Hearthstone: Kobolds & Catacombs, Behind the Scenes

Kobolds and Catacombs
is really our love letter to the idea
of the old school fantasy dungeon crawl. Growing up reading fantasy novels
and things like that who doesn’t like treasure,
who doesn’t like loot. Who doesn’t like exploring caverns
and dungeons. For Kobolds and Catacombs
they gave me a chance to go back into that
and use that as inspiration. The kobolds as we know them
in World of Warcraft are some of the smallest
on the totem pole. They’re not super smart. All they really want to do is dig. They are very resourceful. If there is danger, they dig. In their own special haphazard little way. That’s just what they do, they dig. The kobolds are very protective
of their candles. You should never take a kobold’s candle. You no take candle The art team on Hearthstone
is the biggest that it’s ever been. We have a full compliment of artists ranging from 3D to effects
to 2D artists as well. It really becomes a big team effort. As a concept artist on Hearthstone we pretty much touch everything. In some of the early character concepts, we had to try to figure out,
like how do we do a king kobold. What makes this kobold special? He is a little bigger than the rest
of the kobolds, he is a little smarter. Instead of just having a candle
on his head that he was trying to protect,
he has a lantern on his head to protect his candle. Effects artists blow things up …all day. In Kobolds and Catacombs, I did the majority
of the collectable card effects. Getting to animate King Togwaggle. The decks actually popping up
out of the deck slots and switching places
and then dropping back in, was tons of fun. There was such a big range
of different kinds of magic and effects to work on in this one. I think we get to bring a lot of life
and character to the cards. There is a lot of new things
in Kobolds and Catacombs for players to get excited about. We get things like Spellstones which are artifacts that evolve over time or after a certain set of criteria
have been met. Our very first legendary weapons. And as with every set
there is a ton of new characters. My favorite character in this expansion
is the Lone Champion. I was tasked
with concepting this character and I got a chance to actually
take him to full card art. And I figured “Hey, this is a good chance
to put myself in the game.” So he actually looks kind of like me. I mean, slightly buffer
but kind of like me. One of my favorite characters
from this set is the Carnivorous Cube. Looking rather dour and sinister. It really ended up becoming
the jello mold from hell. No speak smart-talk. Only speak WHIP! Art and sound are really hand in hand throughout the entire process
for Kobolds and Catacombs. Hearthstone is more like improv. Super angry,
make sure you bring it to the fight. I’m sorry Mr. Sound Man. I’m yelling again. Hearthstone is one of those games
where you get a chance to come in and play multiple characters. You get such a broad spectrum
that as an actor it’s just kind of a fun exercise to play across that spectrum. Hmm… a marvelous opportunity mage. With Kobolds and Catacombs,
they brought me in to sing the reveal trailer for it, which is unique. I don’t get to sing very often
for projects. You’ve signed up the best You’re on a great quest To find the mighty motherload A typical session
with the Hearthstone team? Feeling a little… dizzy? It’s a few lines, heightened character, and all play. Something wicked burrows here. The main thing I do for Hearthstone
is the Innkeeper. The Scottish dwarf. Everything he does is right here. It’s almost like a yell the entire time. If you’re lucky, and they have the artwork done
for the project, which they do for Hearthstone, you get to see the characters. They show you the artwork, usually on the screen in front of you. Of course, the people at Blizzard,
their artwork is just amazing. For instance the troll, she had sort of a Jamaican vibe to her. She sounded a bit like this. She was a troll, but she had a good side to her as well. Ultimately, it’s really up to the players to what they’ll really appreciate most
about this expansion. It’s just exciting to see people get excited about something
that you spent many long hours and many, many nights and days on, and see them come to it
for the very first time. Get ready… for Hearthstone’s next expansion! I love this set. It’s awesome. The team is so excited
about Kobolds and Catacombs. It takes us back to the roots of classic fantasy, full of monsters, treasures, and traps. Steel yourselves adventurers! We’re going in. Ultimately, I’m excited about the vibe
of the set as a whole. And it’s one that I hope players
will feel equally attracted to when they play their very first deck or when they play their 50th dungeon run. There’s a lot of fun to be had
down in the catacombs. It’s Kobolds and Catacombs

