GloSC: The Answer to all Steam Input Compatibility Issues

It’s quite often that I hear about certain
games not playing nicely with the Steam Controller. That several fixes have been tried to no avail. Most commonly, these are games exclusively
found on other platforms though they can also be Steam purchased games. For those that watched my previous video,
Steam purchased Dos games fall under this situation. When all else fails, there is one tool that
will handle any situation: Global Steam Controller, or GloSC. “What is this GloSC,” you might be saying. As the official website describes it, it’s
a “tool for using the Steam Controller as a system-wide XInput controller alongside
a global overlay.” Basically, it creates a fully featured config
that doesn’t have to be tied to a specific game. It’s kind of like having a default config
that never changes regardless of what application or game is running in the foreground. It accomplishes this by creating an invisible
window that appears over everything else. Instead of letting Steam hook into a specific
game, it hooks into this window instead. It acts as a mediator between Steam and everything
else. Instead of letting Steam directly communicate
to a game, GloSC acts as an interpreter, taking what Steam wants to do and translating it
for the game. As for the Steam Overlay, it simply gets displayed
on that invisible window that GloSC runs in. Unlike when Steam is normally used, the game
is never aware that anything unusual is happening at all. And GloSC’s XInput output is handled by Virtual
Gamepad Emulator — or ViGEm — which is better at appearing like a real Xbox Controller than
Steam’s emulated XInput, which sometimes presents odd bugs like the Joystick Camera issue in
the Telltale games. So let’s try this out. First we need to download and install GloSC,
a link is in the description as well as a personal mirror should the original link disappear
one day. The installer also takes care of installing
the aforementioned ViGEm so you don’t need to worry about getting that separately. The install appears to stop at the “Finishing
Installation” part but let it be. It took roughly 30 seconds but it eventually
completed the installation successfully. Despite not showing any information, this
is the part where ViGEm is being installed. If this is the first time that GloSC is being
launched then it will perform a quick tutorial telling you what everything does. I’ll be going over all of these settings anyways
though for those who need the refresher. When we initially launch GloSC we are presented
with an empty box and a “Create New” button. Let’s start by pressing “Create New,” which
will expand the window and introduce all of the settings. Starting from the top, “Name” is simply used
to differentiate your settings in the main window. It will also used as the shortcut name that
is added to Steam in a later step. “Enable overlay” toggles whether you want
the Steam Overlay to appear when you run a game with GloSC. I don’t see any reason to uncheck this since
so many important features are tied to the overlay but I’m sure there are some fringe
cases where it is beneficial to disable it. “Enable virtual controllers” is required if
you plan on using XInput bindings through GloSC, especially in cases where a game doesn’t
play well with Steam’s emulated XInput — such as UWP games. “Use Desktop Config” is for instances where
you want the Steam Overlay but don’t want to use a unique config. This is great for getting access to the Steam
Overlay in your OS, since you have probably created a Desktop Config already. “Launch game” runs a game or program alongside
GloSC. If checked you need to supply GloSC with the
.exe file that you want to be launched. If the troublesome game is a UWP title then
you will need to press the UWP button rather than the ellipses. The “Arguments” box is for placing command
line arguments for the .exe file. Most of the time you can leave this blank
but definitely leave this blank if you have no idea what command line arguements are. And finally we have “Close Shortcut when launched
Application closes.” This simply closes GloSC when you quit the
game that you launched in the “Launch Game” box. As you can read, this doesn’t work with uPlay
games so leave this unchecked for that. So, let’s see how all of this actually works. Since UWP games are notorious for not working
with the Steam Controller, I’ll be using Hydro Thunder Hurricane for this example. First I’ll enter the name of the game. Then I’ll make sure the Enable Overlay and
Enable Virtual Controllers are both enabled. Since I’ll want to use a specific config for
this game I will make sure that Use Desktop Config is disabled. I’ll check Launch Game and click the UWP button. This brings up a unique window that shows
all of the Windows 10 apps. I’ll double click on Hydro Thunder Hurricane. And then I’ll enable “Close Shortcut when
Launched Application Closes” so that GloSC closes when I quit Hydro Thunder. After all of the settings are applied, hit
the Save button and then hit Add all to Steam, which will add a non-Steam Shortcut for each
setting that we created in GloSC, just Hyrdro Thunder for this example. Steam will need to restart to update the shortcuts
so press Yes at this next dialog box. When Steam boots up we will see that the Steam
list is updated with our new shortcut or shortcuts. We can create configs for these shortcuts
just like any other game. And when we run them they function as expected,
except now they appear to have full Steam Overlay and Steam Input support as well as
XInput Support and Rumble support. GloSC works for Uplay games, Origin games,
UWP or Windows Store games, and pretty much anything you can think of. It even works with programs. Here I’ll add HitFilm Express using the hitfilmexpress.exe
in the Launch Game box. When I launch it from Steam I get full Overlay
support, including radial menus which is great for swapping between tools or for placing
undo, redo, save, and load. GloSC can also be launched without any accompanying
software. This is great when you want that plug and
play Xbox controller experience. Just create a setting with the Launch Game
box unchecked and add that shortcut to Steam. Then create a config for that with the generic
gamepad config and launch that before you launch any other game. And it also works well with our DosBox situation
from last video. Create a config for a specific game without
the Launch Game box checked, run the shortcut, and then run the Dos game as usual. You’ll have full Steam Overlay and Input support
without messing with DosBox files at all. GloSC isn’t perfect though. Since the Steam Overlay appears in a separate
window it has to be switched to in order to see the Overlay. While GloSC does a good job at giving itself
focus when the Overlay is brought up, not every game is so willing to give up focus. UWP games fall into this category. Pressing the Steam button did indeed display
the Overlay on GloSC’s window but the game wouldn’t give up focus. Alt-Tabbing to GloSC works perfectly as a
workaround though so be sure to put that binding somewhere in your Steam Chord Config. GloSC is immensely powerful and is a tool
that should be found in any Steam Input user’s toolbox. The ability to use Steam Input with problematic
games is invaluable and the subsequent functions — Steam Overlay in the desktop and a quasi
plug and play experience — are icing on the cake. Also remember that despite the application
being called Global Steam Controller it will work with any controller that is functioning
through Steam Input. So this benefits all PC controller users regardless
of which input device they prefer.

