Guide to The SSE Arena, Wembley for Kpop fans

[inaudible] I was like a moon in
the corner Hello Wembley [inaudible] it. Hello. Welcome to TTK Hey guys, we are having the first ever exclusive
look for any YouTuber of the SSE arena. Wembley, it, a look around the venue
to give you guys an idea as lpop fans, what to expect when you get here. We’re also going to see the
bits that we didn’t know about, some of the stuff that goes on
that maybe you’d be interested in. If you’re new here, please
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if you’ve been to the SSE arena, Wembley for K-pop show and how much
you enjoyed it and who you saw. Yeah. And on that note, let’s begin the tour guys. We are inside the SSE arena now
and uh, it’s empty. This is quiet. Um, which is a really bizarre feeling.
But we’re in the main entrance, um, where you come in. If you’re a guest and where you queue
outside and this is where the merchandise literally is empty, it’s
quiet. It feels like, you know when you’re going into a
church and middle of the day like that, except this is like a musical.
This is like a church of music. So this is where you would come in
for merchandise to paint a picture, here’s the entrance. You walk in past the columns
and here’s the merchandise area, which for blackpink, uh, for monsta X and also obviously for GOT7
or I assume will have much in there. Um, and it’s always very busy. As you
enter, you have the north Concourse, I’m going to say Concourse.
And then on the other side, obviously you have the South SSE arena. Wembley is into of South side.
Uh, I’m up to level 11 level. It’s really easy to work out as well. It is one of my favourite
venues just because you know, where you’re going when you get here. Um, but it’s also handy to look at the map
on the website just in case you get lost carry on walking and the merch. And that’s where you get will
be official merch and toilets. and the bar if you want to get food and
snacks one here that’s glowing green. I’ve got nachos there was it nachos
I got? Wherever it was, I loved it. [inaudible] so upstairs, which I didn’t know about
until today, is the empire bar and grill, which is as you can see, empty
currently video cam falls for shows. It’s directly above sort
of where you come in. And this is where square
of fame down there. And did you call it the Square of
tame?That’s the name of the square. Is it called the square
of fame? Yeah. [inaudible] square of fame. [inaudible] so we’re now going to the South side
and we’re going to show you around, both sides are identical minus the bars
being a little different either side. But this is where all the fun happens. Free phone charging sign me up and it
literally oh they’ve literally got every wire , even if you’ve
got an old iPhone, uh, I don’t, so I can use
the lighting one USBC, Well, my favourite spot after I’d got
something to eat as soon as I enter the buildings, you can sit here, come in through here and then go
straight up the stairs on either side, get something to eat or drink and then
just sit here and watch everyone come in because I like to, people
watch and it’s like, it’s great people watching because I
can just look down and stare at people. Does it comment? Is that creepy?
May. I’ll cut this out. I don’t know. If you download the SSE app, it is
around. The current promotion is what? 10% percent off? Yeah, I’m going to,
I didn’t know that. So come back. I’m getting that. Okay, so there is a photo booth where you get
a free photo if you’re an SSE reward customer and it’s not working right now. So we’re going in this is s13.
This is right in the back. I’m going to give you what it looks like.
There’s no stage stuff at the moment, so obviously it varies massively depending
on the production in the show because they bring their own stage basically,
but the arena doesn’t change. So I’m really nervous.
I’m excited to see empty [inaudible]. Shh. They’re currently setting up
for Russell Howard’s show. We took this tonight or tomorrow
and he’s performing in the round. So there’s kind of like a school
assembly situation where everyone’s can’t believe I called it a school assembly
where people are surrounding the stage and who perform in the middle with
everyone around him at all angles, which are terrifying. But at the
moment there isn’t a stage that stop. Like there would be four
got seven for example, which would be if you were here over
there against that wall where those chairs are. Um, and this is section D 5 if you’ve
never been to SSE arena Wembley before, there was famous saying that all acts
really should say when they come on stage and it is, hello Wembley.
You said you said it, you don’t want to play bogies when I
play this and you say it really quietly [ inaudible] out there. We love
it. Columbus too. He liked this. I was like a moon in the
corner guy. Hello. Oh, I cringed. Okay, so this is the view from block II
at the very back for reference. Forgot seven. We sat here I think.
Yeah. And then not hear a lot more. I’m standing, I’m pointing for GOT7. We’re gonna be sat around about there
for blackpink. We were over here. The NTT went over there and
for monster X we were right. Normally this area here and here is shut
off by black curtains because the stage comes out to about here. NCT, when we saw them had a black curtain
shut off this side. When we saw Monsta X, this was just all sold out. A lot of K-pop acts do have the seats
here and to the side of the stage. But when we saw monster
X and a black pink, this was standing all up
here and here as well, which is really big when it is
standing, it’s just massive. Ok so if you have used
the app? for 10% off obviously it’s the middle of the day,
there’s not one event on just yet. So it is shut, but you’d be collecting, you wouldn’t normally be greeted by
shutter, no it wouldn’t be closed. I didn’t know that existed and I’m now
gonna use it next time I’m using a film here. These are the club seats.