100 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Kobolds & Catacombs, Behind the Scenes

  1. i really really enjoyed this!! keep up with the good work! loving this expansion so far and this video was simply amazing to watch.
    Well played Blizzard

  2. Who ever voiced that one line, that one ptsd causing line, about winter being here, should be fired.

    "Winter is here, AND ITS COLD"

  3. Please make the run end with a common/rare collectible card or something. Add a 50gold entrance fee maybe. I really enjoy the dungeon run, but it really doesn't satisfy me that there is no prize at the end except a card back for all classes…I mean Lich king at least had a hero.

  4. All that work and heart put in, this is gonna be awesome!

    Aaaaaaaand Corridor Creeper/Patches running around ruining everything. Great.

  5. Please, please, please make this a regular thing for expansions! What an awesome insight into the design process! Such a great video.

  6. Great video. Awesome job team. I would have loved this video even more BEFORE Kobolds and Catacombs was fully revealed. This would be the FIRST Spoiler into the set. Like this would have the artists talking about their designs saying the card name and showing the artwork "Lone Champion" and "Carnivourous Cube" but we would have no clue what it does. SHOWING US THE ART For Spellstones and Legendary weapons, but not telling us what class their in or what they do. And when Hadidjah Chamberlin was talking about shuffling both decks together, they wouldn't tell us how or why.

    Voice Actors in character saying things and showing art for the cards but not what the card does. Like we would hear Matt Mercy say his line at 3:11 but not know he was speaking for the Weapon Aluneth. And we would hear Kimberly Brooks personify the Spiteful Summoner along with the card's art (4:05), but have no clue what it does.

    This would give us absolutely no mechanic insight into the set but it would GREATLY improve my hype for new cards. I would have LOVED to hear this before everything was spoiled, and then all the speculations and rumors people would think of and create about Lone Champion, Carnivorous Cube, The various voicelines, and the "Shuffle the decks together?!" That would have sold out really well to release this video prior to KaC's spoiler season.

  7. They basically said how lame Kobolds are in WoW. I’m really not feeling the whole Kobolds half of the theme of this expansion. They’re (like they said) dumb, have no story, autistically dig and are so annoying I want to punch them xD

  8. Wish hearthstones optimization team was as good as the arts team so i wouldn't have to stutter every time i go to collection or queue up. I have a gtx 1050TI and 7th gen core i5 worth mentioning.

  9. The dungeon run was the best singleplayer mode they've ever added, I hope they add more dungeon run like challenges in the next expansion.

  10. I cant believe you managed to avoid mentioning D&D. Copyright reasons, of course, but i would have had more trouble not mentioning it as it is the real inspiration of K&C

  11. That designer who put his own likeness into the card art! So cool 🙂 Thought it was awesome to have a character with the latest Paladin tier set on a card, and now I also recognize the face 🙂

  12. Blizzard i am telling you that the game is so unbalanced , please nerf some card and quests and some combo cards are just insane. Don't forget to nerf hero card priest its too op!!!

  13. After launching " Mean Streets of Gadgetzan" the game become more and more difficult to win and some cards effects are just insane. This game needs balance . Now it's very hard to win.

  14. 1:24 what does it feel like when you dedicate maybe months to a 3d effect of one of the most trashy cards of the expansion?

  15. The art and joice acting parts of the game are really AMAZING! Respect for all the people who really put an artistic touch to the game.

  16. Seeing voice actors emitting all those incredible sounds and changing accents is just incredible. Also, the interviews with other artists and showing some nice touches like the Lone Champion – it's just awesome! Make more videos like these 🙂

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  18. I’m a FX student who wants to get into game FX does the hearthstone team use unity for the visual effects and if so is it only unity or is it some weird plug-in?

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