Grand Toit Art Museum – Shimane – グラントワ

The Shimane Arts Center is a nationally prominent facility and the largest in Shimane. Because of its unique design, the Shimane Arts Center received the nickname of “Grand Toit”, or “large roof” in French. Indeed the Grand Toit Art Museum is entirely covered by Shimane famous Sekishu tiles that inherit the traditions and culture of the Iwami area. The characteristic red hue of these tiles shines on the stores and houses that line the street. They are a symbol of this area’s development. Featuring many special exhibitions all year long the gallery of the Iwami Grand Toit Art Museum is definitely something to check out. The unique Theater section of the Iwami Grand Toit Art Museum will take your breath away due to its magnificent design. This video was made in Cooperation with the Shimane Prefecture Tourism Promotion Division. Learn more about Shimane at

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