HCT World Championship – Between Two Hearths – Hearthstone Pop Quiz!

All right, everyone, come gather round. This is one that you are not going
to want to miss. Does everyone in here love Hearthstone? -Yeah!
-Yeah! Come on, there’s a lot more
of you than that. Does everyone in here love Hearthstone? Yeah! Well, we have got eight people over here who definitely love Hearthstone. You should all know them. But we’re going to find out how well
they know the game. We’ve got a Hearthstone
trivia quiz coming up. And this is going to be great. We’ve got two teams.
Each team has got two influencers and two devs on. You’re going to know these guys well. I’m going to start
by introducing Team One. So, first up… Already eliminated from the tournament, it’s Kolent… Sorry, it’s Thijs. Next up, it’s former world champion,
the fiery bat himself, Firebat. And of course, we need to have
two of the devs to help these guys out and make sure they know their stuff. So joining them is going
to be Seyil Yoon and Mike Donais. All right, so first up… Mike, what do you think of your team? We’ve got a great team.
We’ve got the former world champion, I think he’s also going to be
the world champion of trivia. World champion of trivia? Well, we’ll see.
What do you think, Seyil? You happy? I just hope I don’t drag my team down. That is very humble indeed. You guys move over to the side
just a little bit to make room for the other guys. Team Two. They now know
who their teammates are, but… First up, it is the captain
of the Romanian salt mines, Rdu. Current world champion for about one more day. Going to enjoy it while it lasts. It’s Pavel. Helping these guys out,
two very familiar faces, it’s Dean Ayala and Ben Brode. So, Pavel… What do you think?
You happy with this team? Absolutely. -Very important game.
-I think we’re going to win. Ben, what do you think? I think we have it on lock. I can’t imagine a scenario in which
we lose to these four people. Well, what are you saying
about these four people? I’m just saying
they’re not as good as us at trivia. Ben, we’re going to take you down. Any other words? Any other BM
we can add to this before we start? Good luck, everybody. Yeah, good luck. That’s incredible! All right. Team Two, if I can ask you to move
to the side for just a moment, we’re going to… Team One first. Right, Thijs. -You’re going to be up first.
-Do I have to be first? So, you guys can sit on the sofa.
Thijs, you take the hot seat. Okay. -All right.
-Don’t mess it up. Thanks, Bat. All right, do not look at those cards. Game number one
is going to be Taboo, okay? So, Thijs, where you see the arrow,
you’re going to… No, no… Like this? No, no, other way. The arrows go up. -That’s it. That way. That’s it.
-There you go. So, you’re going to hold that card against
your head… That’s a tough one. And your team,
let’s have a practice, round one… Your team is going to try and tell you
which card it is without using any of the words
or numbers on the card. So, go ahead. Neutral minion. Really bad. Thanks, guys. There are a lot
of bad neutral minions, okay? It’s big but small at the same time. -When it dies…
-It makes a big one. You get something big from your death. I know the card… -Really bad.
-But I don’t know the name. -Six mana, 1/1.
-Worst in the game. -Is it that one that makes a 6/6…
-Wrong set. -Wrong set. It’s a new set. Newest set.
-Wrong set. Kobolds and Catacombs. -Yeah.
-Thijs, you look through your deck, you get a really big minion,
you put it into play. A recruiter. It could bring out Ragnaros,
the Lightlord… I think that’s time, guys. That’s time. It’s actually… It’s the seven mana 3/3
with Deathrattle, summon an eight-cost. So close.
Yeah, you can take a look at it now. Silver Vanguard. -You had all the other words on the card.
-Silver Vanguard. -Yeah!
-Yeah. You just missed the name.
That’s the only one we needed though. -Okay.
-All right. Pop that down. All right,
we got three more of these, okay? -That was just a warm-up.
-Okay, okay. -We’re good.
-Here we go. All right, Shaman card. It brings you closer to 30. It’s happened every day. -Healing Rain?
-Yeah. -Yes!
