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  1. Ele Trump fica inventando coisas. Mas uma calúnia. Que ele expõe .Eu não sou político. Quem deu Gop no congresso. Ele mesmo .Ele votou na Fraud. Nas Eleições passada .

  2. The GOPer who is suddenly against assault weapons would not be so if he had not had family threatened in that situation. It is only when the GOP politicians are personally affected will things change. What does that say about them?

  3. I understand that American's right to bear arms was enshrined in the Constitution but it was not to protect them from each other but to protect themselves from the Government. I am sure in 1791 they could defend themselves against Goverment using a shotgun or whatever. I don't think that even the most modern assault rifle would present any problem to a Government with access to a stockpile of F16s, M1 Abrams Tanks and of course, hydrogen bombs.
    It is time to rethink policy and consider if a) Guns should be allowed at all and b) if so, (and therefore they would have to be for personal protection – unless they are for sporting purposes in which case that is wholly different and would need consideration elsewhere) that small pistols of limited capacity and which could not be legally altered would only be issued to people of proven decent character and the license for which such people would have to reapply for every 5 years.

    To even talk about people owning Assault Rifles seems crazy to me.

  4. He didn't do it because he had to pray at 2 in the morning. It was because he realized his constituents were sick of praying.

  5. Am i the only one who noticed that the conspiracy trolls/sandy hook truth/false flag lunatics seem to have disappeared…..perhaps they finally realised that using something that happens as often as a common cold as a false flag is kind of pointless!

  6. Oh, a NRA lobbyists lost his job! I guess that means we will be hearing about his new job in the Trump administration 😣smh

  7. We talk about the body count and injured count but the toll goes far beyond the immediate impact. The scars last forever. So instead of 9 dead 26 injured we really have 100’s of ppl permanently affected. Now times that by every mass shooting. The cost to America is exponentially exploding.

  8. All these republican groups are scams. All these preachers teaching inhumanity make me want to vomit. They don't even teach the bible anymore, they teach political views that have nothing to do with the bible. This country is so lost. Jesus was an immigrant and if he came today, they'd yell to send him back. What a scam.

  9. Bullets, bombs and missiles are smoke coming from the gun called greed. Poetry, pianos and paint brushes are smoke coming from the gun called love.

    The current cornerstone of American life is ignorance (absence of love) aka. "greed". This is the worst cornerstone imaginable. This cornerstone needs to be removed and replaced with truth (love). So that this loveless, lifeless matrix filled with misery, murder and mass shootings can morph into a living, breathing social organism filled with joy and beauty…creating joy and beauty. And this polluted pig pen can return to being paradise. Like love (god) intended for it to be in the first place.

  10. Why don't you people report on how the banks are steeling money from us the same way you report on taking our rights away?

  11. What does it take? Somebody showing up at one of these ridiculous NRA “conferences” with a machine gun and mowing them down while yelling “Thank God for Trump! He’s gonna pay my legal bills!”? If nothing ever happened after Sandy Hook…then it’s hopeless. Way to go Moscow Mitch…

  12. Most of these “hunters” love killing an animal that has no idea that the game is on… Some even shoot eagles! Some…not all. Just sayin’

  13. Thank you, Representative Turner. I hope you can get more Republican Congress people to support increased gun control laws.

  14. No, they deserve no credit for doing the most minor thing against an endless indiscriminate slaughter. In the civilised world, we have gun control. Gun massacres are vanishingly rare. The American self-genocide will continue at a rate of more than one a day until you get over this ideological obsession. The damned amendment doesn't even apply to gun fetishisation: it says 'bear arms' and talks about a 'well-regulated militia'. That could actually mean state owned weapons, it gives no protection for ownership. And 'regulated militia' means organisation, discipline, responsibility: not any chump who gets hot and bothered by the idea of guns being able to buy one and slaughter people as soon as he feels threatened/impotent/like Trump wants him to.

