Hallow’s End Returns! | Hearthstone

Round and round the cauldron spins What’s inside will make you grin My headless self will ride again To brawl with you this Hallow’s End But there’s also so much more Monster-smash Brawls galore And a cauldron shining bright Forged to help you win the fight Plus a hero so unordinary He may seem a little bit scary A raucous and unusual fellow -You’ll know it…
-Hallow! You’ll know it when… Hallow! Come on! I’m kind of on a roll here. -Hallow!
-You’ll know it when you hear that… Hallow!

100 thoughts on “Hallow’s End Returns! | Hearthstone

  1. Retarded developers rather than nerf ultimate infestation nerfs mana wyrm this shows how retarded they are they don't want to nerf epics because they will have to give people dust for dishenchanting them

  2. In WoW Headless Horseman only ceased to rhyme in the boss fight when you knock his head off. I am disappointed that Blizzard failed to make him rhyme unceasingly and saving the normal speech for when he was interrupted.

  3. If only competent game designers would return and make a real balance patch.

    Unfortunately all we have is DOH NAY YIS, the card game destroyer.

  4. $20 for just 20 packs of digital cards, enough to barely scratch the surface of what The Witchwood has to offer, plus a largely disappointing hero skin (all his emotes are variations of "hello," not joking. He's almost like a Pokemon.).

    What a bargain! Truly!
    Blizzard certainly knows what to do to keep players interested in their expensive game. If it weren't for the painfully slow grinding and dust values being garbage, it wouldn't be so bad. I just don't know how they can get away with charging such high prices for small amounts of purely digital content. The value is not there.

  5. Top ten saddest anime deaths
    1.Mana wyrm
    2. Giggling inventor
    3.Not aviana
    Those are the only cards that actually matter

  6. К сожалению, в потасовке Тыквовин, лично мне, дали на выбор абсолютно бесполезные карты. Очень больно когда тебя бьют, в такой весёлый праздник. (
    Выбрал героя – Мага, и обилку – Друида, не дали карт ни одного ни второго.. печаль.

  7. So many Warcraft heroes. Nemsy was ok for a brand new character, the whole concept of her was super cool imo. Mecha-Jaraxxus was cringy but still fine but this Sir Annoy-o is just complete garbage. Is HS like officially jumping the shark?

  8. The views and the quality goes down and down…
    One night in karazhan: 3,4 million views.
    Journey to Un'goro: 1,4 million views.
    The witchwood: 798,894 views
    Boomsday: 242.682

    And this here…I bet it don't will reach the 200.000 views. Sad. Hearthstone is dying.

  9. mmm presten atención parece que esta arrojando una vermis en el caldero y una ingeniera risueña :V/

  10. Round And Round The Cauldron Spins

    What’s Inside Will Make You Grin

    My Headless Self Will Ride Again

    To Brawl With You This Hallow’s End

    But There’s Also So Much More

    Monster Smash, Brawls Galore

    And A Cauldron Shining Bright

    Forged To Help You Win The Fight

    Plus A Hero So Unordinary

    He May Seem A Little Bit Scary

    A Raucous And Unusual Fellow

    You’ll Know-



    You’ll Know It When-




    You’ll Know It When You Here That-



  11. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. While I appreciate the gesture of the golden Witch's Cauldron I will say that it's somewhat meager when comparing to other games.

  12. The headless horseman brawl is garbage. 75% of the time the draw leads to a game that is 100% unwinnable for the player no matter how you play. That is neither interesting nor fun.

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