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[bell rings] As you all know, our topic today is Historical Catastrophies. First up, Yellah and Rad
presenting on global warming during the human era. Personally, I think humans
were a bunch of small-minded imbeciles who deserved their extinction, but what do I know? Thanks, Mom. [laughing] – Silence! [music] Global warming was a hoax designed by human scientists to keep their funding. [laughs] He’s joking. Global warming was the very real, long-term rise in global
temperature on Earth which led to climate change
resulting in tremendous damage to the planet and the inevitable
extinction of humanity. Fun fact, global warming happened because humans used
dinosaur juice for energy. Oil and coal.
Which made their greenhouses fill up with gases until it
melted the Polish ice cubes. Polar ice caps. Yes, thank you, Rad. Somewhere around the Cryptopacene Era, world leaders signed a pledge promising to schedule a meeting to consider a climate change plan of the date yet to be determined and two years later, they all died. The cause of death was carbon emissions, deforestation, and fatal attraction. Fatal radiation. Any questions? So, like, did the humans not
know this was gonna happen? Follow-up question. Same question. Oh no, they knew. There was even a very
well made documentary about the inconvenient
truths of global warming called–
Water World. So, who was responsible
for global warming? Well, mostly it was older humans from rich countries
who destroyed the Earth and then expected younger
humans to deal with it. Well, my dad says– Think your own thoughts, sheep. So, why didn’t humans
try to stop global warming if they knew it existed? Do you mind if I take this one, Yellah? Sure, Rad, go ahead. They thought the issue of climate change was too big for any of
them to do anything about, so instead of figuring
out how they could help, they became apathetic and that apathy ended up killing everyone in the end. Wow, uh, well put, Rad. I have a question. Yes, Miss Tope? Who’s the smartest, cutest boy in class? Mom! Who’s the smartest, cutest boy? Oh, I am. That’s right. Now get to your seat, you little genius. Next up is Greem, giving her presentation on fidget spinners, the wheels of death. I’ve gotta get a new job. [music]

9 thoughts on “Global Warming | Museum of Human History | Topic

  1. I find it hilarious and disgusting that this propagandized crap is so self-unaware that they included the line, "think your own thoughts."
    Stop making this cancerous garbage.

  2. Mommy supporting RED? Not in American classrooms. Stone cold blue and feminism.
    (In a world of advocates, the plumber is King)

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