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Hello! My name is Dave Kosak. I’m the Lead Mission Designer for Hearthstone. Once a generation, troll tribes from around Azeroth gather together in Gurubashi Arena to determine which of their Loa – or animal spirits – are the most powerful. For the last 200 years, this event has been known as… …Rastakhan’s Rumble! Sorry, I got a little excited. This is big stuff. Now, you might be asking yourself: Who is Rastakhan? As the all-powerful
God King of the Zandalari, King Rastakhan may be among
the most powerful trolls that ever lived. Who better to bring our troll champions
together in ignoble combat to honor the Loa they serve? Players who pre-purchased the expansion have already been playing online with
the King Rastakhan shaman hero, intimidating their foes
with his regal majesty. You stand before King Rastakhan! And soon, one of us will kneel. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Where did he get that hat? What? No? That’s not the question? OK. Well, let’s talk about the Rumble. Nine troll champions gather together and assemble their teams. Each team represents a mighty Loa, and each champion embodies
that Loa’s power within the arena. Of course, because this is Hearthstone, we created the ultimate Rumble – a battle featuring the greatest trolls in the history of Azeroth. We’ve got classic dungeon and raid bosses, like the one-armed axe-flinger Zul’jin, and new characters, like King Rastakhan’s
very own daughter, Princess Talanji, and even unique Hearthstone heroes, like the elusive troll pirate – and notorious cheater – Captain Hooktusk. The teams clash in the arena,
sometimes with help from the stands. It’s a wild melee; every troll for themselves, fighting on behalf of their Loa. Which begs the question: What are the Loa? In troll culture, trolls worship powerful spirits – usually animal spirits – known as Loa. The smaller Loa might be worshipped
by a family or a town, but the largest and most powerful Loa would be worshipped
by entire civilizations. Among the most powerful
is the Loa of the Dead… …Bwonsamdi. So, why have you come to see me? The priests’ champion, Princess Talanji, leads Bwonsamdi’s team in the Rumble. Bwonsamdi’s Zombies. Since the Rumble’s all about
these powerful champions and the incredible Loa
that give them their strength, we wanted some way to get that fantasy
into the game mechanics themselves. Bwonsamdi and his rule over
the Realm of the Dead influences everything that his team does. For example, here’s one of
the new cards in the expansion. The Spirit of the Dead. While this minion is active on your board,
any minions that die return to your deck. And they only cost 1! That’s not just a bargain with the dead, it’s just a pretty good bargain. We got a deal. Spirit cards like this one
have Stealth for 1 turn. There’s a good chance
they will stick around and allow for some shenanigans. They are also rare,
so you can have 2 of them in your deck. Every class has a spirit card, as well as two legendary cards – one to represent their troll champion, and one to represent
the Loa that empowers them. Now, let’s take a look at
the Loa of the Dead himself, Bwonsamdi. He’s a 7/7 minion, but the real mojo is in his card text. He’ll fill your hand
with 1-Cost minions from your deck. These 2 cards together
make a pretty killer combo, reshuffling all your dead friends
in your deck… …and then drawing them again at Bwonsamdi’s behest. Just because you’re dead
doesn’t mean you’re off the team. So get out there and show your spirit. You know, I wonder
if I summon my own Loa, what it would be. My own personal Loa – the embodiment of my spirit and power. Oh, come on! Again with the chicken?

100 thoughts on “Hearthside Chat with Dave Kosak: Loa & Lore | Hearthstone

  1. Dave Kosak
    Class: Neutral
    Rarity: Legendary
    Cost: 8
    Battlecry: If you have any chickens on your board, transform all minions that cost 5 mana or above, into 1/1 chickens.
    Chicken Tomb
    Class: Neutral
    Rarity: Rare
    Cost: 1
    Deathrattle: Summon any chickens that have died this game onto your board.

  2. So what you're telling me is, zombies are all animals? Is that why we don't have an undead tag? Because you can't decide whether or not you want them to be beasts instead?

  3. Zereks cloning + totem of dead + spirit lash (assuming u have 2 radiants) then use the 7 mana boi. BOOM BIG NEW COMBO PRIEST YW BUDS!

  4. Huh, I figured Talanji would choose to represent Rezan over Bwonsamdi, but the Big B definitely fits the Priest theme better than Rezan would. I wonder if the Spirit is consistent enough to allow some crazy combos. Maybe not, but it should at least be able to discount two or three of your biggest, most expensive minions.

  5. So why isn't King Rastakhan rigging the rumble for his daughter? and its nice to see Bwonsamdi be the MVP for his team like LeBron or should i say LeBwon

  6. The pretty obvious combo we see here (Bwon + Surrender to Madness/Spirit of Ded) look like great news for Priest.

    On the other hand, I'm now scared of an incoming Meta where it's arm wrestling with Druid.

  7. Spirit Of The Chicken
    1 mana 0/3 rare Game Designer (new class!) minion
    At the end of your turn, shuffle one random egg into your deck.

    Cockosak, The Chicken
    6 mana 6/5 legendary Game Designer minion
    Battlecry: Hatch all your eggs! (wherever they are).

    Dey'veeh, The Trolled One
    5 mana 5/5 legendary Game Designer minion
    Battlecry AND deathrattle: Blame card designers.

  8. You called loa animal spirits l. Then corrected yourself. Then cqlled them animal spirits again. Then implied there were loas linked to specific people with the chicken joke. This xpact release stuff is going to hurt

  9. This game which is mostly played on mobile, but accessible on PC is super popular, 100 Mil players, and players have zero problems paying money for packs or pre orders. Diablo immortal team, take notes…

  10. blizzard has displayed an incredible lack of awareness towards the appropriation of native american and other indigenous cultures that trolls are based on. cringy, and not in the good brode way, but in the "i'm gonna stop supporting this white cash grab" way

  11. So I can get how this is not necessarily the Warcraft universe proper and that Hearthstone can just make stuff up as they go, but why have the Priest Champion be Talanji, and why have her Patron Loa be Bwonsamdi? In WoW, Bwonsamdi makes his deal with Rastakhan, and even though the deal says that his descendants would honor it, he has to be dead before that happens. So since the big ‘khan’s not dead yet, why would da princess be working for ol’ Bwonsamdi? She should still be a disciple of Rezan, right? I mean I can let them get away with a few liberties with the lore, but… I mean, come on Blizzard, play fair.

  12. My Loa is summoning Shudderwock.
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch
    My Jaws That Bite, My Claws that Catch

  13. 2:00 how can Captain Hooktusk be a notorious cheater when in the announcement trailer they said the rumble has no rules

    There are eight other classes in the game -.-

  15. But Rastakhan isnt 200 years old or a God, in fact HIS God was a Tyrannosaur Loa….and he only JUST died like now. How about the Gurubashi Arena? or Gurubashi Brawl? too late to change names because cannon is ruining it? i understand.

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