HGG: Road to Finals

Hi, I am StanCifka, I am 29 I am from the Czech Republic and I
am a professional Hearthstone player. My name is Aleksandr Malsh. You might know me under
the name of Kolento. I play Hearthstone professionally. My name is Edwind Cook. My in-game name is HotMEOWTH and I am the anchor for Team U.S.A.
for the Hearthstone Global Games. My name is Kranich, I am from South Korea. I won the representatives
for this Team South Korea in Hearthstone Global Games. I am captain of Team Czech Republic so I need to put all the strength
of team members together like every member is
good in different areas. Team USA is like a superstars
team, like everyone is a superstar. I actually kind of the
least notable player. My role for the team? I usually just do the research of like other
teams and see what they play. So, in the team for Global Games I am normally the person
who explains why I think one play is better and
another play is weaker. In my team I usually
try to collect some ideas make strategies, and also
try to talk with my teammates. There’s a very good mix in our team. I would say I am a very good deck builder. Jara and pokrovac are
incredibly technically good they know what to do in every match-up. CzechCloud is very good at
putting things together. All the stuff, all the technical stuff,
all the communication, is on him. We have Firebat who is like a first
row Shaman show of Hearthstone and Amnesiac who’s the
youngest Hearthstone player that has like the most achievements and then Dog who is
like a very big streamer and is a really good person in the end
and also wins a lot major torunaments. So my teammates are all
very experienced players. Neirea is part of Team Liquid,
it should tell you a lot. He’s the captain of our team as well. And DrHippi, he’s just a quiet guy. I feel like my team is very well rounded. We have a role for each player
and we support each other. In Team South Korea,
DDaHyoNi, Flurry, Handsomeguy. Those are my teammates, they all have
experienced the World Championship. We are preparing very hard for Global Games because the format is completely unique. You need to put a lot of work
on order to prepare for the matches. You don’t play by yourself,
you play as a team. So you really need to take your time to have the consensus of
your team to make a play. We just try not to care about
it and be laid back about it and just focus on the game. I don’t have any special pre-game rituals. What I am taking care of is
to be fresh and to be healthy. My kind of signature is I eat a lot
of bananas and I am quite known for that. Sometimes you wanna take a walk clear your mind before
like a serious tournament before like a serious match. So before a competition I just
try not to think about other stuff I try to concentrate on upcoming match and just put my brain in a state when… I really like to listen to music. Music inspires me, like
rap music or hip-hop. All that music really gives me energy as if I have to fight, to
knock out my opponent. In the semifinals we’re gonna
face Team United States. We won against them in group stage 2. They are very good technical players. They’re really self-confident as well
and that’s important to, you know believe you can win. Czech Republic has like
really decent players and definitively is not
a team to joke at and like we really need to prepare to face them. I would say that we are very,
very similar teams and so I have to pray that we’re
gonna make it through the finals. It’s also like pretty important
to take a step back to see like if there’s actually
like mistakes we can learn from. I think Team Ukraine is solid and the best team in these quarter finals. We have an upper hand against
Korea in the upcoming match. It can go both ways in Hearthstone. They just play the game well. They just understand the
games, they know how to win. They all have great skills. They have Kranich there. Again, he beat me at BlizzCon 2014. I know he’s able to play. I think Kolento is a great player. He’s good at the game,
but he’s kind of arrogant and he thinks that he’s the best. There’s definitively like a lot
of pressure going on since like USA is on the favorite to
win Hearthstone Global Games I feel that our country has
a great support from, you know all the players and the
member of the community. Representing my country means a lot to me because in Korea people really cares
about international tournaments. I can’t say I’m like a patriot. It’s just that eSports
isn’t like as breaking the ice in the world as any other
competition, I don’t think. The best tip for Hearthstone is to take your time every turn
and think of all the possibilities of like what every card in your hand can do There’s no space for any mistake because just make a mistake and you’re out. No one should take risks.
It’s all about odds. Calculate what your risks
are, then you win. There are a lot of ways to beat
your opponent in hard games. I think being creative is crucial. Czech Republic and Team Ukraine
will meet at the finals. USA will face Ukraine because
like they do have Kolento which is like widely regarded
as one of the best players. I will do my best to take the first place. It would be nice if we win, I guess.

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  1. "Hi, Im a professional HS player, because I have a 0.1% higher win rate than an average non professional player, and with that 0.1%, Im able to grind myself to high legend every month, by playing for 12 hours every day! Subscribe to my twitch channel, and give me money!"

  2. what differs them exactly from casual players?
    i mean, everyone copies each others deck and uses the best anyway, so what makes them pro?

  3. Does everybody get the pack for choosing a country right after they do that because I chose Ukraine and didnt get a pack for it. It said you have to be an adult in your country of residence to compete, which I'm not.

  4. RNG: Road to Finals -They are demigods they control the randomness in the game also they can band the mana curve .. nope this is so sad and stupid and doesn't reflect the truth in any way.

  5. So basically all these wannabe pros are netdecking like 90% of community. I dont get why organisators allowed netdecks. Zero originality and fast games are slowly killing this game, ladder is cancer and cards are unbalanced af or even illogical.

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