  15. Huh. Well, here's hoping that family members of all the GOP senators are a street away for the next mass shootings which WILL happen again any moment now.

  16. The public doesn't have a platform to threaten on then these people would not have been encouraged. There is absolutely no reason for Facebook to exist Twitter is a racial forming platform and YouTube forces you not to see the articles you are looking for another forced agenda. The human mind and body are not made to sit and stare at electronics without exerting physical energy that allows the body to digest food and create proper chemicals for the mind!!! these situations are completely obvious but you are not willing to do anything about it.

  17. To all the hunters & gun owners what animal in the United States do you hunt that you need 100 round clips GTFOHWTBS

  18. Gun laws like New Zealand and Australia have would probably drastically curtail mass shootings, but, that would mean banning all semiautomatic weapons. US gun owners won't want that.

  19. I'm here in Texas. I've got to go to the grocery store today to buy 10 lbs. of potatoes for recipes my daughter is going to cook this week. I'm 69, and I fear going to the store and have feared to go to the stores for some time now due to open carry gun laws Republicans have passed in this state. Your a target if you leave your house these days. Trump, the GOP, and the NRA  are constricting my rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Your ruining my old age. Your making yourselves the enemy. You are America's worst #1 enemy. You've made it to the top of that list.

  20. Ok all the people that are more stupid than trump will vote for their kind ,
    The rest of America will do the right thing

  21. If Moscow Mitch had been shot by a semi-automatic weapon on the shoulder instead of breaking it by falling, he would have put gun control legislation on the floor already! ((🐢)) 🔫

  22. – – of course !! – it just HAS to Happen to him and his family friends FIRST until he takes it seriously enough !! – So MANY people are like this in our government !! – – They sit there and do NOTHING ….ALL THESE YEARS OF THIS !! – – Now it;s affecting them and THEIR LIVES….- NOW they care !….Sick….this is part of our "America". – – so disgusting !! – – We all KNEW it would have to come to this !….some selfish jerks family and friends needed to be hurt or killed before they even WANT to do anything about getting rid of guns and making BETTER – more EFFECTIVE gun laws !! !! – – America the Beautiful.

  23. Democrats are the ones who said human life had no value with their 60,000,000 homicides of children by abortion since 1973. Now they expect us to believe that they value human life. They are very accomplished actors, but not really very convincing.

  24. Even now is it too late? Ban the sale of assault weapons now but how many are already out there? What are they going to do go door to door and take them away?? Like to see that one! Too little too late!!!!


  26. Time travel to remove all libtrash from the population in 1969 would have made the USA 2019 a better place. ##kentstate

  27. Unfortunately gun makers, dealers, etc… are seeing record sales whenever talk about restrictions are mentioned like this.

  28. Until it happens to them, the GOP have no empathy. They don't care about the good of the people, they only care about themselves. Disgusting! In fact they should ban all guns for the GOOD of the people!

  29. Sorry Mr Repub but neither your ban nor background checks would ve stopped either shooter.Just another caving, spineless Republican who can t stand the heat.And no the socialist won't love you in the morning.

  30. So his daughter life was in jeopardy & he is choosing family safety over party unity . They will do nothing but thoughts & prayers again , human lif has no value to conservatives over the second amendment .

  31. Amazing that news-commentary pundits and gun-control politicians are so uninformed about guns, current gun laws, and present Federal background check requirements. All three of the most recent mass-shooters purchased their rifles through FFL licensed dealers, and thus went through a Federal background check. None of the three shooters had criminal backgrounds (usually the case with mass shooters in America). Thus, expanding background checks to cover all gun transfers even among family members is not a viable solution to mass shooters. See the recent Washington Post article referenced below:

  32. The "Assault Rifle" Ban of 1994-2004 did nothing to stop gun violence according to the Federal Department of Justice. Their conclusion was: 'A Department of Justice-funded evaluation of the Federal Assault Weapons law that barred the sale of assault weapons from 1994 to 2004 concluded: “Should it [assault weapons ban] be renewed, the ban’s effects on gun violence are likely to be small at best and perhaps too small for reliable measurement”'. That was why Congress allowed the law to expire. See reference below from the recent article in the Washington Times:

