GTA San Andreas – Final Mission & Ending – End Of The Line

Final mission of GTA San Andreas Hey, Sweet! Wassup? It’s time for Smoke. Alright let’s roll. Johnson brothers fixin’ to take that fat fool down! You sure he’s in East Los Santos? Yeah, right on the edge of Los Flores – some old apartments and a warehouse. He as good as dead then! I can’t believe you bought that same bucket ass car man! Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So this is it, huh? Johnson boys sorting shit out. Yeah. Nervous? Yeah. Me too, me too. Look, I know you down for this, but I gotta go in there alone. What? Smoke played me, Tenpenny played me. They played us all. Yeah, but you’re right. I was a buster when my family needed me the most. Hey, I let Brian die, man. This one for him for Moms and for you bro. For Grove Street baby! Yeah, for the Grove baby! Hey, if you need me, you know I’ll be. Fo Sho – You’ve always been there for me, man. Hey, Smoke! Hey, CJ, I was wondering when you’d show up. How’d you know it was me? Knew it was my old dog CJ. Knew you was coming and I don’t give a shit! I’m here to take care of your fat ass, then I’m gonna take care of your friends at the police department. Where they at? Man, fuck this shit! Man, that’s some good shit! Man, you and Tenpenny… Fuck Tenpenny and fuck his Polish lap dog. And fuck the police man! All that’s old shit! Look at you, you got the whole world, I ain’t got no regrets, man. Smoke you had… Big Smoke: I made it CJ. I’m a success. I CAN’T BE TOUCHED! I don’t give a fuck. Fuck the whole world. What happened to you, man? Man, what the fuck do you care? Ah, I guess we better do this shit then! You wearing body armor, Smoke? Man, I’m disappointed in you, I thought you was gangsta! Hey! I’m a motherfucking celebrity! All kinds of crazy cats out there wanna a piece of me! Somebody save the Smoke! Shoot him, help me! Hey, Smoke what made you flip out like that, man? Was it the drugs or what? I got caught up in the money, the power,… I don’t give a shit. Oh, fuck man,… Why you just didn’t quit, man? We was like family homie. I had no choice. I had to do it. I just see the opportunity Oh, when I’m gone, everyone gonna remember my name, Big Smoke… Oh, damn man… What a waste… Carl Johnson, my man. I need you to do me another favor. You killed Pulaski, now this fat fuck? There’s no stopping you. Drop the gun. You ain’t leaving here alive, man. Where’s your brother at, huh? Why you just didn’t shoot me in the back? Feeling exposed, huh? Shut your dumb ass up and load the bag. Come on, let’s go, I ain’t got time to fuck with you. So what it’s like Tenpenny, huh? All alone? Nobody got you back? Must suck, huh? Why you think I’m alone? I got a couple rookies outside, but I gotta open their eyes slowly, you know? Little truth here, little truth there… A’ight, fuck it, that’s enough. Chuck it over, I got a firetruck to catch. You crazy, man. You lost. You gone. Half the city is looking for cops to kill, Carl. And I ain’t bout to get dragged out of a patrol car to get beaten to death by some angry mob. No, no. Not tonight. What you catching, a plane? Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Good answer, Carl! You know, you’re gonna thank me one day, for opening your fucking eyes. Oh, I almost forgot Carl! Time to die. Ah, Sweet! What, mother… It ain’t over Carl, it ain’t over! Carl, you motherfucking piece of shit, gang-banging cocksucker! Tenpenny, you motherfucking piece of shit, I ain’t letting you get away with all you’ve done! Sweet, no! Hang on, Sweet! I’ma piss on your corpse Tenpenny, I ain’t losing this fool! OH SHIT! CJ, do something! Just keep hanging on bro! Oh, man, that was a close call. I ain’t letting this bastard go! GOTCHA! Take the wheel, it’s payback time! Motherfucker, take that pig bastard down! Those firetrucks are indestructible, we ain’t gonna dent it! Watch our six! Cops on our tail! Vagos rioters coming up! This city’s gone nuts! I’ll keep up with Tenpenny, don’t you worry! Concentrate on keeping all of these other lunatics off our backs, CJ! Rioters on the bridge up ahead! They’re dropping shit from that bridge! Look out CJ! Watch our six! Some rioters after us on bikes! Look out CJ! Crazy bikers on a rampage! I’m on Tenpenny he ain’t getting away! Cops on our tail! Cops up ahead! Where did all these assholes come from? CJ: DOWN IN FLAMES! DOWN IN FLAMES! Sweet: THAT’S MY DOG! It’s over, Tenpenny, OVER, I’ma stop you motherfucker! Sweet: He’s losing control! CJ: We got the motherfucker! Come on assholes! I take you all! You’re mine! MINE! I run this town… HEY! Over here! Hey! Officer down, come on! Hey! Assholes… You never understood what i did… Fifty of me, and this town would be OK… I took the trash out, I did… And I’d do it, all again… Don’t. Don’t do it, man, he’s gone. I just want to be sure it’s over, man, that’s all. It’s cool, don’t need to put a bullet in him. He killed himself in a traffic accident. No one to blame. Let’s roll. I mean, far out, man. You know, I mean, you beat the system. I tried for thirty years to cross over but you’ve managed it. I mean, man, you’re an icon, man! Ah, thanks, man! I’m just glad it’s finally over. Wassup with Smoke? You know what’s up with Smoke. He always saw things a little different than us. Smoke? Smoke was on always his own, always out for self. That is the surest path to hell, man. Well, that or fifteen microdots and an ounce of mescaline. Let’s go get something to eat. Sounds good to me. See you around, officer. Hey, now that everything is cool, we gotta stay on top of our game. Keep everything in check, What’s up… We got problems in Venturas, problems in San Fierro. Shit’s never ending. For sure. I mean, the Families is back on their feet. But we gotta keep shit tight cuz a lot people got their eyes on us. Whoah Whoah Whoah I come in peace, with Mr Dogg here who has an annoucement. Mine, I mean, our, first, gold, RECORD! And I’ve decided to get breast implants. Oh, shut up will ya? Anyway, what’s next? We should hit the casinos, roll some dice with Woozie. Nah, we gotta take care of shit here first. We going on tour, fam! Has anyone got a tissue? My nose is… it just won’t stop running… Anybody? Yeah, I have, over there! I’ll pass. Carl, where you off to now? Fittin’ to hit the block, see what’s happening.