-Nice. Good job, good job. These are all from the
Kobolds and Catacombs set as well. So that’s a nice little hint for you,
moving forward. -Mage spell.
-RNG. Popular in Quest Mage. Not popular in anything. Maybe not popular, but used. A two-mana Spell? -Spellstone?
-It puts random stuff into your deck. Many random things in the deck. Deck of Wonders. -Yeah.
-Deck of Wonders! Good job, good job. -One more.
-Last one. Come on, three. Priest. -Priest minion.
-It’s the Priest Tomb Pillager. The three mana 2/2. -Yeah.
-With Deathrattle, gain a coin. -Yeah, that is everything.
-But what’s it called? The picture is yellow,
and it’s like a thing that’s… Give a hint about the…
I know the card. A statue on buildings. Guards buildings, yeah. Give a hint about the word itself, like… Yeah, that’s what we’re trying. Time up. It’s Gilded Gargoyle. Gilded Gargoyle.
Take a look. All right. So, that was game number one, okay? Damn it! Now you. Here! Game number two… Keep the cards! Thijs, you’re not supposed
to let us see the cards. Game number two now. This is Voice Lines, okay? So, Thijs is going
to read the line on the cards, can’t say anything else, only the line
on the card, the voice line. And his team have to tell him
which card it is. Okay? Okay, so only the voice line. Only the voice line, that’s it. “Pitiful mortal.” “Pitiful mortal.” -Do some acting.
-You can look at the card. -I don’t think we can look at the card.
-There’s no card on there. The backs are irrelevant. No, there is. There is. -I cannot say anything else, right?
-No. Oh, jeez. -Your time will come.
-“Pitiful mortal.” Do some charades with it. Can you act it out? All right, time up, guys. -Let’s take a look. What card is it, guys?
-Oh, my gosh. Hooked Reaver. No, Hooked Reaver. -Okay.
-Okay, okay. The four mana, 7/7 Warlock thing. Just pop it down, we’ll do the rest. -Jeez. Holy smokes.
-This one you’ll know. “Pay attention, class.” Violet Teacher. All right, there you go. Good job. There we go. Hey! Nice job. -Yeah.
-Yeah! Go team! Our team is unstoppable. -One more?
-Except for the three we missed, but… “Squire, attend me.” “Ready, sir.” Silver Hand Knight. -Yes!
-There we go. -These are the old ones.
-Yeah! This is back when I played the game. We’ve got one more card.
How many points can Thijs get? What do you got? “I am a master of magics.” No. That’s a new card. We’re screwed. -No, no, no, no.
-Give it to us again. “I am a master of magics.” “I am a master of magics.” -Didn’t you make this card?
-Mistress of Mixtures? No… -“Master of…”
-“I am a master of magics.” No, that’s time.
All right, tell us the card, Thijs. The Dalaran Mage. Dalaran Mage! And that is it for Thijs.
How many points did he get? We had almost all of them? No. -I think we got them all.
-Quick maths! Quick maths! Four? We got four for four
on both of them, I think. Scorekeeper says we got four points. Four points. All right. Round of applause for Thijs, everyone. Now, you are! I’m not looking forward to that.
It seems scary. Next up. You guys want to swap places? -Yes. Hot seat time for you.
-Yeah, sure, sure. The hot seat. All right. All right. We lost our best guesser. -Well, but you have Thijs now.
-It’s fine. All right. -Meme card.
-A meme card, yeah. -That we…
-Weasel Tunneler. Almost. Similar stats. -Similar stats.
-Similar stats? You get extras of it when it… I know… It’s, like,
the Kuriboh thing or whatever. -Wrong game, Firebat. Wrong game.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah… The Shaman card that is… You know the
Shaman that puts two Wolves on the board? -What is that named?
-I know what the card… Wait. -What is the name?
-Feral Spirits. -Feral Gibberer!
-Yes! -Nice, nice.
-Yeah! -Nice job.
-That was good. That’s the way you have to play. A little bit dodgy. -I think we’ll give it.
-That was impressive. -That was cool.
-Next up. All right. The best Warlock card. First one. Good for turn one play. -Super cheap.
