Grand Open: NCT 127 1st Tour ‘NEO CITY – The Origin’ PHOTO EXHIBITION

This came out well Johnny JH: Do you remember this? TY: Woah, that’s interesting. This one is the best one. YT: This is crazy. It’s crazy that all this happened in just one month. Oh wait, it hasn’t even been a month. It seems like so long ago. MK: The memories are suddenly coming back. As you can see, I took this with soap bubbles. This is truly really just art itself. This was when we jumped rope and did the *frisbee motions* We were preparing for that. JH: GMA (x2) JW: This came out really well. JN: Ah what are you saying~ HC: LA Dodgers! TY: Right here are the NEO CITY: The Origin pictures that I really like. TY: Look here, this was in New Jersey TY: When in New Jersey. JN: Jaehyun, this is it. JN: This is it. MK: No, Jaehyun hyung, this is it. TY: Wah, as you guys can see, when we were trainees TY: This was our office We would write *something, unintelligible* secretly order more food, heavily eat well… TY: Jungwoo came out really well! TY: He came out really well. MK: Okay, honestly, this came out really well! JH: One hand on the belt! YT: When Superhuman first came out in the United States, that amount of suspense and excitement was unparalleled! There were so many things going on. so many people we were meeting and so many events happening. This was such a memorable experience. JH: Okay but honestly, after everything, it’s hard to remember each individual one, right? But seeing this makes me remember what we did then and almost makes me relive these moments. MK: drunk in these memoriess JNY?: Right. Wow, even for us, looking back on this… it feels like we’re looking back on our global tour JN: I came out well! MK: Fifth Avenue MK: New York station. tyong and doyoung being cute 🙂 1, 2, 3! There I gooo MK: Woahhh SOMEBODY: EhH hEYYyy JW: Zeus! TL: Neo City stamp. MK: Show me what you got! YT: If there’s something you like YT: Tell me or Jaehyun anytime. JH: Yes, call us please. AhhHhHHhh! Johnny you thot 🙂 YT: If many Japanese fans come visit YT: You can see our new charms. YT: I hope everyone has a great time while viewing the pictures. JH: You can see everything and we prepared it all only for our czennies~ JH: So be sure to come see. TY: Welcome! DY: Welcome hyung-nim! HC: I don’t have time to greet you. HC: The photo exhibition will open tomorrow HC: But there’s so many problems right now. (Snap)

100 thoughts on “Grand Open: NCT 127 1st Tour ‘NEO CITY – The Origin’ PHOTO EXHIBITION

  1. jaehyun, you're so handsome with purple hair. ah, no, you still look good with any hair😌😍💚

  2. NCT 1:27

    Okay so im doing this thing where i'll comment 127 as a timestamp on their videos, and then see what happens

  3. Seeing this one also reminds me, how big and far they've come since debuted till now. LET'S ONLY WALK ON FLOWER PATH NCT!!

  4. this video proves that johnny would be the type of father to take lots of pictures of his child and embarrass them in front of their friends

    Jungwoo has colourful hair
    Doyoung has Blue hair
    Yuta has red hair
    Jaehyun has purple hair
    Taeyong has blonde and a bit of purple

  6. Guys if u dont mind me asking i thought Ten was in one of the groups??? Ik he and Taeyong did a duet together of "Baby Don't Stop" which says there from NCT sry i just started to stan them weeks ago and need to learn more :3 okay and thank you🙏

  7. Wait who do the nct daily subtitles I got shook when the called Johnny a thot 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. aksja turn on the English subtitles and pay attention at 3:28 when Johnny lifts his shirt up. You won't regret it.

  9. I always knew it, but today I can say it out loud, I love johnnys sense of humour, but this was even to extra for him!

  10. 3:29 the subtitle johnny you 'thot you know this is from there own channel please tell me who wrote these

  11. 2:58 awh poorrr Mooonn :(( His marker wasn't working properly so he had to retrace his autograph again ! uwuu babyyy

  12. 1:28 Mark being jaeyong's child by showing off his parents photo T___T and how they (the members) react to the pic too :"v

  13. Johnny Suh is literally that one type of friend that will take epic photos of you secretly, then he'll post it on social media during your birthdays.

  14. Johnny is Paparazzi, a suitable job to spread rumors. He has to get a good side for money 😁😁😁😁

  15. Wahhhhh Yuta and Jaehyun moment, love so much YuJae ship 😍😘

    My love hot and handsome Nakamoto Yuta 😘😘 love you so much Yuta 😍😘

  16. 3:28 Whoever community subbing this is so brave like us marines for calling johnny thot in official acc 😂😂😂

  17. i really want to show this video to literally everyone i know to show them and prove them that nct consists of crackheads

  18. can we talk about Haechan acting as the CEO and bossing everyone around and for Mark half of the time the subordinates aren't even listening and they are just having some drama between themselves lol cough Jungwoo and Yuta cough

  19. 6:03 taeyong being caught by haechan and his facial expressions changes immediately is so funny to me HAHAHAH and the bow he does right after

  20. haechan: a literal natural, born to boss people around like the rich CEO son his is, inspires fear, betrayal, and admiration in the hearts of employees

    mark: ayo, I'm in charge guys 😆😉 ey that picture's kinda crooked 😂🥰

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