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  1. just think…no-matter what the outcome of her future case may be here in earth… but as she sits in her jail-cell tonight, demons are working feverishly pulling double-shifts, digging-out the lower portions of hell even deeper especially for that goblin…and im sure she,ll say that its ok, because she doesnt believe in hell….but she will.

  2. Although it was a minor involved in this situation, the teacher wasn't in the wrong at all in my eye's. They're making a big scene out of it because it was a white student. I would have done the same thing. What law gives a student the right to physically assault the teachers.

  3. If that little juvenile had swung on me like that… I doubt that I could have held my hands behind me…. public schools need to be done away with, they are antiquated, unnecessary, and THE most dangerous place to send your little angels to this day and time.

  4. So no one saw the girl slap the teacher. Now the student a victim. Kids kill people now. Hard lesson to learn. Teacher did go a little far. But I don't feel bad for student. Student should be charge for simple battery if teacher has to face charges for defending herself. Or shall I say. Beating that ass

  5. This story leads with the teacher punching a student. Howeever, that's not the lead. The story should be "student punches teacher and get's laid the fuggg out." Yeah….

  6. Seems as though everyone is electing not to see that this "special needs" child punched her square in the face. Now, what would you do if ANYONE punched you in your face?

  7. I wish racist people get a virus and it affects them only that is incurable to reverse the affect of a natural virus from earth. Racism is a mental disease that is affecting our human species.

  8. Your type smells wierd. I'm not sure if its your soap or some kind of an oil you put in your hair, but it's a very particular strange and stinky smell. I think your people need to go to the dentist more often, foul and unpleasant odor is always noticed if closer than about 5ft, possibly a tonsil or allergy problem? It seems to be very common for your kind to get little moles or skin tags under your eyes, that combined with blotchy skin and dirty neck roles leads me to think hygiene is taught differently in your culture. I've noticed its very common to see disproportionate stature in your people. Really short with wide shoulders and round features or tall and skinny with thin skin and malnutritioned looking, also very saggy mouths with extra "fat" on your head. These are just a few features that lead me to believe in the differences of man kinds evolution. None of these are personal attacks, just things i've noticed. Now, say dumb things and attack the comment all you want, no one believes your most common come back anymore, cheers.

  9. everyone would say this is disturbing and it might be but what about when the police do the same thing white police at that they look the other, the media is a bunch of hypocritesadvocating this bullshit and you see who controls the media these stupid devils!!! 🖕

  10. Suggestion..Watch "Mudea's Big Happy Family"!!! Kids have NO RESPECT ANYMORE AND ADULTS ALLOW KIDS TO BE THEIR "Parent" Big Problem 🤷

  11. Pro black teacher comments left up. Other comments denouncing her actions being removed.
    Class act YouTube pandering scumbags

  12. You ain't gotta be jumping on the girl like you the fucking New York Knicks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. If you slap anyone her first she has a right to beat her ass !!! And the only thing I can think of is she called her a nigga ..you can't play with everyone

  14. Some of these disrespectful kids need their asses beat… and their parents be stunned… why are you stunned.. you know they’re disrespectful to you all day everyday … so you know they’re gonna disrespect others!!!

  15. They didn't say nothing about that sixteen year old punching that woman first. If I was Jesus Christ, put your hands on me, I would baptize your azz. That teacher wasn't wrong. Her lil ugly 16 year old trying to act hard and bad in front of her fellow students and thinking she would get a name for herself, ended up crying like a lil baby when she put her hands on a real woman who don't tolerate disrespect or no snooty nose white kid punching her in her face.

  16. "I dont know what a child can say." It ain't what the child said… It's what that snooty nose cave dwelling did. She punched that adult in the face. And that adult don't tolerate no dumb ass child punching her…

  17. Wait, didn't the student hit her first. What did she exspect to come next? You want to play bad and act like you are an adult, you will get handled like an adult. You are in school to learn, sit there respectfully be quiet and learn. It's time out for these disrespectful kids who think they chomping adults because no one checks their butts at home. Teach your children respect and we will not have these problems. I bet she will never raise her hand to another teacher again. They don't get paid enough to deal with half the crap they deal with and you have parents who are appalled but don't check the swearing disrespectful sons. Please!!!

