Hey! Trump Accused of Sexual Assault Again

-Finally, after President Trump
was accused of sexual assault by well-known advice
columnist E. Jean Carroll, Trump first denied
that he’d ever met her and then said, in an interview
Monday, “She’s not my type,” which brings us to a segment
we call “Hey!” ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] Hey, [Bleep], if someone asks
you, “Did you rape that woman?” and you say,
“No, she’s not my type,” that’s not a defense.
That’s a confession. [ Laughter and applause ] It’s like,
if you asked Hannibal Lecter, “Did you eat that guy?” and he said, “No,
he looked a little bony.” [ Laughter ] And, hey, you also said, “I’ve never met this person
in my life,” despite the fact
that the article literally has a picture of you
talking to her at a party. So you lied. You did meet her. Of course, the problem is, even if you
showed this picture to Trump, he wouldn’t change his mind, because he’s such an egomaniac that when he looks
at a picture that he’s in, it’s a “Being John Malkovich”
situation. [ Laughter ] And when someone asked him
about the photo, Trump dismissed it, saying, “Standing with my coat,
in a line — give me a break —
with my back to the camera.” Hey, man, if anything, that makes this photograph
even more memorable, because it’s
one of the few times you didn’t do that weird thing
where you look directly into camera
like the Cloverfield monster. [ Laughter ] And, hey, no one believes you
when you deny this stuff, because you already
admitted to it. Remember, you were on a bus
with Billy Bush, bragging about assaulting women like some sort of
Port Authority pervert. Trump’s headshot shouldn’t be
hanging at the White House. It should be hanging at every
Greyhound bus station in the tri-state area. Carroll is now —
Carroll is now… [ Cheers and applause ] …at least — at least
the 22nd woman to step forward,
on the record, with an account
of an unwanted sexual advance or other encounter with Trump. Hey, man, who do you think is
lying to us in this situation? All 22 women, who have nothing
to gain by lying, and are showing
incredible courage in the face of
these kinds of attacks, or the known liar
who called climate change a Chinese hoax, said 3 million people voted
illegally in the last election, and once told Eric Trump, “I enjoy
spending time with you”? [ Laughter and applause ] And, hey, man, I know, I know. You think everything’s
a conspiracy and the fake news
is out to get you, but I promise you,
all these women are doing is courageously
telling the truth. The media isn’t trying
to screw you, because, to borrow a phrase,
“you’re not their type.” This has been “Hey!” [ Cheers and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Hey! Trump Accused of Sexual Assault Again

  1. Hey Seth, saying "she's not my type" is NOT a confession you dolt. Did you really use VOX as a source? ??

  2. This woman is clearly mentally ill. Im down for riffing off trump, but to not riff off that woman as well shows how biased this seth meyers is. What a shill

  3. hey you forgot to mention how this broad told anderson cooper she was not raped and "rape is sexy". Fake news

  4. Hey! (((Meyers))) talking about Trump Again. Like every fucking day. This is a ((((cultural marxist propaganda show))).

  5. I still don't get why when they wanna censor asshole in writing they type a**hole but when they wanna do it on TV they beep hole.

  6. Another day, another molestation claim against the President of the United States. How did we end up with this asshole in the oval office ? No wonder the rest of the world thinks we're all stupid We are.

  7. "Again" is the key word here. Even after that #HollywoodAccess interview with #BillyBush where "both" laughed when Trump talked about #pussygrabbing. 51 % of #whitefemales voted for Trump! Just because Trump was in the same vicinity as #EJeanCarroll doesn't mean he met her. I've been around celebs I've never met personally.

  8. If Trump is a racist, arrest him, put him on trial. It won't be a fair trial because of all the pretrial publicity. But do it or everyone shut up about it!

  9. of course its not dumpy the sick perverts type, he likes them chicks with big rotten dicks a trumpy family favorite …..

  10. "all these women are doing is courageously telling the truth"

    Wow, so Seth has painstakingly researched every case has he? Are is the standard now that all accusations are true?

  11. Seth Meyers is a rapist.

    You have to believe that because all accusations are now to be considered true without question.

  12. Experts claim that less than 10% of those sexually assaulted report the CRIME. Pp trumpakov is a serial sexual predator. He should be castrated, although many are saying that vladdy already has his balls in a tiny tiny jar.

  13. Russia if you are listening please produce the first sexual attack victim by Donald Trump. The media will reward handsomely.

  14. Well we're talking about a prick (Trump) who mocks a disabled person, and thinks locking kids in cages is a good thing.

  15. Mr. Reagan has a video out that reveals this women got her story from an old Law an Order episode….it's the exact same story as in the episode…she didn't even change the stores name…..it's all about a women who has rape fantasies….which is what she told pooper….THIS IS WHY THEY WANT TO GET RID OF YOUTUBE….B/C WE ACTUALLY DO RESEARCH……

  16. Law & order season 13 episode 11 the 42:15 mark..
    Her STORY is exactly what that scenario is word for word. "Most people think rape is sexy", this woman is delusional.

