GOP Stands by Kavanaugh Despite Sexual Assault Allegations: A Closer Look

-Republicans are making clear that they have no interest
in hearing the truth about Supreme Court nominee
Brett Kavanaugh. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] As the President faced
a growing crisis over the sexual-assault
allegations against his
Supreme Court nominee, he flew to North Carolina to survey damage
from Hurricane Florence. And as usual,
he was super weird about it. At one point,
according to reporters… [ Laughter ] Oh, my God, I swear Trump could
see a guy jump off a building and think,
“Oh, cool — free shoes.” [ Laughter ] And in case you think
Trump was just kidding, he later told reporters… [ Laughter ] Ah, yes.
Who could forget the famous Supreme Court case
of Finders v. Keepers. [ Laughter ] This is the guy… [ Cheers and applause ] That right there is the guy
who gets to pick our next Supreme Court Justice, a man who thinks that,
legally speaking, if a boat shows up on your lawn,
you get to keep it. [ Laughter ] And yet it’s very much the case
that Republicans are hoping Trump will be able
to reshape the Supreme Court for a generation by rushing to
get his nominee Brett Kavanaugh confirmed despite the credible sexual-assault allegations
against him. Republicans have been engaged
in a 40-year project to install a conservative
majority on the court, and Kavanaugh’s nomination
was supposed to be the crowning achievement
in that project. And Trump was very proud
of his choice, although he mainly
seemed concerned with whether Kavanaugh
looked the part. -Hopefully, everything goes
very well with Judge Kavanaugh. He’s central casting. You know, 10 years ago, they said, “He’ll be
a Supreme Court judge.” Justice Kavanaugh
is doing great. Looks like —
I don’t know, very tough. Central casting. -I don’t know. If he really
came from central casting, they wouldn’t make him
a Supreme Court Justice. They’d make him
the manager on “Superstore.” [ Laughter ] And if you think Kavanaugh
would never lie, here he is in his first remarks
as a Supreme Court nominee in order to shamelessly
suck up to Trump. -Mr. President, thank you. Throughout this process,
I’ve witnessed firsthand your appreciation for the vital
role of the American judiciary. No president
has ever consulted more widely or talked with more people
for from more backgrounds to seek input about
a Supreme Court nomination. -There is absolutely no way
that is true. [ Laughter ] He might as well have said, “No president has ever
looked better in a white Polo.” [ Laughter and applause ] But Kavanaugh —
Kavanaugh was willing to lie to please his boss because he’s
been a loyal partisan Republican for most of his career, someone conservatives know
they’ll be able to depend on to implement their agenda. Trump himself even claimed he’d
heard Kavanaugh’s name mentioned as a possible Supreme Court
Justice for years. -He’s an outstanding intellect. He’s an outstanding judge. He was born for the position. I heard as long as 10 years ago
people were saying he should be
a Supreme Court judge. I didn’t know him at the time, but I was hearing
from a lot of people, friends of mine from Washington
and other places, saying that Brett Kavanaugh should be
a Supreme Court judge someday. -No. [ Laughter ] You did not hear people saying
Brett Kavanaugh should be a Supreme Court
Justice 10 years ago. 10 years ago,
you were yelling at Gary Busey for stealing
Meat Loaf’s art supplies. [ Laughter and applause ] Kavanaugh’s nomination
was the culmination of a decades-long ideological
project to reshape the Court, and Republicans
are making it clear that they want to see
that project through, even if it means
ignoring a credible allegation of sexual assault. Trump was asked
about the allegations against Kavanaugh made
by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Trump said he wanted
the process to play out while making clear
he was firmly behind Kavanaugh. -We are looking to get this done
as quickly as possible. He is a truly
outstanding person, as you know. He is an incredible man. He’s an incredible intellect. He will make an incredible
Supreme Court Justice, but we feel that we want
to go through a process. We want to hear both sides. He can handle himself
better than anybody. He’s a very outstanding man. Thank you.
Thank you. -Oh, I’m totally supportive.
Yes, I’m very supportive. -You can’t say you want
a fair and open process but also that
you’re supportive of one side. He’s like a ref
at the Super Bowl saying, “Let’s have a good, clean game so we can get that handsome
Tom Brady another trophy.” [ Laughter ] The White House is trying
to have it both ways. They’re trying to insulate Trump
from the political fallout if Kavanaugh’s nomination
blows up while also standing firmly behind their
Supreme Court nominee. In fact, on Monday,
Kavanaugh was at the White House for nine hours of meetings, but White House staff made sure
to keep Trump away from him. -Inside the White House,
they were hunkered down, closely monitoring everything, but keeping the judge away from
meeting with President Trump, who was nearby
in the Oval Office, meeting with officials, as well.
-Why? -They don’t meet, Chris,
based on my reporting, because they want
to protect the President. -So, Kavanaugh
was in the building all day, and they had to keep Trump
away from him. That means that, for nine hours, it was someone’s job
inside the White House to keep Trump distracted. “Okay, guys,
gonna be a long day. Get me three remote controls,
an issue of “Juggs” magazine, and a cheeseburger on a string. [ Laughter ] “Damn you, cheeseburger.” [ Cheers and applause ] “The cheeseburger
won’t stand still.” [ Applause ] The Republicans’ gambit here
is to make it seem like they want a fair
and open process, but in reality, they want it
to look like a he said, she said so they can just ignore it
and move on. They won’t even
interview witnesses or let the FBI investigate. They made it clear
that they either don’t believe Ford’s story
or don’t care. In fact, GOP Senators
are already insisting that Ford must have
gotten her story wrong or that she might be doing this
for political purposes. -If Ms. Ford really did not
want to come forward, never intended to come forward,
never planned to come forward, why did she pay
for a polygraph in August, and why did she
hire a lawyer in August if she never intended
to do what she’s doing? -Senator Cornyn
this morning saying that there are gaps in her story,
appear to be gaps in her story. -Do you think that this,
in any way, is going
to derail his nomination? -No. He’s a straight-shooting,
honest guy. I think when people
listen to him, they’ll know — they’ll know
that he’s all right. -And do you think that any of
these claims are legitimate? -No, I don’t.
I think — I think this woman,
whoever she is, is mixed up. -I love these old-ass Senators claiming other people
are mixed up. Just to give you
some perspective, here’s that same Senator,
Orrin Hatch, asking Mark Zuckerberg
a question about Facebook at a hearing earlier this year. -How do you sustain
a business model in which users
don’t pay for your service? [ Laughter ] -Senator, we run ads. -I see. [ Laughter ] -“Okay, okay. But how do you get all the faces
inside the book?” [ Laughter ] “And where do you
print this book? Can I get the book
at Barnes & Noble? How many pages is the book?” [ Laughter ] “How much does the book cost? Is the book available on Kindle? And a follow-up question —
what’s a Kindle?” [ Laughter ] Republicans are making it
as clear as possible they don’t actually
have an interest in hearing the truth
of what happened. They’re rushing to get a man
accused of sexual assault on the Supreme Court
because it’s the culmination of a 40-year project to solidify their conservative majority
for a generation. If you’re looking for villains, these guys
are straight out of… -Central casting. -This has been
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ]