-Very cheap Warlock? -Kobold Librarian.
-Yes! You can’t say “turn one play.” -Come on!
-Yeah, sorry. Shaman card that… -Minion.
-Shaman minion. -Really cheap…
-Tunnel Trogg? -No, from this expansion.
-From Kobolds and Catacombs. It makes a thing when you play it. Another thing comes up beside it.
Also a cheap thing. So you get an extra minion. What is the expansion about? Kobolds. -And?
-Kobold… Super cheap. It makes a Totem, right? -Yes, yes.
-Lives by itself. -Two mana, 1/1, makes a Totem.
-Lives alone in the forest. Kobold Monk? -Lives in… I don’t know.
-Close. Yeah, yeah, lives
in a little house in the forest. Kobold Monkey? Those are some strange monkeys. Kobold Hermit! -Yes! Just!
-There we go. Just in time.
I was just about to call that one. All right. Yeah. The weapon from the Warlock. The weapon from the…
Skull of the Man’ari. -Yes!
-Nice! Four out of four. Good job, Firebat. All right. Next up is Voice Lines. Give us your best impression of the card. All right. “Bubblies and yummies.” “Bubblies and yummies”? How do you… I don’t know. I don’t know
what the card sounds like, honestly. “Bubblies and yummies.” “Bubblies and yummies.” -Hint. No…
-I can’t… Hey, designer. What card is it? We don’t have any sound… That’s time! What’s the card? Shroom Brewer. Shroom Brewer. Yeah, I don’t know,
how does a mushroom sound? How was I supposed to communicate that? Yeah, that’s a tough one. All right. “You shall not pass.” -Shieldbearer.
-Shieldbearer! -Good job.
-Nice. All right. “Mine, mine, all mine.” The… 4/2… The four mana 4/2. No? 1/1? Careful, careful. Malchezaar’s Imp? No. I gotta…
Maybe I should go softer with… -That’s time!
-Okay. It’s Greedy Sprite. I got you guys in the Warlock direction… -I don’t know.
-Thanks. All right. Last card. “Your candles flicker, little Kobolds.” -Darkness?
-Yeah, there you go. -Yes! Good job.
-Nice! So I make that six out of eight?
Is that right? Let me check.
Yup, six out of eight. Six out of eight, that’s ten so far.
All right. Good job, Firebat. Next up is Seyil. -Okay.
-Good luck. Here are your cards, sir. -All right.
-We good? -Are you ready?
-Yes. -Okay.
-All right. -He’s royalty.
-Meme card. -Legendary of the sets.
-Dungeon boss. Dungeon boss? The most important guy… -King Togwaggle?
-Yes! Neutral card. This guy gives you gold
when your opponent dies. It has a big… It’s like Tomb Pillager,
but for the other side. -For the other side, yeah.
-It’s a giant flying beast with scales. I know what minion it is.
I don’t remember what it is. The second word is the giant, flying,
scaly, fire-breathing guy. -Dragon?
-Yeah, that’s the second word. -The first word…
-Sleepy Dragon? -No.
-No. -This guy collects gold.
-For the… For the… That’s time. I’m sorry. -“For the Horde.”
-Hoarding Dragon. There it goes! Couldn’t get all of it! Okay, I got a clue into the way
Thijs describes things. Okay. -Best card on the Cube.
-Best Warlock healing. -Use it on the Cube.
-Big Warlocks. Dark… Dark… Dark Pact? -Yes!
-Very good. -Neutral card. Really bad stats.
-Jam. It’s the color of jam. -Red.
-No. -Another color.
-Orange? Other color. -Usually mint colored.
-Green. -Yes!
-And then, things you put on toast. -First word?
-Butter. -Sweet!
-After the butter. It’s jam. It means jam. Synonym for jam. Synonym… Squishy… -Jelly?
-Yes! -Put it together.
-Green Jelly. -Yes!
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, my God. I thought you were
going for “Green Butter” there. -Green butter cards don’t…
-Green eggs and ham? -Green eggs and ham!
