Hearthside Chat: Welcome to Boom Labs

It’s Boomsday. I’m Peter Whalen, one of the designers on the Hearthstone team, and I’m here to talk about our newest expansion: The Boomsday Project. Every expansion starts with an idea: Dinosaurs, werewolves, the Lich King. In this case, it was science. We wanted to make an expansion that captured the sense of wonder you feel when you look up at the stars, or when you mix baking soda in vinegar and watch it bubble over. We wanted silly explosions, giant plants, and hordes of cloned Leper Gnomes. For our science expansion, we need someone special, a true champion, someone beloved
by Hearthstone players everywhere: Dr. Boom. Hey, there! I’m Dr. Boom. I live to build things. Bombs, mostly. Last seen in Goblins vs Gnomes,
he’s been busy. He’s built a secret base
in the Netherstorm, filled with the greatest minds on Azeroth. Well, at least the ones
with no sense of self-preservation. And so the setting started to take shape. We’d have nine different labs, one for each class, catering to a different type of science. Mages are astronomers; Shaman, meteorologists. We started off with Warlocks
as mathematicians, math being, of course,
the most evil of all the sciences. But we ended up shifting them
into researching souls. Goblins vs Gnomes
had embraced one aspect of science: The explosive bit. But the Boomsday Project
takes on all of it. We had the flavor for the science set. How were we going to capture it
in the cards? Every expansion has
a mechanical personality. Journey to Un’Goro was the dinosaur set. It had oversized rewards in giant, powerful cards. Knights of the Frozen Throne
was about being sinister. It had cards like Skulking Geist
and Gnomeferatu, that let you mess with opponents
more than usual. The Boomsday Project is about science. We want you to feel like a mad scientist, combining cards in wild and wacky ways. Magnetic lets you
glue your minions together, Omega cards encourage careful planning, and crazy gadgets
lead to all sorts of silly hijinks. Take Supercollider. This is a 5-mana Warrior weapon. After you attack a minion, if it survives, you slam it into one of its neighbors. Lok’tar ogar! It’s the perfect Warrior dream. We tell them, “Give us science!” and they give us a giant hammer. Typical Garrosh. But back to the real story. We have nine labs
full of crazy experiments, one for each class, and they’re all run
by a legendary scientist. This is someone who embodies
the ideals of their branch of science, often literally. Take Electra Stormsurge. She’s an extreme meteorologist who is made out of lightning. Kangor the Crystal Golem
runs the Paladin lab, making lasers by focusing
the power of light. The Druid lab is overrun with giant plants and magical goo, run by one of my favorites. Meet Flobbidinous Floop. He’s the Druid legendary minion, a true master of gloop science – also known as biology – and he’s one of the more
mind-bending cards in the expansion. Every time you play a minion
while he’s in your hand, he’ll transform into it… Gloop for everyone! …keeping his attack, health and cost. So you can play a 3/4 Stonetusk Boar, or you can inherit some crazy abilities, like having a cheap Lich King or Ysera. It’s a pretty flexible card, and it promotes hugely open-ended
deck building that will let you test out
your own crazy concoctions. While Floop is a zany scientist, the most wonderful scientist of all
is a neutral card. Meet Whizbang. Stand back and be amazed! “You start the game with
one of Whizbang’s Wonderful Decks!” What does that even mean? First off,
when you add Whizbang to your deck, you don’t need any other cards. Instead, Whizbang replaces your hero and your entire deck. He even renames it for you, to “Whizbang is Wonderful.” Because he is. When you start the game, he picks one of the 18
recent deck recipes for you at random. Each time you play, you’ll get a new deck. It’s a great way to experience
lots of different styles, and maybe find something new
that you love. Whizbang is 18 decks in a single card, and is both one of the weirdest cards
we’ve ever created and one of my favorites. We’ve never done
anything like this before, so we’re excited to see how players react. We have more scientists to reveal and more crazy inventions yet to come, so stay tuned in the coming weeks. The Boomsday Project
is launching in August, and I’m looking forward
to seeing you all at Boom Labs.

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