High-Altitude Glitch Bomber – Battlefield 1

100 thoughts on “High-Altitude Glitch Bomber – Battlefield 1

  1. They didn't get our oil boys… "It seems remarkable. Frankly… it's bewildering!".
    Just to add – This was only my 2nd try doing this glitch. I reckon 90-0 can EASILY be beaten.

    The race is on. Merry Xmas!!

  2. I just remember watching your videos for the first time, and listening to the audio quality and editing skills done and was like "wut! why he only got 50K subs!" hope your channel continues to grow!

  3. Hi
    Can anyone tell me how to choose planes in bf1. Like for the fighters how to I choose between the Sopwith, Camel, Fokker?
    please anyone.

  4. Nice video dude loved it. Just you would know: you had the best score in this game, it doesn't mean your best personal score 😀

  5. It looks as though the pitch power of the aircraft has a bias towards diving rather than climbing probably to simulate the weight of the bomber and gravity itself. A move to make things feel more realistic by the devs but I don’t think they we expecting people to pull off upside down Immelmanns, swing the rudder and turn around super quickly. In real life that airframe would have a really bad day and you’d lose a lot of airspeed.

  6. I remember doing what you did, to say i was surprised was an understatement, and whilst i was playing flight of the valkyre came on

  7. Fine with the way it turns but the speed it flies, the height and the amount of damage it takes makes it impossible to beat a bomber with someone repairing it. Broken.

  8. Went 65-2 with the troll bomber and someone got around 12k points just in repairs. Shoutout to whoever that was

  9. Try and do the idiots loop . you go up and drop your bombs and loop it was a tactic used on the Hiroshima nuke attempt in wwII plus I love all of your vids and keep up the good work

  10. The end screen when it says best doesn't mean personal bests, it just means for that round against the other players.

  11. i like pestering planes with my HMG, rarely down them but i cant blame em most infantry players are too autistic to team up and concentrate fire to down a flyer, once i was in a squadron that did nothing all game but machine gun down airplanes but those sort of miracles happen rarely.

  12. actually this has kinda been a thing since BF3 all airplanes on the engines they use for the in-game seem to do harder maneuvers when going downwards. Something to do with force output from the use. If you do it the pulling up way its slower and takes more drag. So better pilots tend to do what he's doing in this video all the time. Some gunners love it cause you get a 160 degree view of a firing line as well. makes shit ez.

  13. If smaller planes have the ability to do barrel rolls because of the thrust produced by the propeller and wing flaps why can't that. It obviously has enough engines and thrust to fly.

  14. Hey guys, in the future do u think battlefield games will be fun and realistic Like bf1? Or PC and progressive like bfv? Will video games have player injuries and shrapnel physics? (What I mean by that is like war thunder) tell me what u guys think

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