100 thoughts on “GOP Stands by Kavanaugh Despite Sexual Assault Allegations: A Closer Look

  1. The FBI needs permission from the president to perform an investigation? How does that work when it's the president who needs investigating? Congress? Yeah, right. The house? Please! Secret Service? Okay! This country is going down the shitter and the GOP has their hands on the handle.

  2. Let's not forget that Trumputin is not only a sexual predator, who is under accusations from 15 women right now, he. is also the presidunce who has not disguised incestuous thoughts about his daughter. Kavanaugh looks like a fucking saint compared to that snake in the WH. The toothless Senate vipers who get to decide make the USA look completely idiotic.


  4. and Democraps are standing by Booker on his viscous sexual assault w/police reports,Ellisons contacts with Muslim Brotherhood,meeting,and traitorous statements against Patriots,nothing to see here,MAGA

  5. ALL: This whole situation of ducking and dodging is not only appalling, it appears to have become far too hideously common for members of the GOP, Republicans,Conservatives, etc. Now, on national and international stages, we observe how the GOP are using the old, slight of hands technique—quickly cover all genuine points lest the truth makes more sense, overlook and suppress anything that looks like truth and call it fake and false, make fun of the people who are victims of abuse and of these politicians' egregious conducts. Sadly, there is seemingly a host of naive GOP/Republican folks out there who assume that just because they dictate moral values, this will protect them if and when they themselves are dishonest. Personally, I see what the Republicans in this particular instance are doing appears to be: 1.They are saying to victims of any and all kinds of sexual abuse, sexual violence, and domestic violence, etc that their voices don't count and that they should keep their mouths shut. 2. They are suggesting that victims of sexual violence are inclined to lie, mis-remember, stretch the truth. 3. They also seem to be reinforcing the value of the rich, powerful, elites over average citizens. 4. They appear to be placing value on 'life and pro-life' concepts without placing value on the actual lives of people. 5. Lastly, whether they want to acknowledge it or not, they are placing more importance on the policies they support be it tax cuts, corporate welfare, the removal of regulations, etc than citizens as humans. My question is: If the allegations against Kavanaugh are false, WHY hasn't he requested a FBI investigation, a lie detector test, or a more thorough process of review?

