GoPro HERO 8 vs DJI Osmo Action!

what’s up guys Ben here from authentech
and this is my comparison test of the new GoPro Hero 8 black versus the DJI
Osmo action recording at 4k 30 stabilization on both boost with the
GoPro and that Rocksteady on the hostile action so which one looks a little bit
smoother in stabilization in this little walking test now if I go for a little
bit of a jog which one is taking out more out those wobbles
they both are looking pretty smooth and stable emits a lot of camera shake now I
always like to look at the background horizon to analyze stability and the
Osmo might have a little bit more wavering but honestly both look really
good I went to cover pricing real quick this sets the context for features and
benefits the GoPro 8 is $400 the Osmo action is about 70 bucks cheaper or
around 330 dollars USD and this is a quick audio test on the GoPro Hero 8
black and this is audio on the DJI Osmo action now it’s pretty windy down here
at the lake which one is sounding better now it’s pretty windy down here at the
lake which one is sounding better let’s live authentic let’s live
authentic I was surprised with this one the wind reduction on the Osmo sounded
much better while the GoPro sounded louder but the wind noise was a bit too
much looking up at all the tiny little leaves and details they both look pretty
great in terms of sharpness and clarity they each are using such tiny sensors so
we can see a bit of over sharpening on each of them when we digitally zoom in
but when zoomed out they both look nice and pretty similar when comparing colors
and contrast I’d say the Osmo looks flatter all around a little bit washed
out in the highlights the GoPro is producing darker blacks and shadows and
the colors are just much more vibrant and saturated right on a camera in the
default color settings the GoPro looks much warmer as well now this one
definitely comes down to personal preference some people might like a very
flat image so they can easily edit and color great while others this is where I
kind of place myself right now don’t have much time for editing colors
and posts I sort of like the punchy colors in
contrast right on a camera no editing needed the only downside to this well
look at my skin tones the GoPros making me look orange way more than real life
and the Osmo is making me straight-up pale which I promise isn’t true to life
either and this is 4k 60 on both cameras now we can still turn on that rock
steady on the Oz Moe action so it might look a little bit more stable than the
GoPros eight because only max it out to that hyper smooth 2.0 but no boost can
turn on at 4k 60 if that’s not confusing enough so basically which one is looking
more stable here while walking down at the lake and which one is stable while
doing a little bit of a jog this was interesting as well I like how the Osmo
allows us Rocksteady at 4k 60 it’s looking smooth the GoPro can’t turn on
boosts but it can still turn on normal stabilization and still produces a semi
smooth usable shot it’s just not as steady as the Osmo you guys tell me
what’s your favorite settings when using an action cameras at 4k sixty or thirty
1080p linear or ultra wide field of view this was intriguing I slowed down the
60fps half speed and just look at the compression and quality differences when
looking up at the tree I like the GoPro image much better here but with the new GoPro eight we can turn
on stabilization look I appreciate this stabilization on the GoPro here in
slow-mo and we can clearly see the differences when viewing on both in real
time and while slow down now comparing quality I’d say they both look pretty
similar both cameras can shoot hyperlapse
basically stabilized moving time-lapse and I like the quality and resolution
better on the GoPro even though they both are exported at 4k here the
stabilization also looks a lot better on the GoPro and lastly that new GoPro 8
has an auto speed mode which basically auto speed ramps up or down and I like
this mode and as you can see I pause from time to time on my trip or on the
lake and the GoPros slowing down the footage so we can watch the ducks and
swans at a slower pace but then it Auto ramps back up when scooting around the
lake at faster motion now the Osmo doesn’t have this feature yet instead
it’s stuck at a constant rate of speed not a bad thing in certain scenarios but
the auto mode on the GoPro is sort of fun to play with Before we jump into
some HDR photo comparisons let’s cover a few product design differences first as
I touched in my brutally honest review the GoPro 8 has removed the ability to
replace your lens protector while the Osmo action has a lens cap that can
easily be replaced for about 15 bucks this might be a big deal breaker for
some of you especially if you’re pretty rough and tough on your action cams for
others this might not be a big deal at all just keep it all in mind second
major design difference in my opinion the GoPro II still has this small
outdated screen with these thick bezels whereas an Osmo not only has a larger
sharper display but it actually has a two displays a second front screen
perfect for framing up your selfie shots I’m still a little bummed we can’t turn
on both of these screens on the Oz mo at the same time but maybe we’ll see this
in a future model or update GoPro will be releasing an $80 flip up screen stay
tuned as I’ll be testing that out as soon as it releases but for an extra 80
bucks for something that the Osmo already has built in and it’s kind of
fun and quick a battery comparison far from scientific but after shooting for
about an hour down at the lake the GoPro was around 38% battery life
the Osmo almost the same about 39 as for battery size while the gopro has 1220
million powers the Osmo is slightly larger at 1,300 not sure if i’d actually
declare one a clear winner over I sort of wish they both had longer
better battery life both cameras are waterproof without a case which is nice
the GoPro has this new sort of cheap plastic Sheldon I miss the old
rubberized grip that the old GoPros had the Osmo feels a little bit more hefty
and solid in hand both of them have custom shooting modes and the layout on
each of them will come down to personal preference
I think the Osmo feels a little snappier and responsive but I do like the custom
on-screen shortcuts that the new GoPro 8 has added I’d love to see Osmo add
something like this DJI has honestly fixed a lot of bugs since first launch
and it’s great to see some healthy competition in this actioncam market now
for a few photo tests I had the GoPro shooting in its new super photo mode
which has improved HDR and less ghosting blur which I like the Osmo was in
standard photo mode unfortunately it does not yet have HDR photos foot only
bracketed my preferences here go back and forth like in a few selfie shots the
GoPros a little too contrasts see on my face too orange and saturated skin tones
but the Osmo looks much nicer and pleasant and true to life in other shots
though the GoPro punch and dynamic range looks much nicer than the Osmo which can
easily blow out those highlights doing a little pixel peeping the GoPro might
look a bit sharper as well but there’s a lot of noise here up in the sky when
zooming into the tree they both look nice overall with again the GoPro coming
out just a little bit more crispy for non HDR the Osmo surprisingly does
pretty well in a few low-light shots they both look pretty garbled and mushy
remember these tiny sensors rarely look good in low lighting conditions and
while I was here I shot a quick 4k 30 low-light video test and again pretty
mushy and grainy on both the GoPro still has that higher saturation and the
dynamic range is a little bit better on the GoPro looking at those blown out
highlight areas the GoPro is clearly hardcore processing noise reduction just
look at the leather chairs it looks soft on the GoPro side whereas in the Osmo
maintains more of that leather texture and colors so with all of this in mind
keeping price point in context which one do you think
is the better Buy I’d say a lot of it comes down to what you’re gonna be using
the camera for for some people the dual screens replaceable lens cover cheaper
price tag on the DJI Osmo action might be the smarter buy for others the GoPro
it has some fun new shooting modes like night lapse video horizon lock HEV see
straight-up punch you’re on a camera there’s lots I wasn’t able to cover and
how do these compare to some 360 cameras maybe these are the better buy well stay
tuned for those videos coming soon let me know all your questions in the
comments and all product links will be down below thank you so much guys and
until next time let’s live event

