Harry Styles Sexual Assault Double Standard

Singer and
former One Direction heart throb, Harry Stiles performed at the We
Can Survive Cancer to benefit breast cancer wearing his right hand Los Angeles. Now Harry was greeted
by many screaming fans. However, some fans may have
been a little too excited. In a video obtained by TMZ, one fan
can be seen actually grabbing Harry’s crouch while he was singing. Check out the video.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>My God.>>Is that the slow-mo? Slow-mo, right there, slow-mo.>>Lonnie, did you submit that tape?>>Yes, I did! I wanted to see it in slow-mo okay?>>[LAUGH]
>>My goodness.>>You see Harry quickly moved away and
kept right on performing, however, many of his fans were furious. And many even going so far as to
call the incident a sexual assault. So, when it comes to men being
touched in appropriately versus women, do you think there could
sometimes be a double standard? You know?>>For sure.>>You think so, you think so?>>Yeah.>>I think its where you touch.>>Really
>>No, okay, lets be real. Can we be real?>>Yes!>>You know in Marcel On Fridays,
or Friyays comes. I touch him on his chest, I would never
touch Marcel on his butt or on the front. But he has his shirt up. No.>>Nothing like a.>>Nah.>>Okay. No, I’m asking.>>Cuz I feel like that’s a private area,
that’s a personal area but that chest, cuz he’d had this.>>So you can spank me on the butt but
you can’t spank Marcel.>>Well, you different baby [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]>>I think it depends on the relationship with the person. Clearly these people don’t have
a personal relationship with them.>>Just a stranger.>>Yeah, it’s a stranger, to touch him
in his crotch, but I will say this. Even though we watch it in slow-mo
you can’t really see what happened, and he walked over to them and
their hands are like this. I’m not sure if I put Mike, if I pelvic thrusted into hands like these
somebody might end up touching my crouch.>>That’s a touch.>>No, [INAUDIBLE] she was looking for it.>>If they were hands like this, right.>>She was looking for it.>>And you’re like.>>Yeah.
>>[LAUGH]>>Right up into the hands.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Some thing might get touched.>>Pelvic thrust into the hands.>>She was searching for gold, though.>>She was searching for it.

100 thoughts on “Harry Styles Sexual Assault Double Standard

  1. Complete double standard, always has been. Made worse by women demanding harsh punishment and life ruined for the slightest indescretion. Other way around its just a joke, just a bit of fun..

  2. If this was male on female, they’d be fkn furious and immediately label it as sexual assault. The double standard is real.

  3. I wonder what the view has to say about these ladies reaction to someone being sexually assaulted. What’s that crickets 🦗

  4. I don’t want to get into the political correctness of this argument. Clearly as history has shown, there are differences between genders being sexually assaulted. The panel had a great opportunity to spread a message about double standards and failed to do so. The issue is that the woman who touched the mans groin would probably not appreciate it if a male stranger came up to her and slapped her butt. You should treat others how you want to be treated

  5. 1d's fanbase has always been toxic for the most part. Sad to see these kids be so disrespectful for their own amusement.

  6. "Women shouldn't wear skimpy outfits, they are basically asking for it" "Well if you go into the pile of hands something might get touched" sound familiar?

  7. stranger women/girls have groped my chest and it's a violation but I don't make a big stink about it because I'm not a prude. 😀

  8. Your not gonna hear harry come out and say anything because he probably liked it. What single man wouldnt love to have a women fondle over him. A performer giving a sexy performance to turn on women.

  9. “He was asking for it”
    Literally the main thing women say is the lamest excuse for men to use when sexually assaulting someone “she was asking for it the way she was dressed”

  10. Imagine the up roar if this was a group of men talking like this about a female singer that was sexually assaulted on stage, smh the double standards are unreal!

  11. Wen boys get raped by teachers they dont even call it rape wen i came out as a victim ppl called me gay for not enjoying it we have a big problem

  12. Her saying he was pelvic thrusting so he was asking for it to get grabbed is like saying a girl dressing more openly or provocative is asking to get touched or get cat called

  13. Seems to me it's all good to joke about it when it's men being touched but if it was the other way around, it would be taken seriously.
    This is part of the problem.

  14. When a woman sexually assaults a man no one bats an eye, but when a man does it everyone looses their minds.

    You see the hypocrisy in that?

    Sexual assault is wrong regardless of the gender committing it.

  15. Bitch, you laughed at it while you watched it. There MMMMIGHT be a LITTLE double standard. Do you hear yourself talk?