  6. Now I know she's lying. I bet old Seth has not mentioned the slam dunk Keith Ellison case has he? I wonder why. It could never be the fact that democrat politicians view sexual assault the same way they view racism, poverty, etc, etc. Just something else they can exploit in their quest for power and wealth. An investigation of Kavanaugh to be sure, as long s she agrees to an investigation of her. Wonder how that sit.

  7. He is supported by Trump a notorious sexual preditor, what's his problem? He will join Clarence Thomas on the court. Women including my daughter's and grand daughter's can look forward to justice at their hands. We need to accept the fact we have lost control of this nation to big money who have controlled it by donations to purchaseable candidates who have no appreciation of the damage they do in their pursuit of power to agrandise their egos. Severe term limits would help solve this problem as well as strict limits on campaign donations. Congress needs to be controlled and the only way to do that is term limits.

  8. Listen to 2:27 to 3:04 Kavanaugh is not lying to suck up to Trump. He's tooting his own horn, claiming to be the choice Trump made after the widest, deepest search ever for a nominee. Hell, Trump was given a list of names from The Federalist Society and he picked one.

  9. Haha, anyone see what the orange chimp was doing while Kavanaugh was thanking it? It was looking around at the people watching, going like "did you all hear what he said? He's praising me, yeah, I did that, look at what he's saying. I did all of this all by myself! Dad's–err Kavanaugh's going to give me an ice-cream after this, since I'm a good boy–err, good little man." He's like an elementary school student, nay, a kindergartner who's being told in front of the class that he did a good job with his macaroni pictures.

  10. Seth: "The famous Supreme Court Case of Finders v. Keepers"
    Me: Oh, you mean civil asset forfeiture?

    Oh, you were joking? lolno.

  11. Mark Zuckerberg always looks like an animatronic version of himself. Old-ass white Republicans may be villains straight out Central Casting, but Zuckerberg is straight out of the Uncanny Valley.

  12. Consider: 1. Kavanaugh is the MOST UNPOPULAR nominee for SCOTUS since polling began. 2. 65% of Americans side with Dr. Blasey-Ford. The GOP doesn't care, except the midterms are coming.
    3. She has already suffered a lifetime of anguish and her decisión whether to walk into an ambush and defy those who would abuse her even more is a difficult and very personal one. Either way, she has shown she is a brave and honorable woman.
    4.The Democrats should step up and support her. If she does decide to testify — which now seems likely — in that hostile environment, they should fill the hearing room with Democratic women members of the House and Senate, celebrities and other survivors of sexual assalt. Organize demonstrations. Let the GOP know just how vulnerable they are — even with their voter suppression and gerrymandering.
    5. The DNC — or whatever PAC they want — should IMMEDIATELY, openly and publicly commission and pay for an independent investigation then publish those findings. That should be done no matter what the outcome of the vote on his nomination. Perhaps those Senators sitting on the fence would think twice about voting in favor if they knew an independent investigation was being carried out. They know she has a very strong case. Kavanaugh? Not.
    5. Again, another very personal decisión, but I would love to see her file attempted rape charges in Mayland — especially if Kavanaugh is confirmed. There is absolutely NO legal reason a sitting member of the Supreme Court can't be prosecuted for a felony. That independent investigation I mentioned would go a long way toward moving that forward and lessening the pain for Dr. Blasey-Ford.

    Grassley, Hatch, McConnell, Graham and the rest should burn in what ever hell they believe in. There should be an even hotter hell for the GOP women who — if not cheerleading are turning a blind eye — salivating to find the excuse to ratify his nomination.

  13. I know a rape victim. She hasn't come forward in 18 years. I know who did it. It was a gangbanger and high rank. There were also suburban idiots there sayin "I'M NEXT" while she was passed out. I ran away.

  14. Trump selected Kavanaugh because kavanaugh is in favor of expanding the power of the president and opposes investigating the president and not inditing a sitting president. Can u say self serving

  15. Typical.. Republicans create problems and dems clean house… The list…
    Impeach trump impeach kavanaugh protect the environment protect consumers. 2019 will be a busy year.

