Hawaii Assault Course | Marine Infantry Training

Firing, rocket one, then rocket two on your command. This type of training is extremely
important to what we do because we always do these kinds of attacks, these combined arm attacks, which is multiple agencies working together. And it’s extremely important because on my end, we took machine gunners who were gunners throughout last deployment, and we threw them right into leadership positions. We gave them squad leader positions, team leader positions. Doing that just paves way for the future in order for them to train their junior Marines. So we took a group of Marines that had no leadership experience, threw them in a course to teach them how to be leaders, threw them in leadership positions and now we’re just front-loading the battalion for our workout with Marines that actually know what they’re doing, so that way we can go ahead and execute without any gaps in leadership going forward in the workup.

12 thoughts on “Hawaii Assault Course | Marine Infantry Training

  1. I’m going to JROTC next year!
    Thank you to all of the men and women who fight for this country.
    Also thank you USMC for this wonderful opportunity.

  2. First of all that poodle of a Lcpl needs to get his fuckin haircut. Dont' disgrace my unit. 3/3 is Amereica's Batallion way before the fuckin' Dallas Cowboys. We are the best and we need to pick up the torch and keep setting leadership by example. Semper Fidelis 3/3.

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