Happy Vlogmas! | Send me your questions

Hi everyone. I’m rincey and this is
rincey reads. I am back for vlogmas. Happy December 1st. So hopefully you guys
missed me while I was away or maybe you didn’t even notice that I was gone. But
yes, if you didn’t see the last video that I put up, which was my October wrap
up, I mentioned that I was going to be taking the month of November off from
making videos and then I would be back for vlogmas. So I am back and it’s time
for vlogmas. Those of you who have been with my channel for a little bit know
that I don’t do vlogmas exactly the way that vlogmas is typically done. Like I
don’t try to vlog every single day from December 1st to December 24th because
that’s just not feasible really with my life and the way that my computer and
everything is set up. Like my computer super old. So it takes a while for
everything to process. So I am pre-recording some videos in the month of
November or like towards the end of the month of November. But also I do videos
over on the Book Riot YouTube channel and so I include those in my vlogmas
sort of total. Because if I had to do those two videos a week plus all of the
videos for here that would be way too much. But one thing I am going to be
doing that’s a little bit different is usually I only do videos Monday through
Friday for a vlogmas, that is. Not on a regular basis. But for vlogmas this year
i’m going to include Saturday as well. So I’m going to do 6 days worth of content
either here or on the book riot youtube channel. So there will be a link in the
cards to the book riot channel. If you aren’t subscribed there already, you can
go ahead and check it out. Monday through Saturday there will be videos going up
from me on one of these two channels. On the book riot channel, I make videos
there Tuesday and Wednesday, in case you weren’t aware. And then Monday through
Saturday, the other days, I will be putting up videos here. So yes, I’m very
excited to be back. I have missed making videos a little bit. Like it was really
good for me to have that break and like November was really crazy, which I will
be talking about in future videos. I think the break was necessary but I’m
very happy to be back making videos again. So yes, that’s basically all I
wanted to do for this video. But then I also wanted to say that I’m going to be
doing a Q&A at the end of the month. So you can go ahead and start leaving
questions in the comments section of this video. I’m going to ask that all of
the questions that you guys want me to do for the Q&A be left in this video’s
comments section. So that way I have them all in one place for when I go
to do the Q&A at the end of the month. Right now I have the Q&A planned to do
around like the 20th or so, like towards the end of the month. So you guys have a
little bit of time to leave me questions. So if you can get them in within like
the first two weeks, they’ll definitely make it into the video. But yeah I just
don’t know what December is gonna look like. So I don’t know like when and where
I’m going to be recording all of the videos for the future.
Cause I’m gonna have to do a lot of them. So yeah, you are welcome to ask me
questions on about basically anything. Like don’t be rude but for the most part
you can ask me about my job, my life, whatever you want. Obviously you can ask
book related questions as well but they don’t have to be book related questions.
Ask me about music or movies or television or, I don’t know, art or deep
philosophical questions. I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of questions people asked during
Q and A’s because I only do them once a year for vlogmas. So if you have any
questions for me, get them in now because I won’t do another Q&A until next
December at the earliest. So yeah, that’s everything that I have for you guys. If
you have any videos that you really want to see from me over the course of the
month, definitely leave that down in the comment section as well. I have a pretty
good idea about the type of content I’m going to be putting out. Like I have an
ideas penciled in for almost every day. But obviously I’m willing to adjust and
change that if I get inspired by anything throughout the course of the
month. Or if you guys have something specific you want from me, you want me to
see me talk about or address or anything along those lines, feel free to leave
that down in the comments below. I’ve made videos about planners in the
past and I plan on doing another one. I’ve talked about like budgeting. I’ve talked
about just like random stuff. I’ve done cooking videos. I’ve done vlogs. So there
will be a variety of content on the channel over the course of the next month and I think it’ll be a fun way to sort of
welcome myself back to making videos. And again, I always really enjoy doing
vlogmas. Like by the end, I’m kind of exhausted. But I think it’s a really fun
way to do some different things on my channel. So yes, leave me questions down
in the comment section if you have any questions for me. Leave me any video
ideas you may have for me. Otherwise I will see you not tomorrow because
tomorrow is Sunday, but on Monday with my November reading wrap-up.

40 thoughts on “Happy Vlogmas! | Send me your questions

  1. Fortunately I was running behind with watching videos and just caught up so it was like you were barely gone 😀 . Hope your time away was refreshing

  2. Yaaay Rincey 😍. I actually really felt your absence, so your book riot videos were more of a treat than they usually are.

