Hearthside Chat with Dean Ayala: Even & Odd

Hey everyone. I’m Dean Ayala, a game designer on the Hearthstone team. Today, I’m excited to talk to you
about a new type of deck we’re adding with The Witchwood expansion –
odd and even decks. One of the major goals we have
with every expansion, is to introduce a variety
of fun and interesting new strategies, so that when launch day arrives, Hearthstone feels like there’s
a whole new world of decks to play, learn and tinker with. That said, when creating a new card,
we often ask ourselves this question. is adding this card creating something
exciting that you haven’t seen before? Enter Baku the Mooneater
and Genn Greymane. Baku is a card that asks you to build a
deck with only odd-cost cards, and rewards you
by upgrading your hero power. Genn asks you to build a deck
with only even-cost cards, then rewards you by reducing
the cost of your Hero Power to 1 mana. Both of these upgrades have great synergy
with how the odd and even decks play. If your deck is full of odd-cost cards, you’re probably not going to have
a great turn two play. However, if you don’t have a card to play, what better way to use your mana,
than to use your upgraded Hero Power. Reporting for duty. For even-cost decks,
you usually end your odd-numbered turns with 1 extra mana to use. Luckily for you, now that your Hero Power
has been reduced in cost, that extra mana is easily utilized. Because both of these cards are neutral, you can use either of them
in each of our nine classes. That means, both of these cards together, represent
a total of 18 new styles of decks. When we make an individual card, that requires you
to make great deck-building sacrifices, the power level of that card
has to be relatively high, in order to compensate. It can be frustrating to build
an entire deck around one specific card and not be able to count on
drawing that card every game. So, we love the idea that Baku and Genn trigger your hero power
from the very start of the game. These decks can also be interesting
to play against. Now that you have a new information about what cards
are not included in your opponent’s deck. You know that if you’re playing against
an odd-cost mage, you know they can’t play even-cost cards
like Meteor or Blizzard. Or, if you’re playing against
an even-cost Paladin, you know they won’t have
cards like Aldor Peacekeeper. Now you know some reasons we’re excited
about the odd and even mechanic, let’s talk about specific examples
of decks that we had fun play-testing. First, Odd Warrior, which gives you access
to one of the most famous hero powers in Hearthstone history –
Tank Up! Tank Up! is the upgraded Hero Power, that grants you 4 armor
every time you use it. The trick when building
the odd-cost Warrior, is finding a deck that takes advantage
of extending to the late game, without being handicapped too much by not being able to include
even-cost cards. We thought it was time for the return
of a popular Un’Goro deck, but with a new twist. Taunt Warrior. Many of the popular Taunt creatures, such as Stonehill Defender, Tar Creeper,
Direhorn Hatchling… They all fall on odd-cost. So, we found there was little sacrifice if you want to complete
the Un’Goro quest, which, of course, is also odd-cost. Now, I know what you might be thinking… Tank Up! is great and all,
but the late game… It’s just not what you’re all about. You, like many other Hearthstone fans
out there, aren’t really interested
in going to turn 20, to turn 30. You want to go somewhere different.
Somewhere special. You want to go… Face. Here, we had fun
with another odd-cost deck and the return of an old fan favorite… Face Hunter. Playing Face Hunter
with Baku and the odd-cost deck, upgrades your Hero Power
to deal 3 damage to the enemy hero, every time you use it. Face Hunter loves having
a variety of 1-drops, which fortunately
isn’t a problem for odd-cost decks. You know who else doesn’t care
about having even-cost cards? -Wolfrider.
-Taste my steel! Kill Command. Eaglehorn Bow. -And, most importantly…
-To my side! Huffer. We had some fun playing and building
this Hearthstone classic, and I have a feeling there are some of you
who might enjoy it too. Those are just two decks we’re
looking forward to playing ourseves, but we’re most excited to see
what decks the community comes up with when Witchwood goes live. So, let’s talk about some new cards that support
these odd and even-cost decks. Here is the first. Black Cat is 3 mana, 3-3 minion
with Spell Damage +1. As an additional bonus,
if your deck has only odd-cost cards, you get to draw a card. This does a great job
of allowing you to refill your hand, while also playing a large enough minion
to contest the board. The next card I want to talk about
is the Druid card Gloom Stag. Gloom Stag is a 5 mana, 2-6, with Taunt, that reads, “If your deck
has only odd-cost cards, you gain +2/+2.” If you satisfy that condition,
that’s a 5 mana, 4-8 Taunt. The upgraded Druid Hero Power
allows you to gain 2 armor, and 2 attack every turn. Which is fantastic
for extending the late game and out-valuing your opponent. Gloom Stag is a great option
for decks that want to make sure they can get to the late game stages, where your Hero Power
starts to overwhelm your opponent, and swing the game back in your favor. For the wilds! Next, we have an even-deck supporter
in the Shaman card, Murkspark Eel. Murkspark Eel is a 2 mana, 2-3 minion, and as a bonus for building
an even-cost deck, it also allows you to deal 2 damage. This is great for shooting down minions to protect the totems
you’ll be summoning, if you also have the 1 cost Hero Power
granted by Genn Greymane. The last card I have to share with you
today is one of my favorites. It’s the Priest card, Glitter Moth. Glitter Moth is a 5 mana, 4-4 minion, that will double the health
of all other minions in play, so long as your deck
only contains odd-cost cards. This goes great
alongside a deck of high-health minions as you’ll be able to heal those minions, with the upgraded Hero Power
that comes with making the odd-cost deck. Well, that’s all the time I have today. Make sure to stay tuned
as we’ll be revealing more cards, as we get closer to the release
of The Witchwood. Thanks for watching.
See you next time.