-That doesn’t sound very appetizing. -Okay, Voice Lines.
-These ones are impossible. “You are not prepared.” Illidan! -Nice.
-Wow, that was good. -That’s the easiest one.
-Is it? That was good. “Truth is my shield.” Sunwalker. -Sunwalker, yeah?
-Yeah. That’s it. Sorry. -Sunkeeper-walker?
-Keeper-walker, yeah. Sunwalker. “Someday I’ll be just like you.” Sorcerer’s Apprentice. You did that really well, Seyil. “Follow the rules.” -Aldor Peacekeeper.
-Aldor Peacekeeper. -Got it. Nice.
-Awesome! -Good job!
-Yeah, that was sick. No, that was naughty. -Seven?
-Seven. Seven points. We’re getting better as we go. Seven out of eight. That’s not bad. Imagine when the next team goes. They’re going to have
all of this accumulated knowledge. -Yeah, you guys…
-Yeah. -They’ll figure out how to get extra.
-This is my weakness right here. -See what happens.
-You said this earlier. Yeah, he said it earlier. Once you stay out really late,
you become… -Tired?
-Kind of. -High?
-And you’re also a flying, scaly beast. -Dragon?
-Right. Now put it together. High Dragon? -Expensive and neutral card. Expensive.
-How do you feel right now? -Scaled Dragon?
-No, more expensive. Tired Dragon? Sleeping Dragon! -Yes!
-Yes! “High Dragon.” I love how there’s a step-by-step process
to get to some of these cards. Rogue card. It gets played here. A man from Gilneas. Cleans your deck out. The bard. The minstrel. -The…
-What race is he? -Elven Minstrel.
-Yes! -Shit.
-Thijs trying to go for the Voice Lines here in the Taboo round. You should nerf this card. Yeah. Everyone wants this nerfed. -It’s a sleeper.
-Corridor Creeper. Yes, yes! -Nice.
-Nice job. -A Rogue card.
-A new type of Rogue card. Can’t play it with Keleseth. -The new thing for Rogue.
-The weapon? No, the new thing for Rogue. Hunters have it, Mages have it. -Yeah, Hunters, Mages, Paladins.
-It’s kind of like Ice Block. -One of the Secrets… Evasion?
-Yes! -Nice.
-This is incredible. Voice Lines up next. All right. “By fire be purged.” -Ragnaros, the Firelord.
-Ragnaros. Good job. “You require my assistance?” -How does it…
-“You require my assistance?” -Young Priestess.
-No, no, no. “You require my assistance?” So it’s a dude. -This one’s hurting me a little bit.
-“You require my assistance?” What? No, it’s Antonidas! It’s that… I should’ve said, “Aha!” -Yeah, yeah.
-You got music! Aha! Aha! Aha! Oh, man. “This dungeon reeks of magic.” “This dungeon reeks of magic.” -Is it…
-Sounds like a gnome. It’s something to do with the dungeons.
It’s latest expansion, right? So, it’s… “This dungeon reeks of magic.” Maybe something with Spell Power? “This dungeon reeks of magic.” That’s pretty good. “This dungeon reeks of magic.” “This dungeon reeks of magic.” That’s time, that’s time. -Last one.
-What was it? It was Lynessa. I don’t own that card. “This dungeon reeks…” -Yeah.
-Yeah. “I let the dogs out.” -Houndmaster.
-Yeah. Very good, very good. That was a great round, all in all. Good job, everyone. -Yeah, good job, good job.
-Yeah! -Yes.
-Yeah. One more time, Mike Donais, Thijs,
Firebat, and Seyil Yoon! -All right, let’s go.
-All right, you guys. -Please leave the stage.
-Oh, man. As your competitors, one more time… -It’s Dean Ayala…
-We’ll see how you guys do. …Rdu, Pavel, and Ben Brode! Good luck, you’ll need it! Good luck! Come on up, come on up. Someone’s got to take that hot seat. -Ben Brode.
-You want me to do it? All right. I’ll start. -Ben Brode up first.