100 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas – Final Mission & Ending – End Of The Line

  1. "When I'm gone everybody gonna remember my name, Big Smoke!"

    Little did we know that 12 years later that would be one of the biggest memes

    /The meme began gaining popularity in 2016

  2. Officer Tenpenny: Fifty of me, and this town would be okay.
    Me: Fifty of you, and that town would be destroyed.

  3. Isn't the fire truck part a seperate mission? As in after you escape the crackhouse and follow the firetruck that has the dude hanging from the ladder.

  4. 10:13 i was playing some kind of half life and then someone demotes me by no reason, my reaction was that

  5. I'm surprised Danny Dyer is the voice of paul this was made in 2004 and he made a movie too called the football factory in 2004 how did he managed to do it all

  6. Do you remember that old times when you were playing GTA games for the first time? Doing missions until the point that you've felt the game is coming to an end, and some serious shit is going to happen? GTA has the best final missions ever, and End Of The Line is my favourite.

  7. People saying that this game never dies but it actually did but worry not, it gets reincarnated into another world.

  8. Big fat ass smoke: I will have 2 number 9s and a number 9 large a number 6 with extra DIP a number 7 and 2 number 45s one with CHEESE and a large soda.🍔🍔🍔🍗🍔🧀. 🥤

    CJ: I'm here to take care of you fat ass

    Big fat ass smoke: I'm a cheese Burger!🍔

    CJ: what?

    Tenpenny: (shotgun) bamm!

    Game:wasted……………and fooled

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