Hearthstone: Enter Boom Labs Episode 3

So glad you could join us! My master plan is almost complete! Hello? Peter? Jomaro? Hadidjah? Dave? Where are you? Anyone? Where’s the light switch? Come on! Whose lab is this? Well, whoever it is, it looks like
he’s been doing experiments on Mechs. Peter’s a Mech! I hope he’s alright. He’s more than alright! He’s my greatest invention ever! Come forth, come forth, so the whole universe knows the genius of Dr. Boom! Peter? I made his new chassis with my greatest invention ever! -Didn’t you just say–
-Silence! Behold! “Discover a Mech. If you have 10 Mana… keep all three cards”? What late-game madness is this? That’s not all, intern! I have your precious developers, too! Now who can possibly stand against me? Save it, poultry! I put a control unit in you. You can’t– What? How? I definitely remembered to install the… …control unit. No matter! -It’s time to reveal–
-Your greatest invention ever. Exactly! I’m suiting up! It’s the best fight scene ever! If only someone else could see this. Oh, the others! How do I get you out of there? How do I get you home? That is convenient. Peter… …let’s go home! Peter!

100 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Enter Boom Labs Episode 3

  1. Wait do the omega cards work if u have 10 mana crystals but u have already used one mana so then u will be at 9 mana out of 10 do they still work

  2. Lol, Peter was fused with… Annoyotron… Annoyomodule… Shielded minibot… Nightmare Amalgam… wait is that Bastion? And Zenyatta?

  3. When they showed Mecha Jaraxxus, I had a theory that the team was hinting at cards that could belong to dual tribes (mech demon for example). That thing at 0:40 seems like another one of those (mech beast).

    Perhaps new minions will come out with multiple tribes.
    New buff cards that add an additional tribe to the minion in play. The ending also agreed with this when the robot suit on the chicken was removed.

  4. Great video, thank you very much for this excellent and funny one 😀
    I love that chicken plushy, he's so cute ♥

  5. Is there a continuation of the series? At least the last part to conclude it?

    I still wait to see how the 3 devs + Levi are doing. Also how would Peter transformed back into his normal self?

  6. For anyone wondering, the voice-over of Dr Boom is John DiMaggio. He has voiced numerous cartoon characters that I can name a few like Jake the dog ( Adventure time ), Brother Blood ( TT and TTG ), Hannibal McFist ( Randy Cunningham). I compared Dr Boom voice with the two latter voices but honestly I didn't know that he also voiced Jake.

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