  18. After the skull-stomp, the teacher then took a step back towards the kid on on the floor, suffering from a brain injury. If I were in that classroom at that moment, I would have grabbed a chair or a sharp object and have gone right for that teacher in fear of that kid's life.

    How the heck this woman wasn't charged with attempted manslaughter (specifically, the skull-stomp), is flabbergasting to me. That was literally a Mortal Combat finishing move she delivered to the kid.

  19. 😂😂 the dad complaining like a little kid show your face and take it like a man spoiled and untitled kids that thinks they can do anything they want and when the shit hits the fan there not so tough any more and with a dad like that no wonder!!

  20. if u hit 1st then u should b hit back. teach kids to stay in they're place and this doesn't happen. I'm sorry if ur initiated an ass whipping then they get one

  21. Naw that student shouldn't have swung. That "child" should have kept her mf hands to herself. Btw you grown af at 16 idk about y'all but in b as Baltimore you'd already have kids and a job or two by 16.

  22. Everyone is cutting the first part of this…..the Student punches the Teacher first, full on punch to the face enough to rock the teachers head…..then the Teacher fights back. 16 years old is old enough to suffer the consequences of picking fight with someone else. Everyone has the right to defend themselves, and the Teacher just went too far, but the teacher was defending herself.

  23. Lol if only her child was in them same shoes as Lil mama in the Blue….🤣🤣…teens be smelling there own ass, but by you being grown and she didn't stand to you…you was in her face and you put your finger in her face. The video self explanatory…she got what she deserves.

  24. I would never have a job if I would conduct myself like this woman did. If she was a police officer we could all see where she was absolutely insanely wrong. There is a protocol to follow in these situations and clearly the teacher was not following protocol. No one would ever give her another job except employment where it's okay to beat up on other people's children. — Mae in L.A.

  25. First off that bad ass student punched the teacher first. !!!! This substitute teacher should get a raise. In all honesty, alot of these horrible kids deserve treatment like this. Society lets these lazy parents get away with sending these monster kids to school. Then the schools or the cops or the courts have to deal with problems that parents (usually the mom) let fester for years. I bet this kid has been a problem in other classes too. But, the media and everyone wants to portray the student as this innocent little sheep. We need to realize that some of these kids are horrible people. And your need to either remove those students from the schools. Or let teachers handle the problem. Or, hold these parents accountable for raising horrible kids. Special needs or not, students need to learn to respect teachers. If not, leave there asses home with the parents to get private home schooling.

  26. If she was charged with assault are they going to charge the student with Assault also because from the looks of it she assaulted the teacher first

  27. WTF …? She better be glad that wasn't my child or it would be her on The floor getting stomped….
    As for those who say the child shouldn't have pushed the teacher out of her face , give me a break. that crazy ''. B '' got up in your face screaming and threatening you would have Done the exact same thing…. You Never Ever Never put your hands on a child must less someone else's child, or your own
    As a matter of fact. …
    Get real … there may be parents that punish their kid's with corporal punishment but unless those parents are scociopath or just deranged they don't Punch them repeatedly in the face and then throw them to the floor and stomp them in the Head…. Like I said
    '' WTF"" is Wrong with people Today…. When people support what happened in that classroom,
    A special Ed classroom at that to a special needs child with epilepsy
    Society and it's core values have gone to hell in a hand basket……

  28. The teacher wasn't right, but neither was the students.

    Respect the teacher, even if they do come in cussing & fussing, if they put their hands on u, then report them, but do what they tell u, as long as it's not outside the boundaries.

    The teacher said "put your phone away"…put it away like she said.

