GRAND MAGISTRIX ELISANDE – Normal/Heroic Nighthold Raid Guide

31 thoughts on “GRAND MAGISTRIX ELISANDE – Normal/Heroic Nighthold Raid Guide

  1. really well made guide. I like the parts where you paused and circled what you're talking about just in case we miss it. I'm dumb, I need someone to hold my hand. haha

  2. Thanks a lot for putting out the guides so fast, I got my entire guild to watch it, so thank you for getting us 9/10 hc this week.!

  3. Amazing guide! I was wondering if you could link the WA's you use for this boss? Particularly for Conflexive Burst. That WeakAura is really nice.

  4. You are the best I swear, fatboss takes too long with his awful jokes and shit, you explain everything clearly in much less time <3

  5. I do not believe the past abilities carry over on Normal because I remember never getting the rings on phase 2 of her.

  6. I have a question , Do the time warp orbs affect Elisande ? Like, as a tank should i keep her in the slow time one or it doesn't matter?

  7. just discovered you. i hope i get the chance to use what you said in nighthold. people dont wait for me to load in fully so i end up missing the fights.

  8. You forgot to mention something very major. On HC some abilities echo to other phases and also the rings work quite different.

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