HCT World Championship 2017 Recap

It has been an incredible year
for the Hearthstone Championship Tour. Over 50.000 players from 76 countries
competed for the right to be here today. Only 16 made it,
but only one made it to the very end. Let’s hear it for the new World Champion. Almost everybody here has a very good reputation
of being a top player, so I think it’s impossible to say. You expect one way or another. I think it’s surprising to see
how many matchups that we have. Not just in the players matchups,
but also even in the class matchups. Can everyone just win? Everyone’s a winner. I wouldn’t put it like
“Friendship doesn’t exist”. We’re still friends, but… we’re still gonna play the game
like we usually would. He has so much on the line.
When you got all of this you really want those near
and dear to you to be supportive. Hoej’s family has come out here to watch,
Orange’s family is here to watch… One family’s gonna be disappointed.
It was kinda rough actually. The call to arms with Juggler could have
potentially been XXXXX and all of the cards. It was kind of funny ’cause
we didn’t win, we just owned them. OK, I was a little worried. Really close game so far.
It’s 2-2 right know, you can see it. I’m cheering for Hoej, but DocPwn just threw Keleseth
so I’m really not sure how it’s gonna go. This could be a game where that hydra
takes a lot of damage from XXXXX. Underdog coming in but
as he said, “He’ll have to beat me.” He just got everything.
I don’t really know how to explain. His line ups are good, He’s just good, his play is good and it wasn’t good before. His Reno play was fairly bad, but everything else has been pretty good. Yeah.
American hero. A true American hero?
I’m a true Quebec hero right now. I’ve never been so stressed out
in my life I think. Everybody wants to win,
everybody says he’s gonna win… I’m gonna… Hope
I’m gonna be the winner there. I definitely appreciate
the value of DocPwn. They have jobs, school or whatever
their own commitments are… And it’s a good message
to send to people, right? You can play this game somewhat casually
and actually still be very successful. Wow, Surrender ties it up. “All-in pressure” is the name of the game. Surrender has played amazingly
during this turn. I think that game was just fantastic. I do think that
the success of the regions is a little bit surprising
to a lot of people. He’s gonna be a big one! This is sort of a battle
of a couple of machines. We could be seeing Asia Pacific, the takeover coming into
the World Championships. JasonZhou is going
to reverse sweep a Rogue for the second time
in this tournament and for the second time
takes his place as one of the top 4 players in the world. – Who’s the true American hero?
– Frozen! Frozen, yeah. Or Sinto, if he wins. The dire, dire situation… Sintolol’s lineup is a control lineup
built to beat other control lineups and Frozen is playing a control lineup built to beat the more
common decks in the field. and I think he’ll really struggle. Probably he’ll get crushed.
No, I’m kidding. Yeah, there it is! Frozen wins what he thought
was an almost impossible match up. I don’t wanna say anything
bad about Sintolol since I’m very good friends with him, but this is the second time
I beat him in a tournament, so… it feels good. It feels good. This jacket isn’t actually button closed. It’s a pretty cheap jacket. Anybody can win on any given Sunday. But that’s just not what
card game Hearthstone is. I’m gonna put my hand right here
and hope no one thinks it’s awkward. He saw the relief on his face
the second he saw the XXXXX. He’s continuing this marathon run.
He’s your first finalist. Eliminating Surrender,
3 games to 1. Not the first time tom
has been down 0 to 2 and he’d do it again. This is looking like
it’s gonna be over soon! tom60229 is the 2017
Hearthstone World Champion! We have a new member
in the hall of champions tom60229 from Taiwan.

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  1. 0:42 Match clip is not from this year. How do I know? Because Shaman is so terrible, there were 0 Shaman decks in the entire tournament. If it's not a Warlock, Rogue, Priest or Druid it's PROBABLY not from this year. #HSBalance #WorkingAsIntended #BrodeWillTellYouWhichDecksToPlay #SuperFunToWatchTheSame4DecksOverAndOver #ExceptionIsFr0zensMage #ButWhoCares

  2. The best part is when Kibler announces the "new 2017" Hearthstone Champion – and its the end of January 2018…..

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