Grant Park and Cyclorama, Stop 12, The Battle of Atlanta: History and Remembrance

We’re at the Cyclorama in Atlanta’s Grant Park a stop on the Battle of Atlanta tour. The Cyclorama painting depicts the Battle of Atlanta at approximately 4:30 in the afternoon, when Major General John A. Logan’s Union counter-offensive against the Confederates holding the Troup Hurt House succeeds in displacing the Confederates and forcing them back behind Atlanta’s walled fortifications. The painting was done in the 1880s by a group of German and Polish artists working in a Milwaukee studio. They had visited Atlanta and sketched out the topography that existed and got advice about the history of the battle from Theodore Davis, the Harper’s Weekly correspondent who had travelled with Sherman and was with him at his temporary headquarters during the battle. The painting is historically accurate and is a very important adjunct to seeing the sights on the Battle of Atlanta tour.

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