100 thoughts on “Hearthside Chat with Dean Ayala: Even & Odd

  1. This is the stupidest idea I have ever seen. Good job Blizzard, you've disappointed me once again by reminding me about my odds and evens from first grade.

  2. Glitter Moth essentially tries to allows Inner Priest to still be a thing. Albeit without the use of Divine Spirit, or Shadow Vision or Twilight Drake.

  3. But when it comes to quests, can't you play them in even cost decks as well? since they always start in your hand they shouldn't interfere with the deck requirement right?

  4. Does it only seem to me that odd is getting better deals? Even with Baku versus Genn, Genn's bonus is a buff on turns 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or you're wasting mana, but Baku can be used throughout and make the most of mana by playing an even number of odd cards with the hero power. That being said, the new expansion looks fun and I like the new mechanics, and can't wait to play

  5. But do the cards on your hand count as in the deck? because if not you could make an even-cost quest (Insert class here) with the reduced hero power cost

  6. As a F2P scrub, i'm going to be legit triggered when my guaranteed legendary in the first ten packs turns out to be genn 🙁

  7. So…………… does that mean 0 is even or odd? Has Blizzard solved the ageless mathematical theory debate on what 0 really is????

  8. yea, that's cute and all, but I'm gonna doubt that things like this will work before expansion 3 of year of the raven. I don't think you can get away with chopping the already limited card pool in half.

  9. and tracking in my Face hunter deck so I can throw away the unplayable legendary that got me the upgraded hero power! 😀

  10. The cool thing is that, unlike in the year of the mammoth, there are only 2 legendaries to base this new play style on, as opposed to a new legendary per class. I mean, I'm sure each class will have one, as usual, but they aren't the main focus anymore, making the level of entry MUCH cheaper. Particularly glad about this, because my brother just started!

  11. i have much more fun playing HS now that we all know that algorithms are rigged= fixed 🙂 atleast you know now that HS is giving you 100 % win chance in 40 % of your games 🙂

  12. For this expansion to see any gameplay I hope Blizz realizes to give Genn and/or Baku as a freebie, like they did with C'Thun in Old Gods

  13. They're advertising an aggro deck that only goes face? This expansion is going to be so bad… just look at secret mage right now and the paladins right now, hopefully they won't get any more support this expansion, or it might just be the end for the 'strategy' genre of this game….

