Harlem Hellfighters (World War I)

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  1. People act as if the United States was the country to not have equal rights toward one group of people based on skin color or ethnicity.

    Its absolutely hilarious.

  2. Fight for the nation who treat you like a second class citizen, they are the true heroes, Harlem Hellfighters <3 hollywood MUST do a movie about this

  3. The French, although not the strongest, were kind to all allies, this is coming from a kiwi who's grandfather's helped the French from the skies.

  4. My grandfather fought the harlem hellfighters once and he had nothing to said other then how good it was to fight a foe as legendary has the harlem hellfighters and how much of an honor was it to fight a foe like them

  5. They did all this so bravely to prove they were equals in a country the loved. Now we have Neo Nazis and white supremacists openly serving in the same military. Smh

  6. Bless the blacks who wanted to fight for what they believed in; today you have "ni**ers" who hate on them and on themselves because they weren't "black enough"

  7. Many of them moved to France after the war, I would too if the country I fought for still considered me less than human.

  8. General Pershing had the nickname "Blackjack" because he had led Buffalo (black) soldiers in the Indian wars. It was not a complimentary title. What little integration of the US army was occurring was ended by POTUS Woodrow Wilson a racist from Virginia. Wilson has been characterized in history as a freedom loving liberal who advocated for the League of Nation and a merciful treaty with Germany. He was all for treating white Germans with respect while all the while ignoring the contributions of American black soldiers to the war effort. He's responsible for the 17th amendment too.

  9. Lol, looking back at this video i realise the only reason this channel blew up was because people were waaaay into BF1 lol myself included

  10. 0:15 Will you please try? There were zero "African-Americans" to be found in America; and even fewer "African-Puerto Ricans". Disgusting and embarrassing.

  11. There home nation treated them like trash But the french TREATED THEM AS EQUALS.. that is how it should be the french saw the bravery in them till date look at the guy that climbed the building to save the boy he was recognized by the French president.. A man saved a girl from a pedophile he was arrested because he is black in U.S.A u don't know what u have till u loose it.

  12. not true for the french… they discriminated heavily against their PoC (People of Colour) troops from their colonies and gave them manual labor over combat fighting until it was deemed necessary due to attrition. Battlefield V covers a french, black unit from one of the african territories that captured a german fortification (read castle) that CDG (Charles De Gaulle) and his troops had troubles taking until the unit took it. In fact many, many non white units coming from the colonies were given manual labour over combat duties due to racism and classism, see the 2nd construction (Nova Scotia) Battalion as an example. Also to dig the tunnels they used for anti-trench warfare the British enlisted welsh coalminers to dig for them. You also incorrectly pointed out that it changed (white) perspectives on Black Units serving. It did not, at Pearl Harbor and in other units during WW2 enlisted black men were once again given non-combat roles such as cooks, cleaners, and other labour jobs and were treated quite harshly by their white superiors and fellow enlisted. The Red Tails were sent to an Island where they were not expected to survive due constant German bombardments and they were often given poor working equipment including some of the worst aircraft available for escorting the bombers deep into German territory and expected to keep up when the relief escort would not show up. The Redtails were able to convince their superiors to give them shiny new P51s with their tenacity and skill, that's how they survived.

    Hence why by 1920 we were seeing Nationalist movements across the world. China, Japan, India, Cambodia, Vietnam (French Indochina), Malaya and Morocco to name a few places. The oppressed rising to fight the oppressors.

  13. Why is that some white Americans hate anything that's not white? I dont get it, we have the same organs, we bleed the same color of blood and we breathe the same air, in no way are you (those who think they are) superior to other ethnicities

  14. For all those saying they fought for the US or were given to France since discrimination then let me say watch this https://youtu.be/eEuoAl1elLU

  15. that’s why the ruskies never reinvaded europe post WWII. the fulda gap was guarded by 2 divisions of highly armed african americanos.

  16. Why do I have the urge to play bf1 as a Harlem hellfighter on Argonne forest. Oh wait I know why, it’s because they’re so cool and I love History.

  17. Youd think that desegregation of the armed forces would've occured because of this but nah. The military was still segregated in ww2 despite the fact that non white soldiers pulled their weight in combat

  18. I've said and say again, American never misses an opportunity to prove why it's the most racist country in recorded history!

  19. U.S. : "Our Harlem Hellfighters are the best!"
    France: "Hmph. Silly Americans, your not the only one. We have our own black soldiers in the Army"
    U.S. : "Oh! Uh, i didn't know sorry… Soooo where are they?"
    France: ……

  20. Would have been nice for them to mention when the 369th started to use US equipment again!

    I'm a living history reenactor and the group I'm in portrays this unit. Interestingly enough, according to Dr. Jeffrey Sammons, the foremost expert on the unit, the name "Harlem Hellfighters" actually was not given to them by the Germans. In his book, Sammons mentions that there's no evidence to prove this, it has become popular myth, the reality is that this was a name popularized by American newspapers at the time.

    It's also worth mentioning that the 369th regimental band was renowned for it's music, especially jazz. The band leader, James Reese Europe recruited the best musicians he could get from Puerto Rico and the 50 states, for the band. They're credited with bringing jazz to Europe.

  21. Unfortunately the US didnt learn their lesson, during WWII not a single black soldier was awarded the Congressional medal of honor, it wasnt until president Clinton half a century later did the brave men of WWII get the recognition they deserved.

  22. Wow. School doesn't teach you this history. Youtube is more informative than public school. I'd rather use this to teach my child than send them to history class.

  23. People act like the French were any better than the Americans when it came to race, they weren’t, they were just desperate.

  24. Europeans : put blacks to be killed at the front line and doing the dirty job

    USA : send the blacks to clean toilets or building trenches

  25. I would've stayed. Tbh things in America are a bit better now, but the hatred is still there and it's annoying. Like why so much hate? Makes me wonder what America would've been like if blacks or other ethnicities weren't there?

  26. Think about the german soltiers who Fight for theyr Family only to be hated by theyr grand children years after … Just Like thy Art Said: we will all die for nothing

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