  33. US history suggests while politicians talk about change, it will never get beyond talk. We never see any action from US politicians. In the recent New Zealand shooting, the government voted almost unanimously to ban military-style semi-automatic weapons. Following the Port Arthur Massacre in Australia, in 1996, sweeping gun reform laws were passed within 1 month of the shooting. In both of these cases, it only took one mass shooting, to bring action. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

  34. Hhmmmm, R Congressman endorses assault weapon ban. Hmm, head scratcher. Congressman Turner, what does that mean about the integrity of your original position? Then, since it seems to not have been well considered, what does this mean about the integrity of your newly found position? Why don't you first state clearly that your original position was based on getting NRA support and the support of such as its members. That it was shallow and egocentric, and not based on what was best for the nation.
    The Republicans are the party of assault, like Donnie Deutsche says, Assault weapons, assault on non-white people, assault and insult on anyone in their way. The Democratic party is the party that wants to protect and defend the people and the nation.

  35. 8:50 Joe talks about having grown up in the south with NRA members and their kids who were hunters or even had a 12gauge in the home for family protection. Hey, guess what, I grew up in rural CA, my gramps and cousins were all hunters and fisherman, joined the NRA for the hunter safety courses, back in those days. None of them would dream of needing an assault rifle for any purpose. That's what the NRA used to be, before it got taken over by these Rambo wannabes and by the big gun lobby.

  36. There already is a ban on military assault weapons that fire multiple rounds. Democrats are so ignorant and uneducated.

  37. Number of massacres shootings in 2018 USA 323 in Iran only one, number of people died in USA 393 in Iran 18, number of people injured in USA 1485 in Iran zero. I am begging please someone tell me which one is the bad guy.

  38. what in the name of lord is wrong with you all in america! seriously! I come over there at least 4 times a year, forget that, the USA is now the most scariest place to visit, I will rather visit Africa!

  39. This is probably the only way the Trump GOP sycophants will sit up and take notice and then DO something . One of their OWN is involved personally with running from an assault weapon in public.

    If his daughter were not running from the shooting at 2 am and calling her dad — would he have backed the assault weapon ban? Probably not. Trump and Russian claws are in too deep.

  40. This whole discussion is stupid and pointless until we eliminate corporate/PAC money from the pockets of representatives. Democrats, Repubicans…it doesn't matter. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO ACCEPTS CORPORATE/PAC MONEY! They represent the money!!! WAKE UP!!!!

  41. Along with getting stricter laws on guns maybe they should make it extremely hard to purchase bullets. Guns are powerless without bullets!

  42. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what this deplorable dickwad’s voting position was on the issue prior to this happening to his daughter?

  43. What do you Americans expect to happen when you allow anyone including mental and racist people to have guns designed for War. You get War at home !

  44. Finally somebody’s Republican family was at risk by the NRA, and they woke up that they are not safe either.

    This is the key to eliminate white nationalist because they are a danger to themselves.

    Again, although I really really hate Donald trump, he is serving a Purpose of bring all criminals out into the Light.

    Evil attracts Evil and We saw that in the Charlottesville’s Nazi parade of the hateful young white boys who hate America the most.

    I’m hoping they spend millions millions of more dollars, for Nothing in return.

    That will put the NRA officials back into a deep poverty mode, where those lobbyists will become homeless and poor when the laws are pasted against them.

    And Hopefully – once that money dries up, they will be scuffling like everybody else just to make ends meet.

    Karma Karma Karma, I love how it works…

  45. Everyone who owns a gun, and believes in common sense background checks, red-flag laws, and assault weapon bans should take their gun go to the nearest mall parking lot, and fire a full clip into the air.