-All right. What is this stuff? Okay. All right. You guys know the rules? -You guys ready?
-Yeah. -Let’s get started.
-Okay, here we go. It’s the Priest card
that is very good at… It takes cards and puts them in… -Psychic Probe.
-No. Psionic Probe. Control card. Removal card. -Very expensive.
-Psychic Scream. Yes. -It’s a Hunter…
-It’s a Hunter. -To My Side!
-Magnataur Alpha, but for Hunter. Cave Hydra. Yeah. That was fast. It’s a Paladin card. Works with the Hero Power really well. Potion of Heroism. What? -It’s like…
-That’s a card! It’s like a Shaman Taunt card.
Kind of the same mechanic. Like the Shaman Taunt card. Got anything else? Like the Disney movie, The blank King. The Lion… Crystal Lion! Okay, okay. Tomb Pillager for Priest. -Gilded Gargoyle?
-Yes. Four out of four!
All right, next up, Voice Lines. -Ben, give us your best impression.
-Good luck. “Fluffy, Snuggles! Fetch!” “Fluffy, Snuggles! Fetch!” I think it’s an Un’Goro card. Does anyone know this? No. No way. Is it an Un’Goro card? “Fluffy, Snuggles!” I concede. -Dragonhatcher. Dragonhatcher.
-That’s Dragonhatcher. Of course. Yeah. Snuggles. Okay. “I don’t need any of you.” “I don’t need any of you.” That’s a little harsh. Deathstalker Rexxar? I don’t know. These are tough ones. “I don’t need any of you.” It’s a Warlock card,
but I don’t know which one. “I don’t need any of you.” -That’s going to be time.
-Which card is it? It’s Lone Champion. -It’s really obvious.
-Makes sense. All right, here we go. “I am not a morning person.” “I am not a morning person.” -Is it Imp Master?
-That’s right! -Imp Master. Imp Master is correct.
-That was good. All right. “I’m flying!” -Reckless Rocketeer.
-Reckless Rocketeer is correct! -Well done!
-Yeah! Give it up for Ben Brode! Who’s next? I’ll go. All right. Dean, good luck. I’ll do the Ben Brode thing. It’s a Paladin card that also works
with the Hero Power. Dudes get huge. The more dudes, the better. -And they can even protect.
-Yeah. They become 3/3s. Sunkeeper Tarim? It’s a spell. It’s from the latest set only. What is that?
The five mana spell. -They get the protective shield.
-Yeah, spell. Tell me the name. It’s like, “I got enough XP to…” -Level Up! Level Up! Level Up!
-Yeah, that’s it! Very good, very good. All right. Neutral Legend, very good
against Raza Priest. -“Your candles flicker, little Kobolds.”
-Good against Highlander Priest, yeah. -Darkness, Darkness. The Darkness.
-Yes. -Yes, yes, yes. That’s right, yeah.
-Very good, very good. He’s like Faerie Dragon, but neutral. -Also more expensive.
-But… -Shimmering Courser.
-That’s right. -Good job!
-That was quick. That was quick. Deathwing’s battlecry. -For Warlock.
-Cataclysm. That’s right, yes. Well done, well done.
That’s all four. -All right, all right.
-Good job, good job, good job. Next up, Voice Lines. I have no idea how to say this. “Shiny, shiny, lovely loot!” -Cavern Shinyfinder.
-Cavern Shinyfinder. No. Feelings hurt. -Rummaging Kobold?
-No. I think I’ve heard it somewhere. Yeah, me, too. “Shiny, shiny, lovely loot!” -Marin the Fox?
-No. Auctionmaster Beardo? Three mana auctioneer? That’s time. Boisterous Bard. Tried to say it like a bard at the end.
Yeah. Boisterous Bard. “I cast Arcane Missiles.” -Kobold Apprentice.
-Correct. -Yes!