100 thoughts on “GoPro HERO 8 vs DJI Osmo Action!

  1. Dji Osmo Action killed Gopro hero 7, but you're still comparing to hero 8. Wait for the new dji osmo model.I'm sure dji osmo will kill hero 8 in all respects

  2. I had two hero 7's but lost one on Saturday off roading on my bike in some mud. I spent about 2 hours digging around but couldn't find it. I needed another camera for sunday so bought the osmo because it was $130 cheaper than the hero 7. I have to say I think im going to switch brands now, the osmo has a lot of little software and hardware advantages. If they keep the removable lens for their next camera I will defiantly stick with DJI. The hero 8 not having a removable lens is a big yikes from me.

  3. Your reviews are stellar, thank you! Can I ask tho, were you comparing the "GoPro" color profile or the "Flat" color profile to the Osmo? Thanks again!

  4. I thought osmo had quick mode selections as well? I've heard that osmo action was a lot quicker switching video modes than hero8

  5. I see a sun flare spot on most the GoPro shots, but you never discuss this. I couldn’t find any comments questioning it either…? Can anyone explain if this is a concern or add some explanation why it’s not discussed? It would be a deal breaker for me… Much appreciated

  6. GoPro always has bad audio in the wind! I’m upgrading to the Hero 8 because of the media mod, which should allow me to plug in an external mic with a dead cat

  7. The DJI wins it for me. Even if they were the same price, especially when i read the comments about the GoPro's freezing. If this is their first entry into the action cam market to compete with Gopro, it will be exciting to see what comes next! Thanks for the comparison video 🙂

  8. I bought the Hero8 today and will be taking it back tomorrow to switch out for the DJI Action. GoPro support is severely lacking and they stated that the 8 doesn't support file transfer to any PC's with lower than an i7 processor (which is insane). There's also no way to charge while recording without exposing the entire battery bay and no way to replace the lens from damage. Picking up the Osmo Action today and looking forward to supporting someone that has the potential to finally take down GoPro.

  9. Great videos, congratulations! they helped me a lot in choosing an action camera. The Gopro 7 black is very good, but the 8 is even more so. DJI OSMO can't get close to Gopr.