    If every American heard the sound of shots being fired in their neighborhood mall and felt the terror that comes from that now, the pressure to pass these laws would be immediately overwhelming.

  46. Yeah, people tend not to take action until something hits home. Never mind other folks' safety – family comes first.

  47. The donkey Trump must be charged in the International Court in The Hague with violations of human rights and of murder.

  48. This is very typical Conservative behavior. It's called being an egotistical hypocrite when you only care about something AFTER it directly affects you.

  49. Many times throughout history governments have implemented a gun registry, followed by a gun ban, confiscation, then genocide. Universal background checks create a de facto registry which is a key component on this path to genocide. Banning the most effective weapons for self defense are also a big step toward genocide. Do not forget the millions who have died at the hands of tyrants while you accuse your very leaders of being nazis.

  50. Thought policing and 2nd amendment …Although assault weapons have no place in communities…the direction must be debated…Frightening …

  51. You guys are all big wooses! I bet none of you have ever been shot at or seen a shooting. Well I have when I was 10 and when I was 15. Never made me cry and demand gun control. The only way to stop these shootings is for everyone to carry a gun. Only bad guys want the people to be unarmed because it makes their lives easier. The criminals are truly grateful that you taking away peoples means of protecting themselves and voting to let dangerous criminals walk the streets instead of prison. All these mass shooters were democrats. You can not vote away a right. You don't like guns go move to Mexico or venuezela. They are a democracy and banned guns already. See how you like it. There will be war if you all try to take our freedom and 2nd amendment.

  52. That's what I despise about the Republican Party they're not working for the people they only work for themselves and what belongs to them

  53. Criteria for a good assault rifle: economy and ease of mass production, simplicity, easy maintenance, easily field-stripped without tools, rugged, unaffected by mud, dust, freezing, high rate of fire, high ammunition capacity, reliability. None of this applies to a deer rifle or target rifle. No hunter or marksman is dragging his rifle through the mud and banging it against rocks. No hunter field-strips his weapon in the field for repairs or maintenance. You get one shot at a deer, rarely two. The best target rifles are single shot bolt actions. Even elephant guns carry two or three rounds fully loaded. Why would anyone need an assault weapon?

  54. Only when it effects him, he'll change laws you guys should open your eyes on your politicians, I would never live in the U.S.

  55. That's what it takes for a Repugnican to change his stance on gun control. Believe this. If someone opened fire at Barron Trump's school every assault weapon would be confiscated within days. At least there is a way to change a Repugnican's mind. All the children that dies at Sandy Hook didn't change their mind nor the 17 who died at Parkland. It has to be in their back yard for them to finally realize they have to do something about it. I love that a lot of the Parkland students when that atrocity happened will be able to vote in 2020. Sure, they're not enough to actually change the election but think of all the then student across the USA that can now vote. In mass they can change the election results.

  56. Why do people believe banning assault weapons will have that much effect in lowering homicides? I researched various statistics on firearm related deaths in America and assault weapons account for less than 1% of all homicides by firearms. People forget that handguns are involved with over 85 % of all firearm related homicides. What I discovered over ten years ago was this.
    1. Two-thirds of all firearm related deaths in America are actually suicides and the choice of weapon usually is a handgun.
    2. Of the firearm related homicides ( suicides not included in this) assault weapons account for less than 1 %.
    3. There are more handgun related deaths everyday than the number of people killed in both the El Paso and Dayton shootings yet for some reason politicians are presenting the elimination of assault weapons as the solution.

  57. Listening to these people – Completely IGNORANT about firearms.  It is fair to say that EVERYTHING they spew is a LIE!  I guess the few people that watch MSNBC have heard it so much, they think its true.  The sheep of the world…

  58. Deer hunting?  Um Joe – the authors of the 2nd amendment didn't just come home from a hunting trip but from liberating a country!

  59. Also any one who has been emotionaly effected should not be allowed to endorse anything because they are thinkinf emotionaly not logicaly

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