    I'm more looking forward to the pve content instead of the actual cards…

  14. Anyone else see the last bit where the Hero Power wasn't upgraded with Glittermoth being played? lol! BLIZZ FAIL!

  15. what happens when you have an upgraded hero power but then equip a hero?
    i assume that the even buff stays but what about the odd?

  16. the dumbest thing ever, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to balance hs so well with even/odd, it will become a dota-like game, always unbalance just because Blizzy want ppl to keep up with the game again and again spending much money on it. You don't want a balanced game, you want easy money farm game. Understandable but not a noble idea.
    See you at Artifact with R. Garfield.

  17. These cards are awesome! Especially since I'm Ralph Horsley fan 🙂 I wish they made more animation, and maybe even android live wallpaper like this one watch?v=rgJaa8ojjVI

  18. I am sure my idea is controversial and also unpopular but I'd like to see new heroes , with new hero powers as well.

  19. Just make odd/even leggo's playable, that is all.
    This idea with extra bad cards is lame, its so bad i might just skip this expansion wait for another with a higher power level.

  20. They should make the hunter power 4 dammage aswell, why on earth would they double all the rest and with hunter x 1.5, wtf???

  21. "Some of you, preferr to go, FACE".

    You were just about there, to make Hunter a fun-to-play class, with all the variety of Spell Hunter(s) and now you push again to the MOST ANNOYING build ever which is Face Hunter.

    Why you even listen to those who want FACE HUNTER to be good again, (or Aggro in general which will "always" "be good")?

    I demand a "Zero Jackson" for Even-costs to fully Heal.

  22. What happen if I use Prince Malchezaar together with Baku? Will Baku give me the reward if Malchezar give my deck an even cost card too.. Or Baku will always play its effect first?

  23. the odd and even decks wont make it to tier one.. you basically skip a turn every 2 turns or will have leftover mana. and people will not play only even or odd cards for a 1 cost/upgraded hero power

  24. so, you make a bunch of taunt druid toys that are all 4 cost themed…then make them the odd deck? Sure gloom-stag looks good against a 1/2 taunt, but all the cards that best support a late game deck (which gloom-stag seems aimed at, seeing as aggro doesn't need taunts) are even cost (swipe, spreading plague, oaken summons, Ironbark, ultimate infest, I could go on…) I get how the even theme works for paladin, and the odd theme kinda works in mage (maybe). But it's a joke to say druid will be playable as an odd only deck. You guys made two deck archetypes, not 18, and probably made at least one of them super OP to push the theme. God I wish another card game would come along and replace Blizzard. My addiction is only matched by my self hatred at continuing to play a game the developers obviously don't play.

  25. Bad Blizzard… We don't want face, we want games where you have to think and use strategy. Not god dam Face Hunter

  26. Wow disgusting look at all that plaque 2:19 Dude you make thousands and i thought i had it bad. i guess being wealthy means nothing. Ewww.

  27. Got a question here : What if we use Death Knight card, will their hero power will be upgraded or its mana will be reduced?

  28. "It can be frustrating to build an entire deck around a specific card, and not pull that card"

    Ironic. I just got Oakheart… And I can never get him out…

  29. Honestly, I only stayed to watch because he has my same last name, Ayala! :O It's not common where I'm from D':

  30. I bet the next expansion they will print the card "Primegatron": if your deck contain only card whose cost is a prime, deal five damage to all enemy. Or "Squarimator" if you are holding a card whose attack and health are perfect squares , change your oppenents minions stats into its square root.

    To be honest I can do this for the next 5 expansions.

  31. This is technically the most stupid deck prototype. No Wow background, No logical synergy, just by ..number of mana cost.

  32. Eagle horn bow does care about odd cost cards bc of secrets… Also, I personally like being able to shock someone every turn compared to lightning striking them.

  33. We all know you adjust the Random generation within areas of the hearthstone experience predicated on your greed motivated aim to keep unskilled players in the mix and spending their $$. You base these systems on your utterly parasitic equality of outcome ideology which has been proven terribly ill-founded yet something nearly all fake scholars still prescribe to. The best players have managed to counter this to an extent by memorizing every card and play possible by their opponents.

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