Hearthstone: Hallow’s End

Now is the time for Hallow’s End We’ll dance with The Headless Horseman And wake the dead Oh-me! Oh-my! These new game boards are so good They make Gul’dan cry Headless Horseman Headless
Horseman Heroes in costumes And pumpkins galore Plus new Tavern brawls For you To explore The party’s just Begun So grab all Your friends And join us In the fun this Hallow’s End

100 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Hallow’s End

  1. Yay a hero I'm not going to get, well better stop collecting them and playing altogether. I hear magic the gathering is pretty good.

  2. They sure love their weird songs…

    Ben, if you don’t make a rap remake I’ll reveal who was responsible for Jade Idol.

  3. Imagine if they did seasonal sets (or mini sets) that rotated in and out during specific times of the year. One of Hollow's End, one for Winter Veil, etc.

  4. So for those of us who live in a small town where the nearest Fireside Gathering is over a 3 hour drive away won't be able to get the new Hero? Thanks, Blizzard.

  5. most normal people quit this game made by most greedy company in the world 🙂 even i long time fan since beta finaly quit

  6. Great as if Arena wasn't enough of a joke, they added the dual class drafts for the event. Get ready for Shamans pulling out the Mage DK.

  7. Orcs and humans of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?
    Come with us and you will see this our town of Hallow's End!

  8. This is basically a huge rip off of This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Nice originality, Blizzard.

  9. Песенка забавная, но ролик выглядит дёшево. Как будто школьники сваяли на коленке после уроков.

  10. I have a question Heartstone. I wanted to make a Dragondeck but I am Not able to find the 2 Mana 1/3 Netherspite historian. How do i get this card ?

  11. We gave you a garbage brawl, now come to a nerd gathering that you will only find in a few countries and if you do its 20 km away from you to get a midget.
    Game director note: HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHAA

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