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Hoi! Today I’ve got four comics and graphic novels to discuss. I’ve got a whole series where I talk about graphic novels and reviews sort of like four or five at a time. if you haven’t seen those yet – links in the description. This is “Dan and Sam”, which was sent to me by Pan Macmillan, the publishers and this was one that I’d actually never heard of before it is a story of Dan and Sam, they are a couple that own a cool, underground restaurant in London they just have a really happy life together, until one night Sam has an accident and dies. Obviously Dan is devastated. Then on the first Halloween following her death, he goes to visit her grave and she is there, and they have one amazing day together. And from then on, every year he gets to spend one day with her. Meanwhile, he’s trying to deal with the restaurant, and the staff, and his life, and he goes to therapy, that’s the sort of general set-up of it. Most of the pages are in black and white. Except for the bits where he is with Sam. The set-up of this was really sweet, i quite enjoyed all the different characters, But I have to say that this is, from the get-go, not really the kind of story that I’m particularly interested in reading. There’s one narrator, I think he’s a restaurant reviewer, and he goes to his restaurant all the time and he kind of talks you through a lot of the story. Especially towards the end that would drag a little bit – so I think if this is something that sounds really appealing to you, give it a go, I quite liked he drawing style, but it’s not really my kind of thing. The next is “Take it as a Compliment”, which you might have seen in a recent book haul I did This is the MA project of Maria Stoian who is from Scotland. And this is basically a collection of stories people have shared about a time that they have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted There are 20 different stories They vary in how severe they are some of them are long, some of them are short some of them have whole written pages of words, some have no words at all I absolutely loved the drawing style, which differed from story to story and I really loved the colours as well. Each story had their own colour scheme. And while I did – I don’t want to say “enjoy it” – cause that seems like the wrong word, I thought it was a very interesting read, it was very beautiful, it made me think a lot but i do feel like, probably because the writing was taken directly from people’s statements, as far as I can tell the writing could have maybe done with a little more work Cause i feel like for a lot of the stories the final sentence would be a little bit jarring in a way, it didn’t feel like it was the last sentence – – you’d turn the page and sort of be surprised. So that was the only thing i wasn’t too crazy about, but other than that this is, I think, a really good graphic novel. Then I have “Killing and Dying” by Adrian Tomine, which looks like this It actually has a plastic flap right here, there we go This is a collection of six different stories Some of the titles of the stories are “A Brief History of the Artform known as Hortisculpture” – “Go Owls”, “Killing and Dying”, “Intruders”. Some of these were black and white, a lot of them had really muted colours, it’s quite nice paper as well. And i think what I liked most about this was that it felt like ordinary stories with a bit of an extraordinary twist, sort of just randomly taken from people’s lives. Some of them didn’t have a huge set-up or a huge ending, they’re just snippets. I feel like this is a graphic novel and a genre that I haven’t really read before. The one that was probably my favourite is about a girl who discovers that she looks really, really similar to a porn star and about how that affects her life, and at some point she also runs into this girl. The story actually starts with this pink page and a white page that says “Amber Sweet”, and then this says “Amber Sweet” but written in a mirror image. I think that one could also probably could make a good birthday present for the right person And then finally there’s a comic that I picked up, i have to admit, purely for the cover because it looked freaking awesome And it was, fortunately! It is “Paper Girls Number 1” This story is about four girls who have, like, a paper round but it also incorporates some sci-fi, just to give you an example of what it looks like. The pace is really good, the drawings are fantastic, The characters are all really different – I just really, really liked it. It obviously ends on a bit of a cliffhanger so I am going to pick up the second issue as well. Those are some of the graphic novels and comics I’ve read recently I hope you enjoyed this, i’ll put links to all of them in the description, and I’ll talk to you guys later! Doei!

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  1. I love your reviews and videos. Its always a joy! (also every time someone ask me if i have birthday/christmas wish list i just send them a link you one of your videos since i trust your taste in books and it never let me down) and i cant believe the first comment i ever leave you will include this question, but your style is great and i was wondering were you got that shirt from?

  2. Yay! More graphic novels to add to my to-read list! I did a similar video to this recently, talking about graphic novels I have recently read:

  3. Ahhh I love your graphic novel reviews!! So far I've bought at least one of the books from every one of these videos (and loved them). Very interested in Take it as a Compliment and Killing and Dying… I'll have to treat myself soon!

  4. Some really interesting different stories and narratives here, I'm really intrigued! btw, I'm the girl who came over to ask you about your department yesterday, so HELLO AGAIN, haha. I really would like to read more graphic novels but I'm intimidated by how BIG most of them seem to be. I like to read mostly on the train so I like books that are as small and portable as possible (and hey, I love my ereader for that reason too). I don't know, there's a specialness to a small paperback to me. I like them best. More tiny graphic novels for tiny little mushrooms like me!

  5. I would totatlly reccomend getting the second papers girls! i only have the first two but i'm really enjoying it and can't wait to get my hands on the third and fourth one.

  6. 'Take It As A Compliment' looks really good – it looks like a really interesting way to cover the topic. Plus the layout and artwork seem amazing. Will definitely look into reading it 🙂

  7. killing and dying 's cover is pretty awesome i want to buy just to look at it but after buying the shatter me series cuz of its cover and reading the first book which was disappointing im not gonna buy anything because it has pretty cover ever again

  8. Killing and Dying was so good! Paper Girls has been great so far and I can't wait to see where Vaughan takes the story. Chiang is amazing on art and have loved his work since he did Wonder Woman.

  9. Sanne can you do some sort of a day in my life kinda video? I was wondering how you could possibly read a lot while juggling full time work also at the same time. Thanks & have a good day 😉

  10. Yay! Someone else knows Paper Girls! It so good, I particularly like the artwork especially the beginning sequence. You might want to pick up issues #3,#4 and #5 if you though #1 was a cliffhanger 😉

  11. Awesome graphic novels. I really enjoyed Paper Girls as well! Your top is gorgeous too, really suits you! 🙂 x

  12. I really want to get into more graphic novels! Take It As A Compliment is highest on my list at the moment and I just recently got Nimona, which I'm really excited about! Paper Girls sounds really cool too!

  13. Last month I have received 3 different comics and it was so weird because I don´t usually read that kind of illustrated novels

  14. Sanne! How can I best get in touch with you for business-y stuff? The American Book Center (where I work) wants to do a booktube-inspired window display in the meivakantie and we'd like you to be one of our featured booktubers.

  15. It's so pleasant to here her soft voice describe books, I love these videos because as a boy I read Batman -> Watchmen etc. (even if she does read ones like KickAss) and here she suggests graphic novels I have never heard about. DEFINITELY LOOK INTO MAUS

  16. Ever read the Outlander series? It can be a little difficult to get into but is so so so worth it once you do. I recommend maybe watching the tv show to get a grasp on the storyline/characters etc before tackling the books x

  17. Het Sanne, have you read Alan Moore's masterpiece From Hell yet? It's regarded by many as one of the best graphic novels of all time, it's a highly atmospheric tale about Jack The Ripper, but it's also a metaphore for our times.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Great Video! I love paper girls so much; It has great potential. I can imagine it becoming a TV show like stranger things.

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