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100 thoughts on “Glitchtale EP 7 Fight scenes (1/2) | The Arena Scuffle

  1. I NEED MORE R E A L EPISODES, IDK ABOUT FIGHT SCENES GIVE ME MORE GLITCHTALE ( also get lots of rest while doing it fast, drink lots of water )

  2. This is just a thought but I've always thought of alphys with the amalgamates (i think i spelled there name wrong) going up against betty and i know that she dead but if she wasn't and she had them with her.

  3. Ep 8
    Battle of the Ya-
    I mean badass anime bois

    Also cami could you make Chara standing in the doorway a wallpaper, lol its soo good

  4. Эта вселенная просто потрясающая! Не могу дождаться следующих серий!!!

  5. Would be op to see that hatered start taking chara over and that she became invincible and lose control overher self and start hurting everyone which will remind asriel of his past and that i think how he could be saved, and that he has to do something now to stop her and ill let you think from this point about the rest of tye story.

    This is my own ideal route it shouldn't effect the main story at anyway! I justed wanted to share my thought about it.

  6. Betty is literally a Minecraft Skeleton on easy mode,as you can literally see her miss every shot
    Asriel is a…..Let's say zombie….
    and Chara is literally a Steve with a diamond sword knockback who knows how much lets say around 200 (bc that knock at asriel)

  7. I just realized that Betty is that one long ass boss fight that you have to constantly pause the game and get back to later.

  8. Hey Cami! Steven Universe Future is out! Maybe create another speed paint? I wonder if you're still a fan. Keep up the great work!!

  9. We’ve added one more character to the “No, these characters are DEAD and Camila is NOT bringing them back no matter how hard you guys beg” list

  10. I've rewatched this about 31 times now. I don't know why, but this battle scene is just so beautiful. The way Chara glares and fluidly dodges/ counters Betty's attacks… The way Asriel's body is illuminated as a wall of fire swirls around him… the chilling, desperate way Chara screams for Asriel… everything has so much emotion thats perfectly emphasized by the flow of Nyx's music. Absolutely stunning.

  11. With your permission, I don't know how to speak English. Well, I want to make an amv of your beautiful series and express it with so many feelings that I arrive with a missic already over: 3

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