  16. love you Seth but the finders v. keepers joke doesnt work. finders/keepers are the same group, losers/weepers would be the other. LOL Just sayin. I cant address the more serious aspects of this video bc it makes me sick. Love you lots Seth!

  17. The GOP is full of perverts and closet homosexuals. It doesn't surprise me that the support another woman gropper or rapist. Look at who is running the country. SMH

  18. I am sure that the 11 senators do want to sit as jury and never been sexually assaulted by anyone. The only fair way that these women will get a fair judgment is the FBI. And for Kavanaugh not remembering 30 years he is lying, I’m 82 years old this year and I don’t have any problem remembering when I went to kindergarten who is my first girlfriend who I like so much in kindergarten when I was going home one day she bumped into me in traffic I remember. And that was 77 years ago, and her name was Linda.

  19. Like most black women, her mind was an irrevocably poisoned piece of garbage and she subsequently became a throwaway woman who ultimately threw herself away as opposed to being thrown away by others exactly as has long been the fate of modern black women who invariably don't have any respect for other people.

    People inevitably cry for what they don't have and black women never get through crying for respect because they ultimately don't have respect at all, not to mention respect for other people.

    As a matter of fact, single moms is where the culture of blasphemy, total disrespect, drug addiction, mass-incarceration and suicidal depression ultimately came from and the broader and more deeply entrenched the culture of single mothers has become likewise has the culture of total dysfunction and suicidal depression become exponentially broader and more deeply entrenched in the black community!

  20. Bill Clinton has many rape accusations. What about him? Do Americans care about the many women he victimized and Hillary helped him cover up? Google it if you don't believe me.


    FLASH: Hillary sells American Uranium to Russia with Obama's consent.

    Flash Trump is colluding??? ROFLMAO

  22. All of the morons on this page who actually believe this story are going to be eating crow very soon. You'd have to be an imbecile to fail to see through this transparent story and set up.

  23. Actually International Maritime Law is, and has been forever, that any craft "abandoned or shipwrecked" becomes the full property of the first person to set foot on the deck that claims it.
    Do not tell T rump – he must be sad about losing his super yacht in all those bankruptcies, and he may run out to claim the biggest boats he sees.

  24. Seriously… the boat comment… WAS A JOKE. I think Trumps terrible, but making a big deal out of an OBVIOUS joke just makes you look desperate.

  25. Damnit. I really don’t understand why these people are in power if they are just going to abuse the damn system. How is this happening?

  26. I don't care what they say, either Trump's father was such a drunk that Trump was born perma-drunk or Trump has to actually drink. No one is that stupid sober!

  27. Bet you all apologize for Islam who commits the worst atrocities to women and children # Walk Away from the demonrat party of the kkk sheep

  28. Seth are you scared now that the child sex trafficking is being exposed? they said hollyweirdos and high profile politicians are involved! right Allison Mack from smallville wake up sheep!

  29. Hey North Carolina how does your presidents response to your dire crisis feel I hope that's what you had in mind when you voted for him

  30. Kavanaugh dodging FBI involvement. Temperament problems, anger issues. Imagining this guy drunk would scare the heck out of most women.

  31. you creeps lost the election for a reason, and u will lose again. u r out of touch with the real america. the one that VOTES.

  32. After watching both Ford's and Kavanaugh's hearings, it seemed like the opposite.

    Ford was pretty calm and answered all the question clearly, giving republicans little to work with to criticise her claim (not saying it was intentional, her account was just that solid).

    When Kavanaugh came up, he immediately attacked the court for believing he did the crime, was almost always accusatory with them, and kept telling everyone he wanted the FBI to be involved in the case… until Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois gave Kavanaugh a chance to tell the director of the FBI to postpone his confirmation hearing tomorrow and have the FBI get involved in this case. Then he backed down and kept silent until the senate moved on.

    It's going to be a shame they're going to confirm him to the supreme court Friday morning… Unless a lot of people call their senators before that and tell them not to confirm Kavanaugh before the hearing started…

  33. Sexual assault is sexual assault.

    Whether perpetuated by a Catholic priest, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, your neighbor, your uncle, your Mamas’s boyfriend — it IS sexual assault.

    That act of violence could be have happened 10, 20, 30 years ago when you were a clueless and innocent child — but you will remember IT. It is hard to evaluate what is happening to you then because IT was new and so confusing and scary.

    YES, talking from experience.

  34. Every President has always been one-sided on their Supreme Court Nominee – This has been going on since the days of FDR

  35. Meanwhile Matt Damon makes an appearance from Harvey Wienstine exile to mock rape… SNL, keeping it real

    You guys are stupid

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