    She's trying to teach, & she supposed to have everyone's undivided attention.

    Teachers are running out of patience for rebellious kids.

    We had substitute teachers that got on our nerves at times, but we didn't disobey them.

    Again, the teacher was wrong for putting her hands on a minor, but I don't feel too sorry for the girl, except that she is not being taught right at home, I feel sorry for how she is being raised mainly, & not taught how to respect authority.

    Before paddling were remove from school, u went to the principal's office when u got in trouble, & u got 2 choices, your parents called, or 3 swats, sometimes expelled.

    I got into a fight at school in 6 grade, got sent to the principal's office. He gave me those 2 choices, I took the swats quick! Cuz if my parents found out I got in trouble at school, it would have been worse than 3 swats..

    I learned to respect authority at home, like most of the other kids did..

    Today, kids have 0 respect for authority, the results are what we are seeing, & it's only gonna get worse, especially with cops killing & getting away with it….


  29. I want parents to stop saying idk what a student can say, if you’re not a teacher please be quiet 🤐. Student shouldn’t have swung… A student threatened to slap me once, they love me now.

  30. The kid should have never ever put her hands on a teacher or talked to the teacher like she did, should the teacher have gone to the extreme like she did no probably not, but you know these kids nowadays think they can do and say whatever it is they want bc there's no repercussions in any of their actions bc this generation of parents don't care like they used to. It's crazy but I'm not entirely mad at that teacher….. Bc if you listen to the punk kid talking that didn't want to be shown they were all laughing and cussing at this teacher passing out papers and that girl was saying stuff to the teacher for her to get in her face, so then the student thought she was big and hardcore enough to put her hands on the teacher not thinking the teacher was gonna do anything. Kids are horrible absolutely horrible now and they need to be taught somehow if not by their parents, someone will teach them!!!

  31. Pussy footing around the piss poor parenting safe space binary star diva complex. Fuck what anyone says. Parents are the entire problem here.

  32. I just heard on the news the girl that got beat up has special needs so she was in a special needs class and has a learning disability.

  33. Back in the 80's a teacher did not have to get in your face to tell you to quit or to do something,these kids white and black intentionally want to argue with adults,different times now!But still can't condone the teacher actions though!

  34. If the student hit her first then she should be charged too.. The teacher needs an attorney to press charges on the student. Of course I don't agree the teacher should have beat her the way she did either but you treat others as they treat you. You smart and old enough to lay hands on her then she has every right to defend herself.

  35. Man they trying to make the teacher look bad. They should start interviewing the parents of these students on live TV and ask why they never showed there kids how to respect there elders or anyone for that matter

    Why don't they ever show what the students actions are before the teacher loose they cool.

  36. You CAN NOT put your hands on people and assume you aren’t going to get HANDZ put on you. It’s that simply🤷🏾‍♀️

  37. Listen everyone this story is suspect it’s plain and simple..listen at details first they say he is sitting in chair before over sound like it’s a girl that was in the chair.. then they say he or she said nigger smh case closed if that true the storm is about to come…

  38. She was dropping them fifth ward bees on her lyrics from my mind playing tricks on me for the ones who don’t know.. lol

  39. Last thing key word Substitute fill in take someone else spot…this not my main job they only paying 50 dollars or less a day to deal with these kids compared to the teachers who get salary..Oh no Not me… I see why the teachers protest and march little bit of money they getting paid with all they got put up with..

  40. Well well well lol that girl tried it with the wrong one and got that ass beat then wanna cry ..no you grown remember. From the looks of it I think the teacher snapped from ptsd and just got her! I’m not mad these kids have no manners whatsoever.

  41. I used to be a very motivated and hopeful new Spanish teacher, lots of students now days are violent, ignorant, lacking motivation and very disrespectful, it only takes one student in your class to make your life very stressful. I could not take it and quit after 2 years, do not be surprise if more teachers loose their cool.

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