100 thoughts on “GOG GALAXY 2.0 Atlas Update overview

  1. A linux version would be very appealing, I must admit that I have been buying more from steam due to Valves support of my OS. I love GoG but lack of support is an issue.

  2. Looks nice, but I won't be downloading until there is proper integration with other platforms. Because it's very possible that none of them will want to hand over APIs and voluntarily give up visitors to their own store fronts.

  3. When can we expect this to be out? It looks amazing! I signed up for the beta half a year ago but it looks like the full thing will come out before I get a key, I'm pretty hyped for it

  4. przy próbie podłaczenia epic games wyskakuj mi komunikat polinglid is invalid czy jakoś tak… (konto epic mam przez FB a w samym FB mam dwuetapowe logowanie)

  5. Soo.. is this the iTunes of gaming?

    Looks great.

    I signed up for the Beta a while ago, but didn’t get Galaxy 2.0 yet. Will you expand on testers soon?

  6. Some say this launcher will not be useful but for my quite pedantic mind it looks awesome. i just hate having everything scattered in different places

  7. Thank you for the update, adding games that aren't from a specified platform is huge. Been enjoying GOG Galaxy 2.0 so far and I can see it becoming my default launcher.
    Also seems like Steam has taken notice, considering they updated their decade old UI of the Library and it's similar to this.
    Also also, I know they said no Linux, but c'mon guys, Linux support!

  8. Man, that silk design that CDPR brings in every work of theirs is just one of the great thing that gamers and industry ever had. The aesthetic and user friendly design of this launcher is superior to any other launcher out there including Steam. Steam just released the new design that they kept delaying for years and it's a total joke. The inconsistency design and terible UX design is total mess.

    I just hope someday GOG consider to bring regional pricing and some more quality indie games on top of current ones. I won't ask for triple A titles since almost all of them anti-drm-free corporates. Long live GOG I must say. Keep up the great work folks!

  9. Would you consider adding family sharing please? I have heard lot of other people asked for this too. Why exactly is this already not available on the regular gog launcher?

  10. Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that God of War, Biomutant, Spiderman, and Zelda Links Awakening are on this, despite not being available on pc?

  11. It would really really be nice if you guys can enable the "close launcher of game on exit" option along with the cloud save sync for their respective launchers (particularly steam). Its the only reason why I am not 100% using GOG 2.0 right now. Opening the game on GOG and closing the respective launcher after gaming is a bit silly at the moment.

  12. GOG is the gold standard of how companies should be striving to improve their launchers. I think I'd honestly be ok with GOG basically replacing Steam as by most used launcher.

  13. so uuh why is this not on linux
    I get that linux doesn't fully support a lot of games, but thanks to proton on steam there's a very large portion of games that's playable on linux, and you can use lutris to install non-steam games

  14. Having option to change username would be great. It's really frustrations to be stuck something that made up in a rush when signing up to gog back in the day.

  15. this is nice and pretty but when I can finally try it out?!?!?!?! I already signed up for the BETA months ago but still not received nothing!!!!!!

  16. In the end, its a question about trust. Me allowing GOG to have full access to all my data, like passwords and game time etc.
    Be able to install games from other platforms like Steam, means you need password access. And that is always a bad thing, handing out passwords to a third party!

  17. soon there will be other platforms like GOG and eventually we'll need to download another program to bring all those platforms together!

  18. just got my beta download yesterday but didn't check my email till today
    very excited to use this new launcher(the only one I want at this point)

  19. It even recognizes Plumbers Don't Wear Ties and that pinball game that came pre-installed on Windows back in the day… The game search truly knows all!!!!

  20. i would like to request one thing: better mod support with a workshop-like feature. Or if GOG is felling innovative, they can do their own thing. The main problem is that mods can be finicky to install or add to games. Thats why i like the Workshop on steam – a few clicks and you ready to play the mod that makes your favourite games even better.

  21. Why the launcher have not a stylized looking like it's a video game? It would be much better than this soulless launcher looking (I really like the steam one, they have developed a very recognizable game launcher with the sounds in Big picture)

  22. No linux support. DRM for some games which breaks in wine. Sorry but I'm out. I've got hundreds of games on gog because I thought they'd actually listen to the all time most requested feature for it but years later and a huge update didn't address it. Obviously give no fucks so I'll be back to using valves steam who've invested money and effort into the platform I'm on.

  23. You fucking better be taking notes Epic Games! This is how you compete – not with predatory exclusivity deals, but actually making a better, more user-friendly product.

  24. The funny thing: I've been joking for two years about the fact that with so many dumb stores opening, a metastore might be the next big thing. And CDPR is doing it now.

  25. Just don't become the thing you are supposedly fighting against when you go big, else this was pointless. I am enjoying GoG as it is, but will check this out definitely.

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