Heroes of the Storm – Progression 2.0 Spotlight

100 thoughts on “Heroes of the Storm – Progression 2.0 Spotlight

  1. I don't enjoy the game as most games are like any typical Moba… they just focus kills and refuse to group, blame others etc but these updates are really great to see 🙂 I hope those who do enjoy the game look forward to this. GLHF

  2. So…..90% of the players in HOTS dont get chests? Everyone is well past 70 combines hero levels…. This doesn't even makes sense..

  3. Sprays only purpose, is to fill out lootboxes.
    I will quit playing, if theres not a button to disable sprays in-game. I dont want that to ruin my game experiance.

  4. Hm…. I actually quit this game season 1 after I reached Grandmaster #27 on NA. But this is tempting me to play again.

  5. OMG i cant wait for this update!!!! i hope it is not a fools joke that would suck it is too good to be true right? hehehe.. but none the less im so excited .. the devolpers did a amazing job and feel it is gonna be amazing !!! 🙂

  6. Introduce a ton of new, useless, bullshit collectible to make sure players can barely ever get skins and mounts that would actually matter for them. You did great, Blizz!

  7. WOW! 👌So I always used to play starcft and overwatch but now as soon as 2.0 comes out ill play heros of the Strom way more.

  8. All I care about is that skins are individually purchasable with shards.  I don't want to buy all 3 skins of Zagara Sand Queen.  Because 2 of the 3 look terrible.

  9. Epic this giant Update! 😀 But these Emoticons are to much. ^^" Then some people only use them and don't play…

  10. Lord my player level's already way higher than the ones they showed here. I hope I'll recton all the rewards I'd have gotten all the way O_o

  11. Will we get Lootboxes for the levels we already earned?
    If not then its like all players have levels earned for nothing ._.

  12. So absolutely no change to game play, itemization, or anything but superficial nonsense that again changes absolutely nothing. Even if Heroes completely cloned the item and xp systems of LoL or Dota I'd still play it b/c the I've grown up with Blizzard from the beginning and have loved all of their games. This is just like how CoD released "new" games but all they did was some color swaps and a few different character designs. At least Blizzard isn't charging money for this new-mind blowing-cray cray-but not really stuff that's leaving every part that matters the exact same.

  13. My account will probably be about lvl 340. I play for over 1 and a half
    year, 3 seasons ranking diamond and i own NOTHING from the shop except
    my 7 master skins (which mean nothing now anyway). So unless i am
    missing something, in which case plz somebody explain it to me, How exactly am i
    supposed to buy my Prime evil diablo skin that i wanted since i started
    playing. There doesn't seem to be any option to buy skins with money anymore.

  14. I am SOOOO happy about this… I have been dying to see the progression system revamped and this is better then I hoped!

  15. It basically is now the LoL system with bits of Overwatch's. I kinda wish it would just drastically change gameplay for all heroes, not how the shop works.

  16. I think older players are gonna miss out in the new patch making things allot more interesting for brand new players.

  17. Welcome to Heroes of The Trolls! Emojis, Sprays, and Banners? I guess you have to appeal to the kids that play this? So, instead of doing the good ol Teabag you now place a spray on the ground to troll the person you killed!

  18. I want to play but I feel like my plc has problems playing that game but other blizzard games work that's sad

  19. I don't like it. Once you get past the Christmas day first login, you realize the game just got bloated with trash wrapped in a freemium bullshit package. Having three different currencies is obnoxious, and the "$99.99 BEST GEM BUNDLE VALUE" type of nonsense needs to die. Nice try, Beelzaboot.

  20. can someone plz tell me what happened to some of the older maps like garden of terror and the dragon one

  21. So what's the update? Nothing big, cosmetic and more blah blah blah – Crazy how they refuse to go with League of legends format. That's why they will have 75% less players.

  22. Great… so now people can waste time in game to spam emojis in chat while standing around doing nothing… thanks, Team 1!

  23. Progress has come to the Nexus, but I urge you to make some progress upon Kerrigan as she is too weak in comparison to other multiple heroes. Please!

  24. You should be able to sell whatever you dont need like heroes as i got probius but would have liked to get maltahel so i would like to sell probius and get maltahel

  25. it has been a GREAT year for hots. so many good and needed changes and reworks and of course new content like maps and heroes. Thanks to everyone working on this game.

  26. Great!
    Shards are the only way to pay for skins and you can only get them through chests. So, no way to grind for shards. F*cK you, Activision

  27. Uninstalled after all the account silences and bans to key streamers and players. Blizzard killed their own MOBA. That is all.

  28. It´s funny to think this was the beginning of the end. I´m pretty sure this changes meant less income to the game, since me and my friends who played it spent way less money after 2.0 with the loot boxes. Another bad decision…

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