  16. This is why guys are outraged at the Gillette commerical, because it was made by women for men when there are double standards like this where a man will get labelled worse things and the women will make excuses and jokes to dodge the issue here

  17. so i can touch a girls boobs know because they touched his dick so its not fair and if girrls can do that then i can touch their boobs YAAAAYYYYYY
    JKJKJKJK dont kill me

  18. If this happened to any woman they wouldnt be making jokes or be laughing. I guess it only matters when this happens to women.

  19. If this was a man touching a woman's crotch I doubt you'd be joking about this. I love how you ask if there is a double standard, then completely fail to see other perspectives and just joke about it.

  20. unpopular opinion, but I honestly think the fan didn't want to grab his crouch. They were all excited and just stretch their hands in excitement. He moved and her hand was then on his croutch I think

  21. Eureka! The internet has finally figured out the painfully obvious:Sexual assault and rape can be done to men too! I know, incredible isn’t it?

  22. What kind of bullshit is this ? If woman was sexually assaulted in this way they wouldn't be making jokes about it would they ? 😑🙄

  23. These ladies are seriously nasty . She said that she wanted to see that in slow motion and the other lady said that he was pelvic thrusting on her hand . Shame on you . Shame on your mentality . You clearly don't know how to respect him

  24. Sexual assault is NOT okay WTF don’t joke about it men are humans and they have feelings it’s a no for me TF don’t touch ANYBODY without their permission PERIOD why is that so hard?

  25. Female: "He sexually assaulted me"
    Automatically believes with zero evidence.
    Male: "She sexually assaulted me and here's a video"
    Tries to say that you can't tell whether she touched or not.

    I can't actually tell whether they touched him and if it was intentional but if it was a woman with this same amount of evidence, they would be screaming for the fan to be brought to justice.

  26. That's 100% disgusting, wrong, illegal and immature on ALL levels!!!! Regardless of gender, NO one should EVER be touched like that unless they want to or are married!!!! I feel VERY bad for Harry

  27. So you can touch men unless it’s not a personal or private area??

    Ok keep that in mind. Next time a girl is walking down the street and a guy touches her neck, stomach, back or hair. It’s nbd. Fucking dumb bitches

  28. So is the chick in the light blue trying to say it's the guy's fault. I bet all my money, she would've never said any of that nonsense if it was the other way around. Double standards at its finest. Smh

  29. The double stabdards exist becaude of how men are. Society see men and even men see themselves as sexual creatures and as such………


  30. why was this so messy instead of informative lmaoo.. i guess idk what i was expecting since i dont watch this show ☠

  31. so because he walked over to them is it his fault? Or is this what we like to call victim-blaming? Well ladies I'm waiting for your answer

  32. I see victim blaming and an entire room of people laughing about it as this woman minimized the severity of a clear sexual assault – let's face it her statement falls well into 'he was asking for it' territory. What happened to Harry on stage isn't the only double standard in this video.

  33. Adrienne in this video is the exact depiction of society’s double standard on men being sexually assaulted…👀
    I mean ‘pelvic thrust in my hand’???!!
    Girl,bye 👋

    Stop making excuses for offenders just because the victim is male😤

  34. "One woman can actually be seen grabbing Harry's crotch"

    Some woman giggles in the background

    That alone proves the double standard, on top of everything else. If someone grabbed a female performers body parts, it would be chaos. And if some man giggled while it brought it up, he would be destroyed.

  35. Pelvic thrusting or whatever, if a MALE touched a women's vag, her would be guilt without trial….
    It is Ridiculous that these women are making excuses for this assault, and if men tried to defend an accused MALE they would be rape apologists….
    Women's hypocrisy knows no bounds!!

  36. Actually it is not ok to touch a guy's chest without consent.
    How do you know a guy woudn't feel uncomfortable? But the point is whether he does feel comfortable or not you still need to ask consent cause that is very important to respect both men and women.
    Don't simply be touching a guy's chest or abs without his permission cause by doing so is very wrong.

  37. Female logic: He didn’t have a shirt on, so I touched his chest.

    Also female logic: It doesn’t matter how she dresses. It’s never okay to touch her.

  38. This panel is trivializing this sexual assault against Harry Styles. Adrienne is victim blaming. If someone like Britney Spears did a pelvic thrust and a man touched her, even if it was an accident, I highly doubt she would question it the same way she did with Harry Styles. She would say that man is a disgrace and say he should be held accountable. Thank you all for proving that you are a part of the problem with rape culture in our society. When it happens to a man, you don't think it's an issue. Thanks for exposing your hypocrisy.

  39. Well. I guess it’s okay for men to be groped and grabbed. We know where Adrienne and Lonnie stand. I guess, it is okay because they do it and feel entitled to touch people.

  40. Seeing all the ladies and the men acknowledging the double standard, speaking out about it and insisting that it be addressed gives me faith in humanity.

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