  17. I like you.. but.. “Hey” is a transparent copy of “Meanwhile” by Colbert. Why did you ever agree to that? Delivery is also scarily similar. 😔

  18. A rapist as president sitting in the fucking white house. What a fucking joke.
    America has become the laughing stock of the world. Lmfao

  19. Only a cold blooded female mercenary would have anything to do with him. Princess Di thought he was a pig as has every women I've ever asked about him, consensus being that they wouldn't touch him if they had rubber gloves on. Also, he does have little, um, hands.

  20. This POS could gouge out the Pope's eyeballs and Trumpsters would still excuse him. Trump would probably say that Popè is an illegal. What a dumbass, he is! Trump is more putrid that a mountain of puke!!

  21. Trumpeter used to label Latinos and Blacks as shitholes for alleged profundity to rapes and other sexual assaults.

  22. Trump, The MAGAFR (Make America Great Again For Rapists) MAN! He wants to take America back to the good old days when repulsive slobs like him can get away with touching, groping, fingering, forcing their nasty mouths on women without their consent and raping them! The MAGAFR Man in 2020! The women of America needs men like him in the oval office!

  23. Hey! "Hey!" has mellowed. I think it was way funnier when the idea of the joke was based on the absurdity of the story and the "hey!" was shouted in frustration … hmmm

  24. According to Michael Wolff in his book Siege, anytime someone in the Trump orbit was accused of a sexual assault, Trump complained about how they were stupid and should just do what he does, deny ever meeting or knowing them. Trump claimed that the minute you try to explain what happened or didn't happen, you've lost.

  25. Trump is normalizing lying, delusional bombast, ruthless belligerent disregard, massive tax evasion, obsequious consorting with vicious criminal foreign leaders, and yes perpetuating the implicit claim that sexual assault is perfectly ok if you are rich and corrupt. And yes for all you ridiculous dumb ass white guys out there sexual assault is not about sex it is about a very dangerous form of physical attack often resulting in murder stabbings strangulation gun shot wounds multiple lacerations potentially lethal sexually transmitted diseases etc. Such brutality is seen in ERs on a regular basis. For the president and a supreme court justice and their idiotic republican senator supporters to be dismissive of this is as dangerous going forward for women as another of trumps disgustingly shameful legacy that is dragging America thru his sewage.

  26. 22 women and he's not held accountable. At least some of them are telling the truth, and considering the Access Hollywood tape, it might be all of them.

  27. his type are the ladies that let him grope them and slobber all over them and put his little toad in them and never tell anyone .

  28. And then they repeatedly harass her! I mean, geez- I thought they would AT LEAST leave a 72 year old white lady alone, but I guess not.

  29. Jean Carroll confessed she made it all up saying Rape is Sexy and that she has fantasies of being raped.
    She then flirted with that CNN guy.

  30. I've read that the TV show Law & Order, Special Victims Unit-Episode 11,
    Season 13 there is a scene with a discussion of a rape fantasy in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman's. Another lying man-hating Democrat Socialist?

  31. Trump is a disgusting pig and liar. He only rapes women who are his type? Trump you are a pig. We all know Kim Jong Un is your type with all the love letters you send each other. Is Trump writing in Korean and Jong Un is writing in English or is it like Putin who pretends not to understand English…..you are so funny Seth.

  32. Didn’t mention she got her story word for word from a law and order episode. Or that she’s a feminist columnist who hates men and thinks men think rape is “sexy”.


  34. Who will have the balls to impeach POTUS? Clinton was impeach for much less.. Two measures system. Trump is above the law.

  35. I love the new campaign ads I have been seeing around the interwebs;

    trump 2020 – He's Not My Type

  36. Shame on Megan McCain and any other person, female or male who doesn’t believe E. Jean Carroll about the rape of her by Donald Trump!
    This man IS a SEXUAL PREDATOR! Very plain. Very simple!

  37. Why are the evangelicals support this adulterer, rapist, pervert, crook and all round criminal? They locked up Bill Cosby, a blind, ill man and Trump who has done worse than him is running the freaking country. What hypocrisy!!! Shame on America!!!!

  38. Poor gal. It's all kinds of twisted that he mistook assaulting her for a dinner date…smdh. What a disgusting pervert/felon is Trump.

  39. Only three types of people can support Trump
    1. Extreme kkk level racists who think all minorities should be euthanized.
    2. The rich stockholders who don't care if America burns to the ground as long as they make money.
    3. Complete idiots who have been brainwashed by lies from both Trump and Russia

    It is impossible for any human being that doesn't fall into one of those three categories to support such a blatantly stupid, sexist, and racist con artist.

  40. And yet Trump has his highest approval ratings ever: 44%.
    This country is suffering from some severe mental illness.

  41. "Mike's a good guy. He's been accused of rape 14 times but none of them stuck." I wouldn't want to be stuck in an elevator with Mike, and I'm a guy.

  42. America needs to trade "veteran political action figures" for youthful honest ethical public servants. Can Canada spare a few?

  43. I think Seth is starting to lose his sense of humour… and getting more than a little angry. It’s about time.

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