28 thoughts on “GloSC: The Answer to all Steam Input Compatibility Issues

  1. this is legitimately amazing, ive been trying to get bayonetta to work with steam and it hasn't been for a while. Same with night in the woods, even celeste took a while to get working.

    One thing though, when i try to go to the "xbox controller" overlay it just shows the glosc symbol and doesn't open the overlay.

  2. I have no problems with UWP games but I have issues with .exe games, the windows with the overlay pops up but the games don't launch

  3. @CriticalComposer with the recent release of the steam link app beta, would there be use for a GloSC mobile app? Or do you think if we wait a while Valve would add a touch option input, to the programmable inputs on the controller?

  4. How does this work with MMOs? When I tried to use this with Black Desert (bought It before it launched on steam) it doesn't work. Can't use …/blackdesert64.exe in the launch path as the game needs to go through the sign in launcher first.

    Thanks in advance

  5. literally none of the games i tried even launched. i followed your guide and when i go to launch a game it does open the glosc blank overlay, my fans go crazy, and nothing else happens.

  6. I just signed up to the Gamepass trial so I can try out Horizon 4 and wanted to use my Steam controller, but knew there would probably be some kind of issues. So I'm really glad that I found this video via the SC community on Reddit, just saved me from suffering from the inevitable headache I would have faced if I had went in head first.

  7. Is there any chance in hell this would work for in-home streaming? My goal is to run the non-steam games on my desktop to my laptop with my dualshock PS4 controller. Problem is, that although the input is detected by the laptop, steam menu in big picture mode, once I run the game, the controller is completely undetected. If there is anyway Glosc can help me find a way around this I will be eternally grateful.

  8. It would be so awesome if you could figure out a reliable way to get the steam controller and glosc working with games that use Mod Organizer, primarily Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Fallout 3, 4, and New Vegas. Not only are they launched by Mod Organizer (because the the mods are 'virtually' installed), but also through a script extender instead of the usual executable. I can't for the life of me get a reliable way for these games to work with the steam controller other than to change my desktop configuration to that of the game i'm playing (definitely not the ideal situation). Thanks!

  9. I got it to work for just a bit and then it seems that glosc crashes. I click the shortcut in steam, the cmd box comes up and i see glosc down on the task bar. I manually start destiny 2 and I can get in the game and i see the circle/native controller option. Everything works well, then after a few minutes, glosc crashes and an error box pops up and stops working. The error box says "Fatal Error: Couldnt find the running and failed to start it. Exiting application." Not really sure where to now.

  10. Forza Horizon 4 will launch but it won't play at 60 FPS. I tried changing my settings etc and the FPS counter always says 60 but the Game is very laggy. Anyone know how to fix this?

  11. i have a switch pro Controller and it doesnt work for me. Cant Play Horizon 4 with it unfortunately. Is it because its a switch Controller, i mean it works on assetto Corsa and stuff but not on horizon 4…

  12. ive downloaded the glosc zip file and extracted it. in the extracted folder i cant find any type of file that installs the software. every file i click, windows doesnt know what type of file it is. what should i do?

  13. Hey man I’m having problems with Star Wars the old republic (mmo) any help for me? It won’t connect with the game. 😭

    I’ve used this program with many different things and never had any issue until now.

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