] Chase-Man, where are we? – At the fair. – [Dad] At the fair? Where’re our dinosaur friends at? (dinosaur roaring) – That one! – [Dad] Which one? The fun house? (upbeat rock music) – [Dad] Come on, Chase! Come on, put that foot up! Come on! Chase-Man, what about me? What about me? (laughs) Oh no! Come on, Tina the T-Rex, you can do it! You can do it! You got it, Chase! You got it! Here I come, Chase-Man! All right, wait for me. Come on, Blue Raptor! Wait for me, Chase-Man! Wait for me and the dinos! You got it! – I want to ride! (upbeat rock music) (dinosaur snorting) (T-Rex roaring) (exclaims in excitement) – [Dad] Here we go! We are spin! Chase-Man, Cole-Man! Go to the cars, go to the cars! See how fast they go. (T-Rex snorting) What’re you doing? Cole-Man, what car do you have? (upbeat rock music) (T-Rex roaring) (T-Rex roaring) (upbeat rock music) Cole-Man, what’re you doing, buddy? – I’m on a giant thing. – [Dad] Chase-Man, what’re you on? – A reindeer. – [Dad] You’re on a reindeer? (upbeat rock music) (T-Rex growling) There’s Chase-Man and Cole-Man! (dinosaur growling) (upbeat rock music) (dinosaur roaring) Chase-Man, Cole-Man! Keep spinning, guys! (dinosaur roaring) Was that fun? (dinosaur roaring) (dinosaur roaring) (upbeat rock music) (dinosaur roaring) – [Game Owner] Everybody get ready. Take aim, take aim. Three, two, one. (bells ringing) – [Dad] All right guys,
Chase-Man did you have fun? You ready to go home? Cole-Man, did you have fun? – I don’t wanna go home! – [Dad] Oh, we gotta go home. (dinosaur roaring) (dinosaur roaring) (dinosaur roaring) (T-Rex roaring) – Hi friends, welcome to our next video! – Hey friends, come to our next video. – [Dad] Say, “Watch our next video.” – Watch our next video. – [Dad] (laughs) Thanks
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