Hearthstone Competitive Format – “Conquest”

match format Conquest is a match format created for
competitive Hearthstone tournament play and it’s the official match format for the
2015 Hearthstone World Championship. Here is how it works. Each player begins with 3 decks using a
unique class for each deck. For example, a player can have a warrior
deck, a priest deck and a warlock deck but not two different warlock decks. When a match begins, each player selects
their first deck without telling the other player which one they have
chosen to play with. Garrosh vs. Uther. After the first game ends, the winning
player’s deck is declared victorious and can no longer be used. And they must choose from their
remaining decks for game two. The losing player may choose to use
the same deck they just lost with or one of their remaining decks. This continues till games three, four
and five if necessary. Once a player has conquered their opponent
with all three of their decks the match is over and the
winning player advances. Conquest will be used at the 2015
Hearthstone World Championship which has a price pool of $250,000. Now that you know the format,
try taking part in an online tournament or a fireside gathering near you. Conquest
match format

48 thoughts on “Hearthstone Competitive Format – “Conquest”

  1. Такой формат проведения намного лучше чем когда проигравший меняет персонажа. Выиграл – проверяй другого героя! +

  2. If you guys in the comment section are looking for a new gamemode for hearthstone, how about making it's own equivalent of URF mode; both players start with 5 mana and draw two cards per turn

  3. cool
    I would need to build a 3rd deck. I guess this works, since hearthstone does not have sideboards like mtg does and some certain decks are just clear victory against other specific decks

  4. 40 card deck, single copy of each card
    30 cards from 1 class and 10 card (and the ability) of a 2nd class
    no neutral cards

  5. I think i'll attend to a tournament some time. It feels like the kinds of thing i want out of hearthstone.

  6. Would be fun if this game mode is in ranked but that would make it alot longer to get into legend….maybe not a good idea.

  7. Please implement this into the game somehow, for both Ladder and Arena. The current 'best of 1' format is extremely flawed when you consider how often RNG will decide who wins. If it's 'best of 5' or even 'best of 3', it would be a huge improvement.

  8. the fair way to make an rng game well fair for every player its: everyone vs everyone and the winner is the one with most wins.

  9. I really hope they introduce weekly competitions for the general community, with the winners receiving pack rewards etc. I imagine the logistics behind this must be near impossible because I can't think why else they wouldn't have introduced this yet.

  10. WHOO GO HEROKID123 you made my life so much easier you helped me through my parents death,breaking up with my girl freind, and with dalek guy 437

  11. Ok the Best of N format where there are class bans should not ban the opponent's deck. That is reducing the amount of strategy used. Since the Last hero remaining would be the one competitive format where you want to ban the other player's deck. In conquest format if you get to remove a deck it should be from your own. This would increase the strategy used for conquest format. The older ban an opponent's deck only belongs in the antiquated last hero standing format.

  12. After the first game, in what order are the next decks determined? Is it always a blind pick, or does the winner of the first game choose their deck first and then the loser can try to counterpick their deck?

  13. It seems that for 2016 they had to add "you get to ban one deck from the other player" – mainly to deal with Shaman being so overpowered… Wish that was part of the normal ladder.

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