Hedgehog sending telepathy

Did you feel the great universe from seeing how I eat, Human? What is the universe? It is Pythagoras’ theorem and also it is not Pythagoras’ theorem Ponder over and over. Human being You were not a prince nor a princess in your past life You were one of pity maggot and one of prey for hedgehogs Humble yourself I hope you release me soon Putting me in a box causes a territory imbalance If you lay hands on me That will lead to bloody disaster There were people who met and abused me Do you wonder what happened to them? They felt into the depth of regret and past Miserable What do you think real fear is? human? Injected fear is not worth mentioning Real fear is the feeling that void in heart sink heavily You’ve already felt pure dread When you face me Fear not My telepathy sounding in your head shall go away like waves See my body Find enlightenment and the true nature of things Dream Between Stars chase each other repetitive moonset and sunset and groups of flashes Everyone can observe the existence of many universes Why do you insist on living in small mossy well? There’s no organs in your body for catch these You can smell only money but you already have it in your body the Door to the void world And it is

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