  10. Ben, what would be your recommendation to be mounted on a ATV or Mountain bike where you have a lot of shaking?

  11. Donno bro, they has both pluses and minuses. You are too brighter on gopro and with osmo you had pale skin. But as i know both of this can be fixed with brightness settings. As about sound – osmo have great wink resistant and that is very cool if you don’t want to make sound for videos that you film one more time again. But for me main advantage is front lens. I broke some and repair cost too high for me. If you say that osmo lens cost 15$ and it’s easier to swap in and out. If i wanna swap gopro lens how much it will cost?

  12. I read on forums that gopro has problems with videos freezes while you recording in 4k for a long time. Do you have such problem while using it? Both cameras are good, but osmo has better sound filter and as for me stabilization is better on it.

  13. Brilliant review – useful and to the point. Tell me please one thing, do you met with blur problem on it while you recording in dark place at home? Because i had such problem with previous gopro and it ruined a lot of my parties.

  14. For me it's obvious that the GoPro Hero 8 is times better in every example. Everything is clearley better: picture quality, detail, stabilization and sound.

  15. The Osmo footage look so white compared to 8. Fixable after editing but still….but it’s only like 270 now with the new pricing. Front screen really get me…Probably Osmo Action for me.

  16. can you send me that as a gift this coming Christmas,,🙏 I really like vloging but I don't have any vloging cam like that, that's my favorite vloging cam. But I can't afford 😭

  17. Go-Pro sucks

    They have pathetic sales and customer and does very bad business practices. For that, what ever the video quality is i give thumbs down to that company and its camera!!

  18. Ich habe GoPro 7 Hero Black gehabt und Verkauft!
    Hat Super Aufnahmen gemacht aber ein Problem war immer da!
    An heißen Sommertagen kann man keine Aufnahmen machen während Autofahrt !
    Sobald Gehäuse Heiß 🥵 wurde schaltete GoPro ab !
    Bis Gehäuse wider gekühlt war konnte man keine Aufnahmen machen.

  19. WOW. Incredible video, Ben. I appreciated this so much. You've done a phenomenal job on this comparison. I ended up choosing the GoPro Hero 8.

  20. In camera dji OSMO wins I think go pro have AMOLED screen so screen shows shape colour than natural colour, but dji have ips screen show it show not sharp

  21. You can add filters onto the Osmo Action to reduce reflections/increase contrast. Just Google "Polar Pro DJI Osmo Action Cinema Series".

  22. Maybe I missed it in the video, but when DJI released the action cam, it had some lag in the screen with physical movement. Have they fixed this?

  23. OSMO better video because it's less contrast and less saturation-so better to color grade in post to give it more pleasant look.

  24. The Colour quality on the Gopro definitely looks much better, however, I was not expecting the DJI to out run the Gopro on the image stabilisation front given that it is better than the Sony age old competitors. It is a tough choice but after all I think it has all to do with the affordability of the buyer. For a cheaper price tag you are going for some pretty washed up colours. But with the additional premium for the Gopro, I would still debate if it is worth it. Worth checking out the Virb 30. Age old device!

  25. ❎ A mi en lo personal la interfaz de Gopro no se me hace tan intuitiva, tiene cosas que a veces no sabemos donde se encuentran, es un poco confusa. Además tiene opciones que podrían simplificarse, como la opción de elegir entre timewarp-video-foto… debería ser con un solo clic, no tener que deslizar el dedo para elegirlas, así también otras opciones que hay que deslizar, se supone que los programadores hacen todo lo más sencillo posible. Así que programadores de gopro si quieren consejos hay me avisan.

  26. Hey! I just filmed my latest vlog using the DJI Osmo Action. If you want a real life example of how it can be used, check it out 🤙🏾 10/10 would recommend!

  27. Go Pro Hero 8 has a flip screen but you have to pay an additional $60 and it's on top of the camera making your eyes looking at a weird angle

  28. I will go for osmo because of two+one things-
    1- clear sounds with less wind noise.
    2- Two displays.
    3- 70 doller cheaper then go pro(bonus).

  29. Gopro USER with new Osmo action
    Camera is so cool,love pic quality.Only found 2 negative facts on osmo action:
    -Quick control and quick mode change on osmo action is more complicated than gopro.
    -Burst mode sucks, only 7 fps

  30. DJI OSMO ACTION $274

    1.) Pgytech cage for Osmo Action $20
    2.) CYNOVA mic adapter for Osmo action $20
    3.) Rode Videomicro $53

    TOTAL PRICE………. $367

    That is anentire DJI Osmo Action vlogging setup for $2 less than than just buying a GoPro Hero 8 Black on it’s own.

  31. it pains me to say this, because I am a dji fan, but the gopro looks much better overall and definitely worth the 70 extra bucks.

  32. go pro is like apple.. charges a lot of extra that should have been already integrated from the beginning. Look at the cost of all accessories. If I could afford to upgrade my Sony As100 I'd go for a x3000 but in this case, DJI will be my next purchase.

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