Hearthstone: “The Light Candle” Official Kobolds & Catacombs Launch Trailer

A man in search of adventure. A woman in search of her true self. A roguishly handsome kobold king in search of that woman. A bard in search of a tuning fork. From Blizzard Entertainment comes an adventure
of Togwaggling proportions. An epic saga of danger. Love. Talking skeletons. Terrifying catacombs. Kobolds. And thrills so supreme they’ll take both your candle
and breath away. Don’t take it! Written by King Togwaggle. Directed by King Togwaggle. Starring King Toggwaggle …and some humans …and some other kobolds. This Groundhog Day,
don’t pay for a whole theater seat. You’ll only need the edge. Kobolds and Catacombs.

100 thoughts on “Hearthstone: “The Light Candle” Official Kobolds & Catacombs Launch Trailer

  1. Love how Jerry Trainor was in it. Most people now know him from his work on Nickelodeon, but I remember he had some sort of WoW Podcast back in the day, where he'd run dungeons with his friends.

  2. I don't know who thought of this but they're pure genius and need to make a full length movie. Please Blizz step outside your element and make more full length movies!

  3. I laugh'd harder than I should after all the "written and directed by King Togwaggle" joke hit me.
    /say ggwp Blizzard

  4. Groundhog day is February 2. Just needed to point that out to everyone cause I'm hoping this actually gets released as a full film lmao

  5. Hey Geralt! did I tell you about that time I went into a kobol´s catacomb and I was imprisioned by them? Turns out their king only wanted a human chick… How did they held me against my will? Well I am not known to fight hordes of little canddle freaks… Besides what I was suposed to do? Lute them to death?

  6. This game is basically a casino where kids can waste their parents money, It's designed to keep players hooked. Byuing and opening packs is what psychologists call a random reward system just like slot machines.

  7. What a bullshit game. Just started and it's putting me against people stacked decks. Keeps glitching and nuking my own character with fireball too. Typical blizzard garbage.

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