Hearthstone Championship Tour Chronicles – Fr0zen

My name is Fr0zen, and I play Hearthstone competitively. I’m actually in Beijing for GCWC right now and apart from playing competitively, I organize Hearthstone tournaments for Titanar, and I used to swim competitvely. I think swimming taught me
how to grind through everything, and that hard work really pays off. In Hearthstone, I’m one of the well-known grinders
for ladder, where I can just play non-stop for many days and get high rank. For the first DreamHack, I played in DreamHack Sweden. I was teamless, and I kind of just went to Sweden on my own. My parents weren’t very happy since they were traditional Asian parents, and they tried their best to dissuade me. But, I had a few decks
that I was really confident in, where nobody played at the time, and I was able to finish 2nd. And I think after that tournament, it was the first time my parents realized that Hearthstone, competitively, can actually be a self-sufficient way for me to live my life. I think deck building is one
of my better skills, and beating the meta as well. I will use a lot of software to figure out the best lineup, and through previous tournaments’ results to find what decks
I think will be the best. My goal for this World Championship
is first place, and it is very important for next year, because of how many points
it carries over. And it will give me a head start
for my region. My goal is to win the World Championship. I will try my best every single year
until I reach it.

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