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Gris is quite literally a work of art come
to life. Like Journey, Inside and Abzu before it, it’s
a video game that reinforces the idea that games are indeed art. Where Journey and Abzu’s adventures took
you on more whimsical experiences, Gris offers a beautiful experience, one encapsulated in
a deep sense of isolation. As the Spanish developers Nomada Studio’s
first game, they’ve certainly set the bar high. Our story begins with Gris, this young beautiful
girl filled with life and color. With her magical voice, Gris fills her reality
with astonishing views. However, it all quickly falls apart for her,
quite literally leaving her in a world of Gris, the Spanish word for gray. Broken and shattered, Gris must journey through
this sorrow as she tries to overcome the feeling of pain and loss that’s surrounding her. That sorrow is manifested in her long dress
that weighs here down at first but as the story progresses, it becomes a vital asset
to her. It’ll begin to earn new abilities that reveal
new paths for her, shining a new light on her world and offering a new perspective on
reality. What you get out of the story is surely going
to be subjective as it can be interpreted in a handful of different ways. For me, it was a journey of overcoming a heavy
loss and despite being in a bad place, being able to see the joy of the world around you,
even in the darkest of times. Enamored by the art and charm of the world,
I got lost on this adventure that I’m so happy I got to be a part of. If I could describe Gris gameplay I would
describe it as working on a painting. At the start of her journey, Gris is dropped
into this colorless world with just the ability to walk. Even then she stumbles a few times with the
heavy feeling of loss setting in. It doesn’t keep her or you down though. As you continue the story running through
a series of platforming sequences, you’ll come across these orbs of light. Scavenging to the tallest structures or hidden
away in the lands crevices, these orbs are used to solve these pretty straightforward
puzzles that create new paths for you to explore. As you make your way through these paths,
your dress of sorrow earns new abilities that help you traverse the ever-changing world. For example, early on you earn the ability
to make your dress heavier, letting you break through the cracks in the floor to explore
new areas. That then becomes a factor later on where
have to use the heavier weight to hold yourself down in front of obstacles. That tends to be a lot of Gris’ gameplay,
using your abilities to solve puzzles and find the rest of the light orbs. I don’t want to go to deep into details
as the campaign can last just about 3 hours and I don’t want to give away every ability
in it. I’ll just say each one provide a new look
at the world that somehow managed to keep me surprised every time. It’s not challenging by any means but solving
the puzzles each one offered was therapeutic in a sense. It’s gameplay that really anyone can pick
up and finish in a single sitting like the other artful games that helped inspire Gris. Like those games before it, it’s not about
the challenge or the mind-boggling puzzles, but rather the feelings that you experience. In that same essence, Gris manages to live
up to their ranks of making me feel isolated, melancholy and joy all in the same game. Now aside from the main objectives of collecting
the light orbs and new powers, there are optional challenges in the world that you can seek
out. While they may not always be apparent at first,
those that wander throughout the world with curiosity are rewarded with a longer play
time. You can even go back post game to complete
these challenges loading up previous chapters of the story. Where do I even begin with this, Gris is marvelous. It’s a picture that speaks louder than words. Right at the start of the adventure, you’re
floored by the stunning art on display that feels like the pages of a sketchbook are coming
to life. The vibrant watercolors immerse you in what
feels like a warm hug but slowly falls apart as the world inside the game does as well. It perfectly conveys all the feelings Gris
herself is going through. Hope, despair, loss, and solitude. It’s a heartwarming and crushing opening
to the game that perfectly describes what this adventure is going to be like. As you explore the world and find your light,
the color will begin to return to the world, in part showing you the wonder of what was
lost before. It’s an experience that never got old. With every new color added back to the world,
my jaw dropped to see what it could bring on for the setting at hand. I played both on the Nintendo Switch and PC
and while both platforms worked perfectly, I preferred playing on PC for this one. While the bite-size length of the game is
perfect for Switch’s portability, I found myself wanting to play this on a big screen
tv with a nice pair of headphones for the full experience. The full experience includes the music because
it is heart pounding. I found myself constantly being taken back
when new colors would be introduced to the world. While the visuals themselves were gorgeous,
the music that played behind these moments really got to me. The strings and pianos sent shivers down my
spine and I think that’s also thanks to how selective the game is with music. A lot of the game doesn’t have music behind
it, instead, you’ll just hear the ambient noise of the wind and nature in the background. When the music does come up though, it leaves
a mark on the moment playing and its elevated because of it. Gris will no doubt be remembered for its unique
and breathtaking art style but its music deserves as much praise. En última instancia, Gris es un juego que apunta a tocar tu corazón con sentimientos de soledad y desesperación, a la vez que te muestra la luz de la esperanza Ultimately Gris is a game that aims to touch
your heart with feelings of solitude and despair while also showing you the light at the end
of the tunnel. Su simplicidad acompañada por su hermoso arte hace que sea accesible para casi cualquier persona, al mismo tiempo que cautiva a quienes la juegan. Its simplicity accompanied with its beautiful
art makes it approachable to just about anyone while also easily captivating those that play
it. Ahora estoy escuchando mi música triste en spotify, tratando de cotrolar estos emociones. Now I’m just listening to my sad boy playlist
on Spotify trying to cope with these feelings. I give Gris a 10/10.

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  1. I knew I was going to get this out of respect for the art alone, but knowing it’s a complete package of beauty and emotion, I am going to throw as much money at this as I can! Just Like I do with any Supergiant or Behemoth game 😅

  2. I just came here to provide an extensive critique on your Spanish. Just kidding, I took 3 years in school and foreign language was my worst subject by far. Great review, downloading the game today!!

  3. Yess. This was an amazing review and hearing you speak in Spanish for it at the end was awesome. I’m still recovering from journey this year so I’m not sure I’m ready haha

  4. Awesome review. Downloading this now. This reminds me alot of Child of Light which in ust finished. Will there be ever a physical release?

  5. La gramática de tu español es muy buena. Tienes un poco de acento gringo al hablarlo pero hey!! I've it too when I'm speaking in english. Excellent review as always. Keep the hard work. Saludos desde México ^^

  6. I just finished this game…'s a soul shuddering experience. I loved it, and would have played a game of this caliber at a longer length. What it gave me, was….ethereal.

  7. Your reviews are close to perfect. The ONLY issue I see is the numbered part. I wish more critics stopped giving out arbitrary digits and just let the review speak for itself.

  8. Hi man, nice review! I am having difficulty choosing between Switch or PC. Because Gris has such beautiful hand-drawn art, I am afraid that Switch's 720p screen will look less pretty than on PC. Will Switch output 1080p if on dock mode?

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