    My question is: Based on your life experience, what general (or specific) life advice would you give someone in their early 20s that you think would be helpful? Like, what have you learnt from your experience that you wish you would've known at that age (or you did know, and found it useful).
    Thanks Rincey 💛💛.

  3. Hi Rincey, I have been subscribed to your channel for quite awhile and I can honestly say that every year I probably read three or four books based solely on your recommendations either from your channel or from your Book Riot videos. For example, just in the past couple of months I’ve read There, There (which I loved, btw) and I’m currently reading Devil In The Grove. So I just wanted to say thanks! Oh, and another special thank you for the Ready, Set, Hold videos that allow me to not spend so much money on current bestsellers. As for a Q&A question, here’s an easy one: What TV shows did you most enjoy in 2018?

  4. Hi Rincey! I really enjoy watching your videos on here, and on book riot. My question is: who are some of your favorite fellow booktubers?

  5. 1- Thoughts on the sequel to the Handmaid’s tale? 2- What are some of your favorite holiday themed books? 3- I would love to have my family all read the same book and discuss it. We’re all adults, and like this idea, but we have very different genres that we each typically read. Any ideas for a family book club book (can be fiction or nonfiction)? Thanks!

  6. Welcome back! I recently stumbled across your video and am glad to see a new upload. I will be taking reading comprehension test soon and I was wondering how you think you will do if you are to take SAT again but only reading comprehension section. The time is key in reading in tests, so is there any tip for reading quickly and accurately? I am not sure if my questions make sense, but thank you for reading!

  7. Hi Rincey! Super glad you are back! My question is: Are there any 2019 releases you are really excited about? If so, what are they?

  8. It's wonderful to have you back, and for six videos a week to boot! A couple of questions for you: What's a book that you love that you want to see get more attention on Booktube? What's your favorite tv holiday special?

  9. Non book related, what were some of your favorite or the favorite album (music for you)… book related what was the first book you can remember “seeing yourself in” this is based on WRBG that I’m reading lol 🙃

  10. Welcome back! What's your favorite thing about living in Chicago? What are some of your favorite places to go around the city?

  11. Hi Rincey! I'm so happy you're back.
    What was your favorite book as a child?
    Would you ever write a book? If so, what genre would it be?
    Do you have a favorite book to give as a gift?

  12. What have been your favorite films this year (that you saw this year but didn't necessarily come out this year)? Also, very self-serving question: where should I go to eat in Chicago to celebrate my birthday?

    Happy vlogmas! Glad to see you back in my feed 🙂

  13. Yay you are back!!! I missed your presence in November! Glad you are feeling refreshed and that you took time for yourself! I loved your Day in the Life Vlogmas video last year. What is your favorite place to buy books? Maybe you could do a video tour of that place if it’s in Chicago. 😉 Also, what has been your favorite travel experience?

  14. What was your favorite book this year? What book did you dread reading because you got an ARC but end up loving?

  15. Hi .. I'm Vij from India. I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts… though some of the books , that you mention , need to be bought as there aren't many libraries that cater to new releases…and I am comfortable only with physical copies.. not into kindle..or audio books..and books are pricey here..Anyway… I am fairly new to podcasts …. I do have a question.. would appreciate an answer .My question is : The term " Non fiction " is rather vague to me. How would you explain this ? what are the various genres ( drama , biographies , essays , etc ) that come under this category? Thanks.

  16. 1. So you've got a ton of side hustle – what do you wish you knew starting out as far as booktube, podcasts and Tiny Letter? What would you do different if you were to start from scratch again? 2. If you had to wipe the slate clean and could only do ONE thing what would Rincey 2.0 look like? Finance podcast? Artistic Twitch? Bookstagram?

  17. May be a weird question: what are some not-outright-religious books that informed or influenced your religious beliefs? One of mine is The Great Divorce by CS Lewis. Those types of books are my favorite to read, and I love getting recommendations!

  18. Do you ever read the same book in different forms (print/digital/audio) or languages (if relevant)? If so, how do you tend to remember them best?

  19. Very glad to see you back and want to wish you happiness with your new job! Glad you had a good break, which we all need sometimes.

  20. I'm glad you're back, but I'm also happy that you took time off for yourself 🙂 Do you have real-life friends who read a ton like you do? What is your favorite hobby that does not include reading?

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