First of all, plush leather Sit down. How do I feel like
I’m feeling, feeling special? I said these are like dotted around. I
think they’re like every other booth. The best view in the house. When we saw, when we saw [inaudible] we were sat
there and I remember actually same thing like what are these seats? The
blue seats and how do I get one? So I’m essentially in
this tier on this side. [inaudible] Hey guys, we are in the Amazon prime
lounge, which is so bougie. Yeah. Last time we were here, I don’t
remember seeing these windows. Not that basically these are like
tinted windows where the guests, yeah, you can’t see in, but you can see out and that is
roughly where the stage would be. So imagine that view. Um, this would be amazing and people would
be stood there watching the action screamin gtheir lungs –
off, out. If I wave at them, will they see me try
okay regret trying it, then you can pay 30 pounds on top of
your ticket price to access this lounge. Um, yeah, just to get
general lounge access. And you can obviously choose
this one. This is nice. This is, this is lounge design goals as in
my own lounge. [crushed velvet!] Say that again, I already know [inaudible] this is the SSE rewards suite.
Like could you get a better view? The stage would be right there and
you would just be sitting here having popcorn, having your
ice cream chilling out. You could touch and you can literally
lean over and touch a celeb. Wouldn’t recommend it. I mean you
would fall a bit, you’re probably fall. So obviously this is hospitality
for SSE rural clients, but also sometimes they say to visit
here too, which I think is pretty cool. So obviously we’re inside a building
right now, but this is the VIP entrance, which she’s noted for it. The beautiful
greenery. That’s real greenery. I think it’s great. That’s
the best kind of greenery. So this is the SSE reward lounge. Uh, which fun fact is where the DJ DJ booth? As good as the DJ wastes radio
one DJ sell for Teen Awards. Uh, right there actually. Okay. So sometimes there’s
after parties here. I just thought I’d tell you that pretend,
you’re having one right over there I don’t think – artists are going to be
sitting down after show as opposed to dancing. Well they’re definitely going
to be be cooler than you regardless. & my flat hair, one of the backs- Can I open this door
is it open? Yeah. Ooh, okay. going in, is there a light? Hey, there we go. Um, so this is one of the changing rooms, changing rooms or this is the
dressing room you’ve got. your. sofas smells clean thanks for noting
that it smells very clean, uh, this is one of the dressing rooms.
You’ve got your little fridge, which I would have filled with lots of
Coke Zero personally or Pepsi max and micro pig on it. In the
fridge. Not in the fridge. [inaudible] a lot of cadbury chocolate. Bob Dylan Beach boys Torville & Dean icons. So this is the room flash
back to meeting Monsta X here. [inaudible] this is the room where we met though. Um, obviously is not set up for anyone at
the moment, but it’s where we met them. this is where wonho prepared
himself. Prepared himself?! I like the gray, nice Monsta X pooped
here. We don’t know that for a fact. No, I don’t know that. And they
were stood, stood here. so we came in the door. If
you’ve seen it do it do happen and you froze about there. I think you froze there had two lovely
ladies in front of us that were make a wish winners just sort of I could
just about see over them. me & niki, journalists and All of Monsta X ready and we
were just standing like this, except I think we were both like
sweating a little bit more from nerves. It’s almost, it gets
quite warm here as well, so then we will we walked
up- it didn’t get warm. We were just sweating because of nerves. We made it down to the floor as if we
were on stage at Wembley and look how big this is. The view artists get. Yeah. This is what got7 will be seeing when
you’ve perform at SSE arena, Wembley, this is what you see from
this floor, from the stage, and obviously there’s people in it when
they’re on stage at the moment it’s like, Oh yeah, if you saw this you’d
be a bit upset. You’d be like, okay, where is everyone? But this is cool. I
never really appreciate how big it is. It’s really with it. Yeah. This is
enormous. It’s got 12,000 capacity, but it feels much more intimate than that. It’s like you can see each individual
seat. It feels close. It feels close. It feels very nice and close. We’re just backstage and we’ve been
shown all of these signed posters in this video at all. Just as a document that this is the award
frame for Monsta X when they performed here as part of [their tour]. Yeah,
it was. That was a month ago now, but signed and all the artists do
this if they can before their shows. It marks an important occasion, like their first show here or a sold out
show or their last tour or a great hair cut. Thank you for watching the video. I hope
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