-Nice. I don’t know how to say this. “Fate protects.” “Fate protects.” I’m pretty sure that’s not how it sounds. “Fate…” “Fate protects.” He’s got Taunt. I feel like he’s got…
He should have Taunt. All right, that’s time. Guardian Spirit. -Oh, yeah, it’s the token from…
-Sure, yeah. Like, the Classic card. I knew that one. “Do I have to?” Imp, the Imp. Flame Imp. A 0/1 Imp. Stealth Imp. -Blood Imp.
-Yes. -There you go. Good job. Good job, guys.
-Thank you. That’s it. -Very nice. Give it up for Dean!
-Nice. Good job, good job. -These devs did a good job.
-All right, who’s next, who’s next? All right, we did it. Next up, Rdu. Okay. -Are you guys ready?
-Yes. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Let’s go. It’s a Druid card. -It’s neutral, neutral.
-I mean, it’s neutral card, okay. But it’s designed for Druid. It’s good with Ultimate Infestation,
it’s good with Nourish. -Arcane Tyrant.
-Yes. Yes. -Yeah!
-Very good. It’s a Warrior spell. It’s like a Shieldmaiden, but in Standard. It’s kind of with random effect. Yeah, there’s one in Priest,
there’s one in Warrior. This is the Warrior one. It’s like the spell… You don’t know what it is
until you draw it. Unidentified… Maiden? No. Unidentified Shield. -That’s it.
-Yeah! We got that, we got that, we got that. -It’s a Rogue spell…
-Yeah, remember… That turns into a question mark. -Remember…
-It’s like a Secret? -It’s not Evasion.
-It’s like a… You go face and… There’s a Rogue spell
that does something similar that hits the guys on either side. -You can either do that or do that.
-It’s called… You make a guy attack the guys next to it. Help me with the name
because I know the card… There’s another Rogue spell that’s like… -That’s time, that’s time.
-No. -Sudden Betrayal.
-Sudden Betrayal. I forgot the name, I knew the card. We were all like, “How do I say this?” This is the card we didn’t know
that Dean was doing. Yes. -Sings songs.
-It’s really bad. It’s a neutral, cheap card. It’s an orc, she’s got a mandolin. It works like Defender of Argus, but it does different thing. We did not nail
the voice line for this card. -Not a girl, but a…
-Time up! -The Bard.
-Boisterous Bard is the card. -So close.
-All right. “Where shall I strike?” No idea. “Where shall I strike?” I know this card, but… Me, too. Me, too. I know it. The card is… “Where shall I strike?” It should be Aldor, right? Aldor Peacekeeper? No. “Where shall I strike?” -It’s on the tip of my tongue.
-I know, me too. That’s time. -What is it?
-Druid of the Claw. I’m so bad at this. “You want to cast a spell?
I want to cast a spell.” -Babbling Book.
-Babbling Book. This guy knows. This guy knows. I cannot read this card. I think it has a typo or something. “Just me and Bitey!” -“Just me and Mister…”
-“Just me and Mister…” Mr. Bitey. -It’s a 2/4…
-2/4… -Dragonling Hatchling?
-Dragonling Mechanic. -Yes.
-Right. -Very nice.
-We got the… -I got the “Hatchling” instead.
-We got… Yeah, yeah. “Is someone injured?” “Is someone injured?” What? -“Is someone injured?”
-Oh, “Is someone injured?” Northshire Cleric? -Yeah.
-Oh, nice. Nice job, nice job. Very good. Give it up for Rdu! Well done. All right. Last player, it’s Pavel. Okay. “Fluffy, Bitey! Fetch!” It takes the card from your deck. It takes the card with wings
from your deck at every single… People play with it
Master Oakheart sometimes. Yeah. It works with Master Oakheart. Used with Deathwing? After a long time, eggs crack
and a thing comes out. That’s called? Y’Shaarj? -Only the latest set.
-Oh, only this set. Yes, yes, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s kind of like Y’Shaarj
but in the latest set. I don’t know the name of the card. It’s two words. The thing that happens
when an egg cracks… -That’s time. That’s time.
-No! So close! -“Dragonhatcher.”
-Dragonhatcher. -Nice try.
