Heavy and Scout Play Hearthstone

So boring! Idea! Scout! Scout! That didn’t hurt. Let us play! ‘kay. What to play? I DON’T KNOOOW! Play ball! NO! Heavy! HEARTHSTONE! YES! Boys! Look who it is! Welcome to m~ Scout and Heavy! YASS! Sasha! It’s not possible! Need a dispenser here! This is a real frickin’ embarrassment! Alright, I feel good. Very well! Horosho! You! Yes, you! You are dead! What? Look at this! You like that, chucklenuts? Ah, piss! I hear someone building diaper changing statiooon! Eat it, fatty! It’s not possible! I think I’ll take Sasha out for steak dinner tonight, what do you think about that? Never… NEVER!!! TOUCH. MY. GUN. WTF?!

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