Harry Potter Bucket List | ft. JessetheReader

Hey guys, I’m Jesse from the YouTube
channel Jesse The Reader, and today I’m bring you another
episode of Fictional Bucket List. Can you guys tell where today’s fictional
bucket list is going to be taking place? That’s right, today’s episode of fictional
bucket list is going to be taking place in the Harry Potter universe. If you don’t anything about Harry Potter,
let me break it down for you real quick. We’re got this boy named Harry Potter
who’s got this mysterious lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. His parents died when he was a baby, and
so he now lives with his aunt and uncle, who don’t treat him that well. One day he starts receiving letters
from this place called Hogwarts, and his aunt and uncle are not happy about it. Then one night, a man named Hagrid
comes into the picture, and reveals to Harry that he is a wizard. This completely changes
Harry Potter’s life. As he’s taken to this wizarding world
he must adjust to this new life. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s just kind of a general idea
as to what this series is all about. There are honestly so many things that
I would love to do in this world, so I decided in order to not make this video an
hour-long video, that I’m going to narrow down my list to ten things that I would
love to do in the Harry Potter universe. Let’s get started. The first one is pretty obvious, I mean,
I really just want to visit Hogwarts. I genuinely just want to
walk around the castle and see where all these crazy things that
happened in the books took place. I wanna eat in the Great Hall. I wanna see the Gryffindor’s common room,
visit Dumbledore’s office, check out the Room of Requirement,
if I can get in, and see Hagrid’s hut. And that’s just to name a few things on my
list that I would like to see at Hogwarts. The list goes on, and on, and on. I feel like if I were ever given
the chance to visit Hogwarts, I would need at least two weeks to
see everything that I want to see. Next on my list,
I really want to ride a broom. I know this is something
that takes a class to learn, but I am willing to sit through that
class, or rather fly through that class. [LAUGH] I’m so lame, I’m sorry, not sorry. [LAUGH] Then I want to take that broom and
ride it all over the Hogwarts grounds. I’ll do my best to avoid the Whomping
Willow though because I’m sure I’ll get smacked off my broom. The next thing I want to do
is attend a quidditch match, specifically one where Gryffindor’s
competing, that way I can get decked out in Gryffindor swag and
cheer on my house to victory. Next up,
I really want to ride a hippogriff. This is another thing that will take
class, a lesson with Mr. Hagrid himself. But I’m okay with that, because I would love to sit through
a class with Hagrid as the professor. This is similar to the broom in where I’d
like to learn how to ride the hippogriff, and I’d just ride it all
over the Hogwarts grounds. Next on my list, I really want to
attend the Triwizard Tournament. This is an event where three of
the largest European wizardry schools come together to compete
in three magical tasks. It’s basically a magical sporting
event for the wizarding schools. I’m not somebody who generally
likes sports that much. I enjoy playing sports, but
I’m not a huge fan of watching sports. But the Triwizard Tournament
is the sporting event for me. It’s something that I imagine I would
have my eyes completely glued to, mostly because of how heart-wrenching
each of the events are. Next on my list is that I really
wanted to use a time turner. I love the idea of time travel,
and who doesn’t want access to it, especially when it can just
be right around your neck? Next on my list is that I really
want to learn how to apparate. This is the thing in the series that
I always thought was the coolest. How you can just have this desired
location, focus on it, and then transport yourself to that location. This is the dream, guys, to be able
to go wherever your heart desires. Though it’s said that most people vomit
their first time successfully apparating, that’s a sacrifice that
I’m willing to make. I will vomit in order to learn
how to successfully apparate. Next up I really want to hit
up the Three Broomsticks. I feel like this is just a really
iconic place in the series. Students are all the time
hitting it up for a butterbeer. I wanna do just that. I wanna hit it up for a butterbeer. Next up on my list I really
want to visit Honeydukes. I have a major sweet tooth. It’s kind of a major problem. I just love sweets so much I could eat
them every day, breakfast, lunch, dinner. So I’d love to visit Honeydukes and
stock up on some sweets. The last and final thing that I have on my list is
that I really want to visit the Burrow. The Burrow is where the Weasleys
live in the series. And every time I read about the Burrow,
I just found it to be described as super comforting, and a place where just,
you feel that family environment. So I’d love to just be able to stay there
for a night, have a cooked meal, and spend time with the Weasleys. So those are ten things off of
my fictional bucket list for the Harry Potter universe. Like I said though early in this video,
there are so many more things that I would love
to do in the Harry Potter universe. This is just us really just touching
the surface on the things that I’d like to do there. You guys should let me down below in the
comments some things that you would like to do in the Harry Potter universe. As always, thanks for watching this video, and I’ll see you next time with
another fictional bucket list. [MUSIC]

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