-Unlucky. Okay. -It’s a blank-lock.
-A deck is named after it. Blank-lock. -“Blank lock”?
-Like… It makes a very good
Warlock deck right now. -Not a sphere.
-It needs Doomguards. But like squares in like a… -Is it a Cube?
-Yes. And the first word is like,
it eats other cubes. So, it’s… Or like a dude eating a dude. -The full name of the card.
-No, that’s cannibalism. -It’s cannibalism.
-It eats meat. -It eats meat! It eats meat!
-It eats meat! Eat meat! It’s a meat eater. Not a vegetarian. Meat Wagon? Meat Cube? “Meat Cube!” -Close enough, right? Meat Cube.
-That’s time, that’s time. -Meat Cube isn’t quite going to cut it.
-So close. I think Meat Cube is close enough. This is… It’s a type of creature
that is a half-bear, half-humanoid. Those are called… They’re in the dungeon.
There’s a lot of them in the dungeon. And then he does stuff to lichen,
or the things that grow… -There’s no way he gets this one.
-No way. He makes somebody into a huge… I can’t say that. This one’s really hard. Yeah. If he didn’t know Carnivorous Cube,
he’s not going to know this one. I mean, I played cards in
the Russian language for a while. This is so hard. Can we have Russian cards for Pavel? That’s time. That’s time. This one is… Yeah, I didn’t even know
this card existed. -That one’s hard. That one’s hard.
-Where’s our Ragnaros? Yeah. It’s a very cheap weapon for Hunter
from the latest set. -Candleshot.
-Yes! -Nice.
-Very good. All right. Here’s your chance, Pavel. The voice lines. “Let me change your mind!” -Cabal Shadow Priest.
-Yeah. -Nice.
-Nice, nice. “The gates are open!”
“The gates are open!” -Lord of the Arena.
-Yeah. Wow. Nice. Nice. “Taz’dingo!” Yeah! I can’t… Can you do that again?
I didn’t… -“Taz’dingo!”
-Sen’jin Shieldmasta. -Yeah, yeah.
-His name’s just Taz’dingo to me. “Where shall I strike?” -Didn’t we just have this?
-Yeah, we did just have this. “Where shall I strike?” -What was it?
-We still don’t know it. “Where shall I strike?” It’s the Guardian Spirit? Didn’t we just have this? “Where shall I strike?” What was it? Radu, you had it. A little memory test here. -“Where shall I strike?”
-It was literally… No, that’s time! -What?
-It’s Druid of the Claw. All right. Give it up for Pavel! Pavel, Pavel. Oh, my God. -We had this.
-Yeah, we just had it twice in a row. One more time, Pavel, could we please get a “Taz’dingo”? Taz’dingo! Yeah! -All right, let’s stand up again.
-Man. -Let’s find out if we have a winner.
-How do we… You guys head over to the side
so we can make space for the other team. Oh, my God. Incredible. -I’m pretty sure we didn’t win.
-Yeah. No, no. Stay on the stage. Oh, yeah, stay over here. Come on up, guys. All right. All right, I have the score card here.
Just give us a second to… It was close. It’s really close! All right. Team One had 23 points. Wait, who’s Team One?
Who’s Team One? -We’re Team One.
-This is Team One. Team Two had 21 points, which means Team One is the winner! Seyil Yoon, Mike Donais,
Firebat, and Thijs. We killed those noobs! Come on, huge round of applause
for these guys. Good job, good job. Thijs. Good try, guys. Good try. -Good game, good game.
-Better luck next time. -Good game, good game, good game.
-I’m sorry. Thijs, how does it feel? -How does it feel?
-It feels great. -It feels great?
-It feels great, yeah. And, Ben, how about you,
on the losing team? Honestly, I’m disappointed and crushed. -Very disappointed, in myself mostly.
-Okay. I would say they are dirty high rollers. Dirty high rollers. Well, I think I know the perfect way
to wrap this up. One more time, Pavel.
You know what to say. Taz’dingo! Yeah! Thanks for watching, everyone! Good job. Good job…

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