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[Music playing] This video will show you how to use Streamer,
a mapping tool by USGS. Streamer allows you to view and trace streams
and rivers in the United States. However, it does not have every stream. For more detailed information about streams,
you may try the Hydrography Viewer by the National Map. When using Streamer, please be aware that
many features will only appear once you have zoomed in. We can choose to either zoom in or search
for a particular location. Once we have zoomed in, we see more detail. You can see here that the background is a
Terrain Base Map, which allows you to view the topography of the region. You can change the background to satellite
imagery by clicking on Map Contents and changing the base map to imagery. At the top of the map are buttons. Trace Downstream, Trace Upstream, Clear Map,
Trace Report, Print Map, Identify, and Help. If you are delineating a watershed, you will
want to use the Trace Upstream option. This will highlight the tributaries that flow
into the stream or river you have selected. The triangle symbols represent USGS stream
gages. If we go to Map Contents, we can choose real-time
streamflow. Orange colors mean that the streamflow is
lower than normal. Blue colors are above the normal flow. As you can see here, the symbols are green
– which means that the streamflow is normal. We can click the identify button to find out
more information about a particular feature. I can select a stream gage. Stream Gage
08167800 Guadalupe Rv at Sattler, TX And can find more data regarding this stream
gage from USGS’s National Water Information System. It will give me daily, monthly, and annual
statistics for that particular stream gauge. Another way to find this information is to
go to the Detailed Trace Report. You can click on the stream gage number, and,
again, it will take you to the National Water Information System. If you have questions about this resource,
please contact Government Information at the Alkek Library.

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